Selen Dar

Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

What do you think about eating junk food while
bodybuilding? I’ve heard everything from how it will ruin your diet to not worrying
about it because you burn 4K calories a day. While a guy burning 4,000 calories can eat
several Big Macs and burn them off, he’s fit because he isn’t eating a lot of junk
food. They try to eat healthy. Do they ever eat junk food? Sure. A candy bar after a protein bar or a
greasy burger on your off day is fine. So a little is OK. If junk food is a small part of the diet,
it is fine. If you try to avoid it entirely, you may end up gaining 20 pounds in one night
at a drunken buffet party. I’d send that tall tale to Mythbusters for
them to review before I believe it. OK, not 20 pounds in one night but certainly
a weight gain. And if you give in one night to a binge, you have mixed odds of staying
the course. You assume that one binge means the diet and
exercise regimen is blown. Some people assume that one lapse means it
is and give up, going back to the bad habits that make our society as a whole overweight.
Others get up and work harder to get back on track. So having a little junk food now and then
is like a vaccine against a disease. You’re giving in to the minor temptations
so that you don’t blow the whole diet so badly you give up, like booking a vacation
after a drunken party and deciding to give up on budgeting the next day. I’d like to compare notes one day on where
exactly you’re getting these stories. Now there is one caveat. If you can’t eat
just one, don’t eat it.

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