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22 thoughts on “Elliott Hulse – The Body Is The Mind – TRAILER | London Real

  1. Great fan of Elliot for years…Great pick Brian, he really is a superhuman in many ways.Can't wait for the interview!!

  2. Hey brian could you please release the full interview with Elliot on Youtube please. I appreciate the business aspect with the academy but elliot is a big big guest that you proposed to interview for a long time so would really appreciate the FULL interview of Elliot on youtube. I dont really mind the others but Elliot is a special case :).

  3. I think Elliot is full of hot air. All he knows is weight training and he uses it as the cure for everything: if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

  4. He could be the son I never had. I laughed when he told of his parents saying "you have an answer for everything, so they could have been his grandparents;-). I grew up with the same mantra!!!  I would add to his last comment about "not" having an answer for everything, and that is to say "yes you have" WHEN YOU NEED IT!!!.

    There is only one REAL reason to achieve, and that is to achieve the awareness of who you REALly are, and that realization is so far ahead of the achievements..its unREAL !

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