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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Reunited! Yeah… we’re both really tired… [Ferdie] Yes.
– But we’re still here to climb, ’cause we are… [Ferdie] Addicts.
– Idiots. Just got back from our holiday in Norway… … climbed in an awesome gym in Oslo… … and now in an awesome gym in Sittard. Graviton… … in Sittard, just to be clear.
– [Michelle] Yes. And I spent all day running around in the woods… … and climbing boulders, so… [Nina] Yes.
– [Michelle] Doing great. [Nina] Such dedication, guys!
– [Michelle] I know, right? So dedicated. [Ferdie] Time to warm up. [Nina] Warming-up done. [Nina] That’s a nice start. Let’s see if I can still climb yellow here. [Nina] There you go. [Michelle] Very smooth. [Nina] Now it’s your turn. [Ferdie] It’s an… … atypical yellow one. [Ferdie] If you ask me.
– [Michelle] [inaudible] [Ferdie] Come on, come on! [Ferdie] Nice!
– [Michelle] I can’t… [Michelle] Oh, I can reach! Yay!
– [Ferdie] Ayo! [Ferdie] Not so small after all.
– [Nina] Woo! [Nina] Graceful! [Ferdie] Oh, you’re going to do it for real now? [Ferdie] You can do it! [Ferdie] If you can get to there, then you’ll make it. [Ferdie] So far you’re doing everything right. [climber #1] Yes, good. [Ferdie] Yes. [Ferdie] Go left.
– [climber #1] Remember, go left! Got it. [climber #1] Match it. [climber #1] Yes. [Ferdie] Come on, yes!
– [climber #1] There you go! [Ferdie] There you go!
– [climber #1] Nicely done! [Ferdie] Tighten your core! [climber #1] You got it! Come on, Michelle! [climber #1] Put your left foot where your right foot is. [Ferdie] Yes!
– [climber #1] That’s another way to do it. If it works, it works. [Nina] Take a bow, take a bow. [Nina] Good job. Okay, final purple one and then coffee. Coffee! What are you going to do? [Ferdie] I haven’t done anything on this wall yet… Oh, you still need to do all of them. Why don’t you start with the green one? [Ferdie] Do I need to do the light green one as well? [climber #1] You need to puff into the camera
every once in a while, that’s… [Michelle] Yeah, I told him to. [Nina] Nice! [Ferdie] All right then. Now what? [?] Just do anything.
– [Michelle] Do anything. [Nina] Synchronized climbing, go! [conversation in background] [Nina] What’s stopping you? [conversation in background] [Nina] Yeah, okay. Yeah. [Nina] Fair enough, fair enough. [Ferdie] Milestone! [Ferdie] Hey, no pressure. I have —
– [Michelle] No! What are you going to do? I did the dark green one on this slab,
so I need to do orange now. [Ferdie] Yeah, that one.
– [Michelle] Yeah… [Michelle] Action shot! [Michelle] Stay nice and low. [Ferdie] Stay low?
– [Michelle] Stay low, that helps. [Michelle] Yes. [Michelle] No!
– No flash. [Michelle] You okay?
– My back. See, I’m holding it like this. Now I go down…
– [Ferdie] Oh, both hands. [Ferdie] And only then move on.
– I grab it here… [Ferdie] Yeah, yeah. [Michelle] Then I put my left foot here… … so that I don’t have to go so far… … and then… [Ferdie] And then go up.
– [Michelle] And don’t fall backwards. [Ferdie] Yeah, that’s the trick. And keep breathing, that helped me a lot with this one. [Ferdie] Don’t choke. No, no, but I breathe out when I go to that one… … and also when I move on to that one, because
if I don’t, for some reason I fall off. [Ferdie] Yeah, breathing is important
when doing slabs, apparently. Yeah. So, [inaudible].
– [Ferdie] All right. [climber #1] You okay? [Michelle] Uh-oh! No need to shave anymore. [Michelle] Man down! I hit my chin on that…
– [climber #1] On this one here. [Ferdie] … start, I think I can manage the rest. [Michelle] The start is the trickiest. [Ferdie] You can do the first part really well. [Michelle] That’s about the only part
I can do with this boulder. [Michelle] But… … for that, my height is an advantage. [Michelle] Bit more flexible, remember our yoga. [Michelle] Okay. [Michelle] Right knee out, out — yes. [climber #1] Further, further…
– [Michelle] Lower… [climber #1] Move your left foot a bit…
– [Michelle] Yes, good… [Michelle] Hold it, hold that tension. I can’t get to there. [Ferdie] My legs are too far to the left. [Michelle] Yeah, maybe you need to
move a bit more to the right, but… … in any case, the movement you make… Yeah.
– [Michelle] … that’s the way to go with this one. [Ferdie] Wooooo! [Ferdie] Yeah, nice. [Ferdie] Put your entire weight on your right foot. [Ferdie] There you go. [Ferdie] Stand up straight and you got it.
There you go. [Michelle] I did something at least. Harder than it looks. [Michelle] You can do it! I can already feel it in my hamstrings. [Michelle] Your hamstrings or your gluteus? Yeah, gluteus. [Michelle] And what if you start
by standing up against the wall? [Michelle] Or is that not possible? [Ferdie] I guess…
– [Michelle] But… [climber #3] Is this yours?
– [Ferdie] Yeah. [Ferdie] Right, and then what. I just can’t reach.
– [Ferdie] Nope. [Ferdie] Shutdown. Shutdown. [climber #1] Push, push, push! [climber #1] And up. I got two centimeters above the ground.
– [Ferdie] Valid start! [Michelle] Yes. [Michelle] Just a tiny bit further. @#$% [climbers in background cheering] [Michelle] One more time, Remon,
I didn’t catch it on film! [Remon] Sure. [Remon] Give me one minute and then I’ll do it again. [Remon] Here it comes.
– [Michelle] Okay, okay. [Michelle] And, scene. [Michelle] We’ll cut that out. [Ferdie] Nice.
– [Michelle] Holy @#$%, man. [Michelle] Nice! [Michelle] Okay, can you do the blue one to the right
as well? ‘Cause we’re stuck. [Remon] Never tried it, but sure. This was the fourth blue one I did, by the way, so… [Michelle] Oh, against the wall! [Ferdie] Duh.
– [Michelle] I see, I see now. [Remon singing] I can see clearly now… … the rain is gone… [Michelle] Less singing, more climbing. [Michelle] So, against the wall. [Michelle] I get it now.
– [Ferdie] Yeah. [Ferdie] Yes, got that on tape. [Michelle] Pull… [Michelle] No, @#$% it, I’m out. Out, out. [Ferdie singing] Oh, wait. [Michelle] Nicely done. [Michelle] Uh! [Ferdie] This one?
– [Michelle] Yes! [Michelle] Well done! [Michelle] Classic knee beta! [Michelle] Come on, you can do it! [Remon] Come on! [Remon] Gonna do one after all? I only have doubts whether I can do it.
– [Ferdie] Dude, you have a lot of stuff. [Michelle] Maybe you should start
by putting on your shoes. [Ferdie] Nah. [Ferdie] It’s those new climbing shoes. [Remon] Oh, okay, he’s leaning to the left a lot more. [Remon] Easy peasy. [Remon] Jesus.
– [Michelle] You can reach it easily. [Ferdie] Very nice. [Remon] Well.
– [Michelle] You have a couple of centimeters on us. Yeah. [Michelle] Yes. [Michelle] Nice, man. [Michelle] Keep it up. [Michelle] Just hang — oh no! Oh! I was slipping. [Michelle] Oh, what’s he doing! [Michelle] What’s he doing! [inaudible] [Michelle] There, there.
– Real shame. [Michelle] I’m gonna do purple, maybe [inaudible] [Ferdie] I think that purple one is pretty difficult. [Michelle] It’s pretty tricky, yeah.
– [Ferdie] Yeah. [Ferdie] Getting out of that corner. [Ferdie] That’s the trick. [Michelle] First put my feet down properly. [Ferdie] Nice, nice. [Ferdie] Up!
– [Michelle] Match… [Ferdie] And finish it. [Ferdie] There you go. [Ferdie] What the @#$% is this?
– [climber #1] Jesus, man. [Michelle] What exercise is that and what is it good for? No idea. [Ferdie] You train everything.
– It’s mostly bad for my butt. [Ferdie] You train your tailbone. Good for the behind. [Michelle] Oh, you want… yeah, I get it. [Remon] Bit lame, isn’t it?
– [Ferdie] It’s just standing up, right? [Remon] Yeah, just standing up. [Remon] Can you… … stand up?
– [Ferdie] You can do it at home! [Michelle] Do you want to go check out
what the setters are up to? [Ferdie] We can have a look.
– [Michelle] Sneakily. My mum is still lying there. [Michelle] Oh!
– Are you okay, Mum? [Michelle] Oooh… [Michelle] I can’t wait. I’m gonna give
the orange one a try this Friday. [Ferdie] Or later today. [Michelle] No, I’m going home. Yeah, I’m pretty much done. You look like it.
– I… Yeah… Sorry. Sorry! Sorry. No, I’m really spent. I need to get up at 7AM tomorrow, so… Okay. Okay, that’s it.
– Yup. See you next time.
– Until next time.

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