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Hi guys from FIBO 2018. We are here
with the famous, iconic Bionic Body – Edgar Augustin. Hi Edgar! Hi.
Let’s start with a couple questions. You’re a huge motivation for a lot of people including me. Thank you. I would like to ask you how do you feel today? How do you enjoy the atmosphere of the FIBO 2018? It’s my third time I have come to Cologne for the FIBO. It’s always amazing, people so cool and for me it’s an honor to be here and to meet people and to speak with people and if I can motivate some people, I can’t explain really how I feel today but I’m so grateful. You give a lot of positive energy to people. Exactly. I try to show people that everything start about mindset and you can do everything you want if you get some motivation and you really want it. What motivated you to start with weightlifting? My family, my son, my wife, my mom always told me that, you need to do by yourself because nobody will do it for you. So, get up and do what you get to do! What motivates you today? Still your family? Yeah, exactly.
How does your training split look like? Normally, I start with quads. Monday – quads, day two – my back, day three – chest, because I separate quads and hamstrings. Therefore hamstrings, day five shoulders and my last training of the week because, six trainings per week ends with arms. How does your diet plan look like? How many meals do you eat during the day? Six, I just started my diet for my contest. I will be competing at the Toronto pro show. I am seven weeks out and after the Dallas pro show in ten weeks. I just started my diet for my next contest and I feel good. What is your biggest or closest goal you would like to achieve? Your biggest dream? Is there something you would like to achieve? To get my both sons because I have two sons, two kids. If I have to make a choice about what I really want to do in my life, the best thing I can do in my life is to be a father for two kids. So, we are here at the Olimp sport nutrition booth. What supplements do you recommend for people to use? Which one do you find the most beneficial? If you you really want a good product about proteins, Isolate from Olimp for me it is the best one. First you need to eat we know that, but after training, or when you wake up, you can use Isolate from Olimp. The flavor is so amazing and the quality is just the best. Is there any supplement, that you think is the most underestimated? That people should use but they don’t take in consideration to use it? Vitamins, omega-3, because people sometimes take some pre-workouts some contain some protein, gainer but they forget what you really need. The essentials. Is there something you would like to say to our fans? I’m so grateful and thank you so much to all my people who follow me, thank you for your support I love you. Thank you very much, I wish you all the best, keep your good health and a lot of success. It was a pleasure, I appreciate it. Thank you so much. you

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