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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

I guess I just go in huh what’s up guys this is IFBB men’s
physique pro your 2018 mr. physique Olympia champion we’re here at the South
Carolina State Fair and today you’re gonna get a cheat meal with me
I’m from Chicago I’m a pizza guy so definitely pizza I like pasta I
like Asian I don’t know I like everything bro not much that I don’t like your body’s gonna react to anything you
give it so if you eat clean you eat grilled chicken and salad your body will
respond to it if you eat a cheat meal a burger your body will respond to it so
when you’re going so long eating clean and then you finally give it a cheat
meal your bodies are looking a little bit different the next day but you have
to have that balance like you can’t you can’t stay in a caloric deficit for so
long you know you got to have a break from it sometimes and it just gives
your body a shock and a mental break for me is more of a mental
breaks I can take the diet I charge for this though you know I charge for this alil southern love I’m 31 I started at
25 so it’s been six years now a lot of work man
a lot of hard work man good man it’s never too late it’s never
too late good luck bro you got it take care yo we found the donut burger spot I
think we might get it man dude we got a frito chili burger donut
burger it’s a double-barrel well that’s what
that is a mac and cheese burger I got I got to get something you gunna do it hey this is the first
time I ever had something like this so we gonna see what how it does in my body post
workout how my calves look oh yeah okay okay gotcha gotcha yeah
yeah I appreciate you coming out bro and he’s rockin the darc sport what’s on the
back wolfgang definitely trying to get some
lemonade y’all have a cheat meal with me man
we got a donut burger I’ve never had one before I always wanted to try it so lets
see how it’s about to go down it’s two literally two glazed doughnuts one patty
with cheese and bacon I guess I just go in huh there’s so many flavors strawberry lemonade I havent had any juice in
like I don’t know how many weeks probably like four weeks since the Olympia so it’s
really really refreshing super cold and it’s perfect with my donut burger so
man thank you guys for watching make sure you subscribe below and don’t
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100 thoughts on “Epic Cheat Meals | 🍩 Doughnut Cheeseburgers 🍔| Brandon Hendrickson

  1. Was! So it's okay for a woman to walk up to a man and rub him down, but a man can't even compliment a woman without getting in trouble.🤔

  2. I weight 290 and am obese, even i cant eat that garbage. So why not cut the shit and say this is what happens when you take drugs such as insulin.

    Btw, i can knock down 5 triple cheeseburger from micky d's

  3. Love your personality brother, keeping it real. I'm prepping for a physique contest in January, but I wish I was behind you in line at that donut burger joint. Much love, take care.

  4. Ohhh I've had it backwards this whole time.. I eat cheat meals everyday and then chicken and salad once in a blue moon.. No wonder I look like a blueberry muffin

  5. I sort of doubt he finished that. Someone else probably ate it. He might’ve even threw up the bites he ate to keep his gains

  6. i want to have sex with that doughnut burger….ive been so clean never had a junkfood cheat over a year now..yes i calorie cheat but with vegetables😂😂😂

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