Selen Dar

Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

(Tuesday, weight-check) (As I said in my last video, my weight’s back to normal!) (Waiting for a friend @Coffeebean) (Slurping down an Iced-Americano) (whispers…soo good) (hair and face check. Am I the only one who does that??) (Good to go for today!) (Came for grilled pork today! Here the sizzle? I’m all about the stew and bbq!) (Grillin’ ASMR…) (Waiting’s making me super anxious… I wanna eat NOW please!!) (Chomps down on a piece) (BBQ and Soju is LOOVE) (Disclaimer: heavy drinking is bad for your health!) (CHOMP CHOMP) (FEELIN GOOODD) (Guys…it’s sooo good) (Spicy Chilly~~) (Did you see ‘show me the money’?) Is it good? (already saw it but still asking) Owen? You know Owen? (just wanted to bring up that he’s fire) I like Owen! (Stop pretending to know and just eat…) I think it’s on every Friday. (Enuf talking. I EAT!) (Still too zoned in on the meat…) (Jeez…the Kimchi Jjige Stew is ridiculously good too..) (BYE!!) (Wednesday, weight-check) (Hmm.. my one meal was Grilled Pork BBQ and Soju… but actually lost a bit of weight) Hi guys (had a skin outbreak..apologies) Today is day 10 of my intermittent fast! So far things are going ok! Apart from my 2-day weekend eat-fest I told you guys about. So other than that time, I’m keeping to my one meal/day fast. Today, I’m going to have Gimbab Rolls. Some of you had voiced a few points of concern. I’m doing fine, I feel great and healthy so no worries guys! If I were to mention a few bad things about this fast, you get slightly constipated. I’m mildly experiencing it at the moment. I started taking some lactic-acid supplements. But the poo..(stop talking about poo..) Ya so slight constipation… so I’m gonna try and fix that too. First off, management via lactic-acids. Anyways, onto day 10 of my one meal/day intermittent fast. Fighting!!! Anyeong~ (Wow..I do NOT look good from the bottom… Whatevs, gonna eat now) (Gimbab!) (Gimbab…goood…) (Mom made be some Tteokbokki as well!) (looks good ya?) (sorry if I’m not looking too good today guys..) (didn’t even realize the film cut short and just kept eating..) (came out for dinner today! Gonna have grilled tripe!) (Hair flying all over the place..) (EXCITED to EAT!) (Starting off with some tofu stew!) (Grille Tripe ASMR) (Didn’t film myself eating though…sorry) (Friday, weight check) (Ah…Tripe bumped up my weight slightly…Had a few drinks too) Hi guys. Today is Friday! I checked my weight this morning and I slightly gained some weight. Yup, that’s what happened. Oh well, I did eat a lot though. So I’m just accepting the gain. However, I have to go out again today, and eat out. So I’m about to get ready and go out. Hope all of you have a great day as well! Take care of yourselves, and I’m going to checkout and go get ready! Anyeong~ (Today is TACO day!) (I’m really over-doing the one day meals huh?) (That counts as one bite!) (I’m soooo happy..) (Making my taco!) (I’m going to stuff in everything I want!) (All set!) (Weekends are best spent chilling at home while watching a movie..) (Finally… my long awaited Tteokbokki set is here!) (saliva drops…) (This is Vitamin Water. Time to eat!) (Chinese Flat Noodles!) (No make up on and just woke up so my face is swollen..) (Pork Cutlet!) (Super hot so gotta blow hard before I eat it!) (It was sooo good) (SOO EXCITED!!) (Sudden bye… See ya guys!) I’m going try out the fast for 30 days and check out whether my weight remains the same while remaining healthy! Anyeong!

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