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Hey how’s it going guys, Phil here and this
is a review for the EMS abdominal and bicep muscle trainers. You’ll receive three pieces of this set individually
boxed. This is the ab trainer and you’ll receive
two of the bicep trainers. Let’s start with the ab trainer. The unit is made of a semi-rigid but flexible
silicone material. On the back you have six electrical stimulation
points in silver. In the center is the battery bay where you’ll
install the included CR2032 coin cell battery. The unit comes with a plastic key to open
the door, but if you lose it you can also use a coin. The battery is installed flat or positive
side up and you should hear a beep if it’s seated correctly. The cardboard pad is for storage after you apply the conductive sticky pads to the ab stimulator. Then you can store everything in the included
ziptop bag. In this packet are the sticky pads, and the elastic belt can be worn over the unit so that it doesn’t move or fall off during
use. The instruction manual is illustrated and
it’s pretty clear, but note that the English section starts about halfway through the booklet. The control interface is simple. There is only a plus and minus button to control
the impulse intensity. The unit turns on as soon as you press the plus button and it starts at level one, but can go up to level twenty. The minus button decreases the level and if
you press and hold it, turns the unit off. Installing the conductive sticky pads is quick
and simple. They’re shaped exactly like the sections
on the machine so make sure you put the correct pads in the appropriate place. Start by peeling the gel pad off its backing
sheet, then match it up to the gray template on the back of the machine and press down
firmly, removing any air bubbles trapped underneath. Work slowly so that the pads don’t fold
and stick to themselves and try not to touch the sticky parts with your fingers. Then you can peel the clear front layer off
each pad. Here’s a quick look at my abs before starting
training with the pad. I have a busy schedule and don’t really
have much time to work out so this machine should be able to help me out by giving my
abs a workout while I’m working at my desk. As you can see I don’t have much definition and it looks like maybe I’ve put on a little winter weight. When applying the machine, the plus button
on the controls should be facing up. Place it just below your rib cage and press
down to your belly button. Now, all you have to do is press the plus
button. If you can’t feel the pulses, increase the
level until you do. At about level ten, you can see the machine
working pretty good. I’m not gonna lie, it’s a really odd sensation
to have your muscles contract on their own and at higher levels it may actually feel
somewhat painful so choose the level that works best for you. The machine will cycle through a number of
different sequences, some are fast, and some are slow. You can optionally use the elastic waist band
to hold the machine in place and apply pressure if you feel like the gel pads are coming loose. The entire workout lasts about 15 minutes
from start to finish and the machine will beep and turn off at the end. When removing the ab trainer, use both hands
and peel from both sides rather than pulling on just one section at a time. I’ve been using the trainer about six weeks
three times a week and you can see there’s a little more definition in my abs. This is without doing any other type of ab
workout during this time. I hope that with continued use, I can get
my abs into good shape by summer time. Now let’s look at the bicep trainers. They measure about nine inches across and three inches wide with the control box just under the pads. You have the same template on the back for
the gel pads and battery installation is also identical. So let’s take a look at my biceps before. The circumference looks to be about twelve
and three-eighth inches. With this unit, I’ll place the control box
just above the bend of my elbow, and wrap the pads around my bicep. Now press the plus to turn it on and increase
the level right around seven or eight I start to feel it. The pulses run pretty far down my arms which
shakes my arm and hand, so keep in mind that while using it, you may not be able to complete tasks that requires manual dexterity like writing, holding things, or typing. The arm band is optional and I found it to
be a lot longer than it needs to be. After six weeks of using these on both arms
every other day, the measurement of my bicep is twelve and a half inches. The improvement here seems to be a little
less noticeable, but you can also use these pads on different parts of your body like
back and legs. They’re also quite nice as muscle massagers
and can work some tension out of your muscles if you’re experiencing pain or soreness. Just note that your muscles may feel fatigued
after each workout session, which is why I like to use the machines only every other
day. Overall, these trainers are pretty effective
muscle stimulators. The contractions are strong and they’re
easy to apply and remove on my body. They also seem to have helped a little with
muscle toning, though for really big gains you’ll have to do a good amount of strength
training in addition. The only small issue I’ve really had is
that sometimes the batteries tend to come a little loose, so you have to open up the
battery bay and re-seat them. I hope you enjoyed this review you can ask
me any questions in the comments. I’ll put a link to the product in the description
below. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel
and join me next time.

100 thoughts on “EMS Ab and Bicep Muscle Stimulator Workout Pads Review

  1. I definitely see results on you good review I tried looking for this model but the link just shows all available on Amazon how do I find this model ?

  2. ほしいほしいほしいほしいほしいほしいほしいほしいほしいほしいほしい

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  8. I've now gone on my fitness belt EVERYDAY for three and a half years for THREE HOURS believe me it has made a big difference.

  9. I use mine 3 times a day 12 minutes each time yes they are uncomfortable they itch and sometimes it just hurts but it works like crazy if you do it right

  10. do you need the use new gel pads every time you use it or will the stickiness last for several times. I men do you need to use a new gel pad everytime you use it

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  12. Hey phil, I just watched the video it was great got myself a device and was wondering can I use it while I do my cardio running/jogging? or anytime which u think fits the best? pls reply…

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    After some weeks without using it do you lose your six pack abs???
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  17. In my experience, the key benefit was developing mind muscle connection and getting more fibers to contract. I've had a notoriously weak chest, but using electric pads really got my chest activated when I lift. I feel like a lot of fibers than would never have come into use are now being recruited when I exercise.

  18. Thats a total bullshit honestly.. even if this device does stimulate ur abs they wont show untill you burn fat.. obviously you see the change in his belly because he burned fat probably with the right diet not because of that device.. you can get great results by having a good diet so this device is usless. And for people that dont have time to go to the gym just do a 15-20 mins workout in ur house 3 or 4 times a week with the proper diet and you will get 10 times better results than using that. Hope i helped 🙏

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