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[Music] the tie tacks t3-x home gym machine was created to help you train comfortably and perform full-body workouts inside a small space tight acts t3-x is an extended version of the t1 x model equipped with four additional training stations tx3 is the biggest home gym in on offering as it has seven training stations station a in the front station B station C station D and the combined station C D additional stations e F G and H as a multi-stage machine seven people can train on t3-x simultaneously what’s more you can perform around 300 various exercises in standard but if you count similar exercises performed on all training stations the number rises to 450 exercises each exercise you can perform is presented on our website as a video they have been recorded with several cameras to introduce them in detail additionally this section has the exercise filter which allows you to choose specific exercises [Music] remember exercises you can perform on tie tacks t3-x are the same except for the exercises performed on additional stations EF g and h [Music] all of that shows how greatly the t3-x model fits inside home gyms personal training studios and uniformed services [Music] each of our machines gets the accessory rack as standard equipment you can quickly put off accessories which you are not using at the moment and it gives you access to all accessories and handles at hand [Music] tie tacks machines were created in a way that elements which are not used during specific exercises would not disturb you this is why almost everything can be put off in its place or its socket like cables weights or accessories say in the example how to put off the upper gate [Music] [Music] it is important to mention the extra options as they give the possibility to perform exercises which are not possible on the standard version of the machine the overview of all of the t3-x options can be found in the add-ons section and exercise database on our website keep in mind that options 43 X and T 1 X are the same that’s it the most important thing for you to remember is that T 3 X and T 1 X are very similar machines the only difference is the for additional training stations of T 3 X thank you for watching

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