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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

– [Jessica] We’re the bucket list family – [Garrett] Garret, Jessica,
Dorothy, Manilla and Calihan – [Jessica] A few years
ago we sold everything to travel the world. – [Garrett] And now we’re setting out our our biggest adventure yet. (Adventurous music) – [Jessica] Home. – [Garrett] While we’re
out gathering inspiration in amazing countries each week – [Jessica] Our at home
experts, Andy and Katniss- – [Katniss] Hi guys! – [Jessica] Will remodel our new home – [Garett] It’s not our house yet In real time
– [Jessica] Room by room – [Garrett] We’ll need your help, too – [Jessica] You decide
what we experience in each country. We’re asking you to help us plot our course. Live. – [Garrett] This is
your invitation to join us on this journey. (Adventurous music) – [Garrett And Jessica]
In…Traveling Home. (Garrett laughs) – [Jessica] I feel like you’re off-key – [Garrett] I’m not singing it. (Ocean waves) – Snapper clapper It’s okay, it’s okay!
– There’s a lot of breadth in this tree
– It’s okay. We’ll survive it. (Soft guitar music) – [Katniss] Hi guys!
Welcome to home gym week courtesy of India. I’m wearing my glasses this week, that’s how you know the level of stress. My eyes were getting red, people were trying to worry about my health – [Andy] Halfway through…But
it’s gonna happen Next level of stress she brings out the retainer and the headgear
– Oh my Gosh! I don’t have a retainer!
(Andy laughs) I have a permanent retainer. I don’t have like a retainer.
– Nah, she doesn’t. When we came here earlier this year to see the house and meet Garrett – This is not just the garage but this is the future gym if you can’t tell. – This little garage building was just a dusty small garage. It actually had a lot of really great potential. – Oh yeah. It has really cool beams, like a tongue and groove wood ceiling treatment – With an old house
this close to the beach, adding buildings isn’t an option. Everything has to stay the way it is so being able to
utilize something that’s already here as a home gym is a really good use of the space, more so, than just parking a car. – Yeah, absolutely. We’re gonna make this the best home gym ever by gym experts. – Totally – We’re absolutely gym experts. – Obviously (Motivating guitar music) – Namaste from India (Garrett laughs) – [Garrett] I’m gonna
admit, this is the section of the house that I am most excited for. This is going to be my, like, haven. This is like my office at the house. – [Jessica] You’ve been wanting a gym at home for a very long time. – We have two sections that
are gonna be transformed into our garage, one is a gym, and one is this healthy smoothie bar. – [Jessica] We love smoothies. – [Garrett] We’re smoothie people. – But tell them what we did in India – Alright – [Jessica] And how it
influences the space because we did something
pretty unique here and it wasn’t just going to
a gym to get inspiration. – [Garrett] What we did
here was like nowhere I’d ever seen in the entire world. – [Jessica] We went to an akhara. Have you heard of that? Probably not. – Because we hadn’t at
first. We didn’t know what we were getting ourselves into until we arrived, okay? So we pull up and they say “here’s the living quarters and here’s the temple” and then we walk along this little dirt path into their training gym, okay? This big, concrete building just full of weights and ropes and then a big ol’ wrestling ring mat and to me as soon as I saw it I was like “this is like a big version of my future garage gym” If they ask me to wrestle, I’m in trouble – But what did they do before they had this gym, babe? – Traditionally, akhara would take place just in the dirt. – So then Garrett trained and kind of warmed up with them and then they were like… – “Y’know what? Let’s take it to the streets
(Garrett laughs) – Let’s take it outside! It was so cool. – [Garrett] I mean, they are tough boys I was really proud of these young boys because of what they’re
doing. It’s incredible. So thank you, India, thank you to those boys, that was a once in a lifetime experience, to learn about an akhara and experience it firsthand – I love the idea of having the smoothie station, like… – Well, in India, it was a great place to be inspired, even for the smoothie station. Tell them about it. – It was really, really cool. They have just these fruit stands all over India. So, Dorothy and I hopped out of the car we picked up some pomegranates, and some mangoes just to snack
on through the day but we love just having fresh fruit. – [Dorothy And Manilla] Andy and Katniss, please make us a smoothie bar. – [Garrett] Katniss, how can you say no to that face? – Okay, so, what do you want in your gym? Because he cares a lot about this – I’ve got some specifics. First of all… – Andy and Katniss, listen up. – I don’t want one of those, like, fancy polished gyms. I want to look like I’m ready to do work and I’m gonna break things and toss things and it’s just gonna get better with time You know what I’m talking about? Like, rough, tough…Metal, leather, wood. I don’t want super sleek,
polished classy stuff I want it to be ready for us to do work in there. (Soft guitar music) – A funny thing happens when you have a big, open space on a little job site – It’s not open for long – It just gets filled with stuff So we’re trying to work
around all the stuff which is fine. Our poor
painters, I just like, scooch everything to the middle. – They’re troopers, yeah – Yeah, they’re amazing We decided to go with a
black chalkboard paint in the garage. Two reasons: One, I’ve always wanted to do a
room in full chalkboard, so I could draw on any kind of moldings, anything I wanted. – It’s a great housewarming
present, here’s my art I leave with you. – Two, I think black is a cool color for a gym. It’s kind of moody, it’s a matte finish. – It just give it kind of that cool, old-timey feel, with those beams and everything. I think
it was a good choice. – And when we put the
chalk on it, too, with a kind of patina in the corners and stuff like that, it should truly give it an old, chalky feel. – You know what’s cool, also, I haven’t even thought about this until right now but with that chalkboard paint if he’s doing a workout for the week he can keep track of it by writing on it. – Oh, yeah, that’s cool. – I’ll write how many pushups I do on there, I’ll be like Garrett, “Andy did 800 pushups in a row” – Be more realistic,
like, you did a hundred – Eight. Andy did- No, eight. – No, because that would be impressive but still somewhat realistic. (Underwater sounds
followed by soft guitar) – Alright, guys, we’re supposed to be taking a fifteen minute break at the beach but we just got a notification from the doorbell cam at the house and I think I know what it is. – [Delivery Man] Refrigerator delivery – I’m so excited! Okay, yeah, you can leave it in the garage. I’ll open it up for you right now. – Sounds good, we’ll carry
it down to the garage. – Thank you – Absolutely, have a good day. – [Andy] Is that your fridge? – It’s my fridge! (Katniss laughs) – Alright, you gonna have
him put it in the garage? – Yeah, I’m gonna open
it for him. It’s gonna sit in there. Oh my gosh. (Sounds of garage door opening) – [Andy] And our fridge is here! – Oh my gosh, you guys, I am so relieved. How cool is that? We were at the beach, relaxing and we get a notification, open the garage and here it is. (Sounds of the ocean) – So every week on Traveling Home You guys get to decide what adventure the Gee family goes on and what you see. Every week, Garrett and I have a giant two hour conversation, we’re like “Oh, well we could do
this amazing adventure or we could do that”,
“Oh, yeah, that’d be cool” and then we just start
talking about adventure – And then we set up the vote and you guys vote and then they do it. – It’s amazing, it’s been amazing so far Problem is, this week
we have not had a good connection, we haven’t really been able to chat. So this week on Traveling Home the vote was a little bit different. – We had you help us with something in the room. You voted on what we were gonna draw on the chalkboard paint walls of the gym. – And in our closest
vote ever, you guys voted for the quote. So we’re gonna put this fun adventure quote
by Ralph Waldo Emerson and it’s gonna look great,
can’t wait for them to see it. Andy just told me that the Gee’s are calling, so excited. Hello! Hello, can you hear us? – We can see you and hear
you, can you hear us? – Yes, oh my gosh, you guys we miss you – Show us the good stuff,
show us the whole house. – [Garrett] Show us around. – I’m on it
– I’ll draw you a picture – Look at them, eating
their Açaí bowls without us – Do you wanna see what
color we painted your gym? – Yeah, we wanna see it
– Show us, show us – Can you see it on the door? – Oh, oh my gosh!
– Oh my gosh – Oh my gosh – Guys, that’s the garage, I think they’re putting in our gym. – Thank you!
– You’re welcome. – Guys, I am so excited to add some of the old furniture back into the space this was a piece from
the kitchen, previously, like a little cabinet and it looks so cute against the black chalkboard. Okay, we’re clearing everything out today it still looks kind of like a mess but I wanna show you where the smoothie bar is gonna lay out, and kind of just the layout of the room. Over here is where the mirrors will go, I think it’s really fun to have mirrors in a gym because it’s fun to flex in front of a mirror, obviously to
see all your hard work, but also I think the kids will have fun kind of watching themselves
dance and stuff like that with the two AC units that are great that’s gonna make a big difference. It’s really cool because we have these double doors that can just kind of open up and really give a lot
of area in here for the smoothie bar. So we’ve
got the smoothie bar, this is that old piece of furniture we were talking about
which is so beautiful, the patina is so nice. We’re
gonna have a fridge over here on this side
and then on this side there’s still gonna be a ton of storage. It’s really cute, like,
I can visualize them coming in here and
opening the double doors and, like, having a
little party in the gym and maybe a little dance party. I always visualize myself
in the houses that we do. It’s not weird, it’s normal! – When it comes to the way people work out, it’s really
kind of a personal thing Some people like certain
setups, free weights versus machines and so we’re gonna
let Garrett build that out, that’s actually gonna
be a lot of fun for him – Yeah
– To build out the actual hardcore equipment in
the garage, we’re kind of prepping the gym
space for him and getting it ready to be an ultimate gym. – We do have some really
cool flooring that will hopefully be here
for the finale. It’s from Play Flooring and
it is like top level… Garrett’s totally geeking out about it. Whenever we do talk, he’s
like “but my flooring is coming, right?” It’s coming! – And those mirrors are primed and ready for a flex down, so…We’ll see if we can get him to do a
pose down in the finale. – Oh, I think we will have zero issue. – [Jessica] We’re getting
really, really excited to come home. – We’re really excited to see you, we’re really excited to see how you took this inspiration and made it into our gym. Do I need to zoom out? Can you even catch this on camera?
– Oh my gosh Andy, Katniss, we love you,
we’ll see you next time. Bye! Oh, namaste and goodbye.
– Namaste – We’re finished! It’s one of my favorite rooms, I did not know what to expect when we were gonna do a home gym but it is special.
– It’s our first gym. – It’s our first gym…
– Good job! – [Katniss] I love it. I
don’t know if it’s just because of the architecture
with the beautiful beams and the tongue and groove ceiling, but it really opened itself
up to a beautiful space – You could really see the full potential of that size of a building. – Yes
– Other than parking a vehicle – And it could only have fit one car, not to say that it
would have been a waste, it would have been fine but really utilizing this space
for something different is really exciting to me. – Yeah, and for us to see it go from just a dirty garage full of stuff until this week to be a finished garage is really cool. – Yeah, we absolutely love this space when we first started, Garrett had sent me some boards about, like, outdoor cafes and then old timey gyms, so we really tried to mingle the
two. There’s a lot more gym equipment coming and things like that, that will add the old,
like, leathery gym feeling but the smoothie bar
and, like, this little cafe feeling is seriously so cool. – [Andy] I mean, with
the antique table used, it just kind of adds that whole old-time cafe feel to the space. – [Katniss] Yeah and then by putting the little menu on the chalkboard paint… The chalkboard paint was a
game changer, I feel like. It went from just a normal kind of tan colored garage to something that’s really special and really unique – [Andy] Yeah, and it’s
almost, like, mysterious, like, ‘what are these walls’? – [Katniss] Yeah, and you can change it, I’ve always wanted a chalkboard room where I could say “Oh, today I’m gonna paint the Taj Mahal, next I’m gonna paint some really cool, like, arches. Next I’m gonna do some French buildings” I’ve always wanted a chalkboard room. They don’t have the gym flooring in yet that’s gonna be here for the finale, but it is seriously the nicest most comfy floor ever. I know that their gym equipment is gonna be amazing but like, we’ve really
tried to set the stage for a nice looking room. Definitely themed out, definitely some of that Indian influence, like, the old timey gym and stuff and y’know, kind of that, like, back in time feeling but I really love how modern it feels too. – [Andy] Yeah, it’s way
cool. That bar you chose was a really good blend
of like, an old style, plus a little newer
and modern, and I think it’s just a good fit for the room. – Yeah, I got that on Wayfair, which was really cool for me, they had a lot of different bars to choose from but Garrett was specific about wanting, like, metal mixed with wood so I
think it was a great fit. It’s a very unique piece of furniture it’s not something you can just go out and find at normal stores, so I’m so glad they had such a huge selection of things like the red bar stools and the bar that fits perfectly with them. – Those red bar stools really add a lot to the room that’s kind of monochromatic and with some woods and neutrals but having that little pop
of red is really cool. – And they’re super sturdy, I like that they have a little back to them so that when the kids are sitting on them they feel a little more secure. I love these leather poofs
from Wayfair, they really remind me of the gym
that Garrett and Jessica have visited. Kind of like that old world feeling with the leather and the lacing and I think that’s something they really wanted to incorporate
back in their home gym. – [Andy] I really love what you did with the chalkboard wall because
even though it’s something I wouldn’t have thought
of, looking at it now I’m like “Oh yeah, that
totally makes sense for, like, a gym cafe” – [Katniss] Yeah, it’s fun! – [Andy] It fits in both
spaces in the, like, little cafe restaurant-y feel, plus in the workout space. – [Katniss] Yeah, and
it could be anything. You could write his workouts out, Jess can write what she’s doing, the kids can make little fitness goals, like, those are the kinds of things
I’m sure they’re gonna do. – Oh, yeah, they can have
the little pushup and pull up marks and check
it off when they do it. – So cute. It really is just a fun space, like, it’s dark but it
almost made the room feel bigger when it
got darker, it’s weird, and it really just depends on the light that you have and the space and the height of the ceiling, like,
there’s no hard and fast rule of dark colors
make rooms feel smaller. – Yeah, and that ceiling
height and that cool texture and the color we have
on the ceiling, the dark isn’t overpowering at
all, it looks really good. – Absolutely. We’ve got two
amazing blenders in here so they can have a full
out smoothie bar party. – [Andy] Multiple smoothies – Multiple smoothies. I really think this space is going to be a place they enjoy as a family, it definitely brings the outdoors in which is
a huge thing for them, and it’s a beautiful
home gym. I never thought I never thought I would
say that sentence. It’s a beautiful home gym. – And it takes a lot, we knew it was going to take a lot to get someone out of this beautiful house so we had to work really hard to make the gym somewhere that wasn’t, like, “Oh I guess I have to go to the
gym and work out”. It’s more like, oh my gosh I’m going out do you wanna come and do some smoothies and come dance and play – That’s something that I really admire about the Gees too, is that they are so active. They genuinely inspire me to be more active, and I think that it’s such a big part of their lives, like, every morning they’re
working out with their kids, and not like, crazy
workouts or anything, but just teaching them these healthy habits and it’s really cool to give them the space to do that in. Overall, we’re just so happy with how everything turned out and I
think they’re gonna love it. – [Andy] Oh, they will.
It’s so cool and it’s such a fun space to say, like, a home gym. It doesn’t usually get you excited for design but, like, this is an exception. – Yeah. I think it’s really fun. Okay guys, thank you so
much for watching this week we’ve had so much fun doing the home gym, thank you to Wayfair
for providing beautiful products and a special
thanks to Vivint Smart Home for making this whole show possible. – We use Vivint at our house and it’s been so great while we’re here in Hawaii to be able to check on things back home and it gives us a lot of peace of mind – So, they’ve made it very easy for you to get your own Smarthome,
just click the link below or go to Vivint.Com/bucketlist or call the 1800 number and you’ll talk to a real person and see how you can get it for yourself. It’s raining, we’re finished. We’ll see you next week.
– Let’s get out of here (Andy and Katniss laugh)

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