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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hi everyone its B. Chavez from Evil Genius
Sports Performance and I’d like to welcome you to a new segment of the video blog.
A segment I’m going to call Bro-Tastic myths and lies
And In this segment I’m going to attack or discuss one growing “Bro-ism” or Bro-Science
data point. As with all things these are usually brought
on by a specific incident, I was just dealing with a client and the ever growing Bro-ism
that DIET IS EVERYTHING came up! Diet is everything, diet is everything, and
I’d rather miss a workout than miss a meal, DEIT IS EVERYTHIING!
I remember in the early 80’s when I got started with all this diet was an issue of
course it was known pretty solidly that diet impacted performance but diet was not everything,
training was everything! Then to a growing degree DRUGS WERE EVERYTHING
Now we are at a stage where DIET IS EVERYTHING I do have to tread carefully because I do
make a certain amount of my living (Evil Genius Sports Performance) to dispense paid information
sports performance diet and tricks to reach a higher level.
But we have to reasonable we have to be rational ……DIET IS NOT EVERYHTING
I remember reading something from the early 70’s where Arthur Jones who famously said
many famous things…….”Diet is only %100 of the game if you haven’t eaten in a week”!
I’m going to have to fall back and differ to the great mind of Arthur
That’s just about the size of it! The way I was going to try to make my point
today was to employ a thought experiment Something many of the worlds greatest physicists
use is thought experiments where they set up very simple parameters in their mind and
just rum though forward in time and see what happens!
In this train of thought I’m going to say take two identical twins male, age 10, 160lbs
(their identical people) And you give one the BRO-TASTICLY perfect
bodybuilding diet, your micros, your macros they are getting this much protein and eating
this many times a day they have a perfect BRO-TASTIC diet!
Then you give the other brother a sensible effective weight training program
He’s going to squat and do a little accessory work on Monday he’s going to bench and do
a little accessory work on Wednesday and deadlift and do a little accessory work on Friday an
hour, hour and a half at a time verses his brother who is eating perfectly 24hrs/ day
7 days per week Run that experiment 6weeks, 8weeks, 12weeks
At the end of 12 weeks you weight them You might see some favorable body composition
changes in the brother that ate the body building diet, good health does tend to make good results.
He may have gained a half or even a pound of muscle, its likely an exaggeration but
it is possible. Sure his health is probably very good he most likely looks very good and
feels very good, has no infections and so on!
Now look at the other brother who weight trained effectively and sensibly for the first time
in his life for 12 weeks you’re going to see a weight gain of …………I don’t
know 4,5,6………..10lbs conceivably! DIET IS NOT EVERYTHING, Obviously diet is
not everything! You could even take that same experiment and
add a third identical brother ( I know that doesn’t happen but you could say)
One gets a workout, one gets a diet and one gets……………a 100mgs of testosterone
And you would find yet again that the Diet brother did not win the race, did not gain
the most muscle did not make the most favorable changes in body composition!
Im not promoting drugs here im not telling anyone to un out and by testosterone just
pointing out that it clearly is the case that DIET IS NOT EVERYTHING!
Diet is important because with good die come good health, and with good health come the
ability to perform well! You cannot achieve good health without good
diet you cannot achieve good performance without good health!
You also can not achieve sport performance of any kind without enough fuel, to weigh
200 or 300 or 400lbs you must eat commensurately you must eat that many calories!
But this idea that diet is everything and I’d rather miss a workout than miss a meal………………..well
that’s just stupid! That is the talk of someone trying to SELL
you something……..namely whatever is their trying to get you to EAT!
Training first, nutrition second, I the Evil Genius Sports Performance mindset we consider
Pharmacology (if a person is inclined to use it) as part of nutrition as the true Latin
root of diet is LIFE STYLE its everything you eat and everything you do it’s the base
of who you are! So this BRO-TASTIC idea that diet is everything
Has To GO, you have to think clearly. Diet isn’t everything, training is everything
the desire and intellect to get it done is everything!
Allt the pieces must fit togother to create a complete pacakage, it is an itegrated whole!
Its training, its supplementation its restoration its pharmacology, its doing all the right
thing to get the rite answer! Any time anyone tells you any one thing is
the thing their lying to you! In the case of sports performance training
IS the most important t factor because training creates the NEED, then you must fulfill the
need Without training eating 500 calories per day
will make you a big fat ass, yet with the stimulus of training the need, the demand
of training there are many people who eat 5000 and more calories per day!
So its training first and everything else after that………… but you just can’t
say any one thing is the thing! Because even you train like a mad man and
don’t eat and don’t do restorative you’ll just get hurt or sick because your health
will fail! Diet makes health ………….health allows
for performance! Training first everything else second!
Loose the bro-tastic mind set, think clearly! Talk to REAL experts and it all becomes very
clear! B.Chavez Evil Genius Sports Performance
Until the next time stay strong!

5 thoughts on “EvilGSP Bro Tastic Myths And Lies Diet Is Everything

  1. Good talk B. I would have to agree with you. And a clear example that diet isn't everything is Dave Tate. He got great results with crap food, but he did clear up his eating when he worked with John meadows.

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