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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Yo, what’s going on guys? Troy here with
Tonight I am going to be watching my Oklahoma City Thunder win the series against the Golden
State Warriors. I don’t know if you guys know this about me, but I am a huge basketball
fan. My Oklahoma City Thunder are finally not choking in the playoffs. They’re up three
games to one against the Golden State Warriors, who had the best record in NBA history this
season. I’m calling it right now, they’re going to win the championship, so hopefully
I don’t curse them on YouTube right now, but they’re going to steamroll the Cleveland Cavaliers
in the championship. That is my bold prediction. I’m a die-hard basketball fan. Literally the
only TV that I watch the entire year is the NBA playoffs, so I am pumped to watch them
take home the Western Conference tonight. I’m also really excited because I just bought
that yacht right over there. I don’t know if you guys know this, but I make millions
of dollars making these YouTube videos for you guys, so thank you all for watching and
helping me realize my dreams. I’m going to actually start filming videos from that yacht.
I think we’re setting sail for France and probably Australia after that, so I’m going
to go on a really cool world tour, so I invite you guys in in my life. That is the official
Weight Gain Network yacht right over there. Today, what I want to dive into are ectomorph
workout tips. As you guys might know a quote unquote ectomorph is a naturally skinny guy.
I myself, way back in the day, was like 80 pounds. Actually a little more than that.
One time I was 80 pounds, but I outgrew that and as I was a freshman and sophomore in high
school I was about 130 pounds, now I’m like 195 � 200. I’ve had to try every single
little trick in the book. These workout tips to increase muscle and increase strength,
they are things that I’ve actually implemented into my life in the last few months. I kind
of hit a plateau and I really had to assess what I’m doing with my workouts, what I’m
doing with my nutrition and how I can overcome that plateau. I’ve made some really big changes
to my training just in the last couple weeks. I wanted to share them with you guys because
if you guys are at a plateau, you’re trying to increase your strength, you’re trying to
build more muscle mass, I think these are going to be really powerful. My first workout
tip is my new workout split that I’m on right now. I was doing a bunch of different workout
splits. I know I’ve had a lot of different videos talking about these workout splits.
I did the insane squat and biceps challenge, where I was hitting my squats, hitting my
biceps every single day for 30 straight days. I had a little bit of growth. I’ve definitely
improved my squat a ton. My arms are definitely leaner, but I was trying to think about what
my most developed muscle group was and what my least developed muscle group was. I would
say my traps, my chest and my shoulders are way ahead of all the other parts of my body.
How I’ve been training them for the last couple of years is I just hit them really hard one
to two times a week. The muscle groups I think are the least developed, I think I’ve actually
been training the most. Just studying what a lot of fitness models do and a lot of the
guys with the best physique in the world do, I decided to completely change out my workout
regimen. What I’m doing especially for my biceps and my triceps to try to jack up my
arms is I’m only allowed to work them out one time per week, but during this one workout
I have to do 40 sets, so I literally script out like an insane workout for biceps and
triceps and then the entire workout, I don’t dead-lift before, I don’t do squats, I don’t
do bench-press, I don’t do any other activity that’s going to drain me physically. I focus
all my energy and intensity on that one muscle group. I literally did like a 43-set bicep
workout last week Monday and then I did it this week Monday and my biceps are more sore
than they’ve been in over two years, so just putting more overload, more intensity, more
training volume and all of these different exercises that go into a 42-set bicep workout,
I feel like I’m going to make more progress on my arms over the next few months than I
probably have in the last year to year and a half. I’m really excited to share with you
guys my results, so how I set up the split is Monday I’ll do biceps, Tuesday triceps,
Wednesday I will do shoulders, Thursday I’ll probably skip upper body, do like a leg day
and then the last two days of my split I will do a heavy push day, so obviously that’s chest,
and then I’ll do a really heavy pull day. I’ll make sure that I separate my pull day
from my bicep day by about four or five days because keep in mind when you’re doing pulling,
when you’re doing a 35 � 40 set pull workout you’re obviously hitting your arms and biceps
a lot with that split as well, so I’ll do like Monday biceps, then Friday or Saturday
my pull workout and I’ll usually include traps into my pulling or back workout. That is my
current workout split. If you guys are really looking to dial in one muscle group, such
as say, biceps, triceps, legs, just hit it really hard one day a week. Let it rest six
to seven days. You guys are going to see some phenomenal growth. The second tip I actually
got from another fitness YouTuber and I tried it out and I absolutely loved it. I did this
for the very first time in a couple years last Wednesday. What you’re going to do with
this, I call it pre-exhaustion training. I didn’t even know this, but this is what Arnold
Schwarzenegger would do in the 1980s and that’s the, considered the golden era of bodybuilding.
Pre-exhaustion training is basically this, I guarantee you guys with your workouts, when
you do squats, when you do benchpress, when you do your major compound lifts, chances
are you’re going to start off your workout with those because I know me personally and
anyone starting off, you’re a bit of an ego lifter. You want to feel at maximum strength
when you do your compound exercises. But to really break through those plateaus, increase
your strength and most importantly increase your lean muscle mass, I found it is so incredibly
powerful to try pre-exhaustion training. For instance, before hitting your bench-press,
the flat bench or even the incline bench-press, do some pre-exhaustion training with your
shaper exercises. Before you hit the bench, try the low-cable row, do a bunch of diamond
push ups, fatigue your chest with the shaper exercises. I would say low-cable fly, doing
the pec-fly machine and doing some type of push up or weighted push up, anything that
puts a lot of volume and a lot of reps on your chest and then you hit your bench-press.
It’s going to do wonders. If you guys are stuck around benching the same weight, I know
I’ve been stuck at a few different times in my life specifically around like the 275 mark,
just changing it up and doing different stimulus and different overload on that muscle is going
to be really powerful. Then another thing that’s actually helped me improve my squat
and finally be able to do three plates really clean and not struggle with that weight anymore
is doing pre-exhaustion training with your legs. Now this one, if you do this for the
next month, I guarantee you guys are going to be able to increase your squat max by about
20 to 25 pounds over the next six weeks. Before you hit the squat rack for the next month,
so do this for four workouts in a row. Write down what your squat max is right now and
then for the next four workouts, I want you to hit the leg extension machine, burn out
those quadriceps. Do three to five sets anywhere between a 10 and 15 rep range, burn out those
quads and then hit the squat rack for some really heavy lifts in the four to six rep
range and then in six weeks try to see how much you can squat. I guarantee you, you will
be 15 to 25 pounds more on your squat max just doing that for four workouts. Pre-exhaustion
training, really powerful. Then my last tip on how you can increase your strength and
gain more muscle mass is do not take the stimulant based pre-workout. I myself am a bit of a
stimulant junkie when it comes to pre-workouts. I would actually do intermittent fasting and
then I would take a pre-workout on an empty stomach first thing in the morning and the
problem with this is all that caffeine and all those stimulants, they skyrocket your
cortisol levels and you really have no anabolic muscle building fuel while you’re going through
those intense workouts. What I’ve been doing instead of drinking a stimulant based pre-workout
is I will just drink a muscle-building protein shake throughout my workout, so no pre-workout,
no caffeine, I just drink a shake that has about 40 to 45 grams of a protein blend. I
just use MusclePharm Combat Powder. I’ll add about 15 grams of maltodextrin just to get
a few simple sugars in there. I’m cutting right now, so I don’t want to put too many
carbs in there, but I’ll put about 15 grams of maltodextrin which comes out to about three
tablespoons. Then I will add a little bit of leucine powder, which is really anabolic.
It’s your most important branched chain amino acid for muscle growth. And I’ll put in about
five grams or one teaspoon of creatine powder. I’ll just sip that throughout my workout.
I have constant anabolic fuel entering my system as opposed to stimulants which are
going to increase your adrenaline and maybe increase your energy a bit, but it’s not giving
you fuel to actually increase your strength and build lean muscle mass. Those are three
things that I’m doing for I’d say the next eight weeks. I’m going to try it out and see
how my results go. I urge you guys to constantly do experiments, constantly change up your
routine and see what works best for your body type. Anyway guys, I am about to head on over
to my yacht and set sail for France. Hope you guys got a ton of value from this video.

56 thoughts on “Ectomorph Workout: Skinny Guy Training Hacks To Build Muscle Faster & Increase Strength

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