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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hi, I’m Chris Freytag, national health and
fitness expert. So maybe you’ve seen something like
this: hanging at your local gym or hanging at the playground. Well, these are suspension straps and this is the trend in fitness that is not only fun, but it’s very
functional. You use your own body weight and it’s great for all
body types and all fitness levels. So let me show you a little bit what you
can do with it. You suspended from the ceiling or from a basketball
hoop, or a tree limb allowed gyms have anchors where they
hang ’em and then you use your body weight. Lots of the
exercises are pushing, pulling, core, and legs. So here’s our first
pushing exercise I’m going to come into push-up position. The
handles can be longer or shorter based on your heighten your fitness level I wanna come into my suspended push-up.
Now the key to workingout with these is that you keep a rhythm. You keep moving
through the exercises so that heart rate gets up. Then i’m gonna flip over into a pulling
exercise. Put my body into an angle position. Again,
you can change the angle; you can change the length for the straps
to make it easier or harder, and you keep moving from exercise to
exercise. So your heart rate will come up. It’s
super fun way to train and it’s functional because it helps your body
get fitter, all muscle, groups all, body types. For
more information go to

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