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Expired Green Beans 5 Years Old Still Safe Good Okay To Eat Kirkland Green Beans Costco how to tell if outdated food is safe to eat inspect canned packaged food storage hi it’s AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper I’ve been organizing cleaning out my pantry and canned foods storage unfortunately back here in this deep
back corner of my food storage pantry I found some green beans outdated that expired in 2014 this is now 2019 so
these green beans are out of date by 5 years past the sell by use by best by expiration date does it mean I should throw them away well not necessarily the date on foods is not an expiration date foods is actually a sell by best buy
use by date it’s a date that the manufacturer guarantees the top quality
best quality of the food but it doesn’t mean that it’s expired and not safe to
eat okay to eat good to eat it could mean that but not necessarily if you have expired out dated food the first thing you want to
do if you find expired food is to check look over the package do you see anything
that looks rusted leaking chewed on anything that doesn’t look right you can
see this one can of expired green beans looks kind of rusted and the label looks like
it’s been leaking or something it’s gotten wet and it’s just been sitting on
the shelf so nothing would have spilled on it so it could be that something is
leaking from the can so it’s not worth trying to look any further with this can probably spoiled no longer safe to eat seems suspicious so I’m going to throw it away now I’m going to look at another can of expired green beans food this can of green beans looks perfectly fine expired 5 years old the next thing you can do is open the can of expired food if it is bulging something spurts when you open it throw it away that means it’s spoiled remove the lid does anything look foamy if it does
discard it look at the food does it look right does it smell right is the texture correct if
everything looks okay it’s safe to go ahead and try it so I’m going to pour
off the liquid from the can of expired green beans still have the right texture they smell fine let’s give
it a taste these beans are fine safe okay to eat while it’s not recommended that you keep or plan to store foods your
foods past their expiration date it doesn’t necessarily mean that the food is
not safe to eat and that you can’t still use them you should try to rotate your food storage foods first in first out the oldest food should go pushed to the front of the shelf and any new foods you buy should go stored to the back of the shelf and then occasionally you just need to pull long term food storage prepper pantry stored foods out push them around and examine them wipe down your pantry shelves look for anything that could have leaked anything
that looks off anything foods you’re never going to eat or use should be discarded so that you have room for the things the foods that you are going to use and eat when you’re stockpiling foods prepping prepper food storage for long term you need to store foods that you actually plan to eat foods ingredients things you know what they are you know how to use them cook them and you know your family will eat them if you end up with foods that nobody wants anymore nobody plans
to eat it it’s a waste of your space to keep storing them so donate the extra unwanted food to the food pantry try to figure out a way to use them but clean them out make room
for newer fresher foods that you plan to use then be rotating your foods and
replacing them if you understand how to inspect your stored canned and packaged food you can find that you’re making a best use of your food storage dollars prepper long term food storage by using up eating all the
foods that you purchased and stored let me know if you’ve had a challenge with
food storage and how you continue to rotate your foods so that you can
prevent foods getting shoved into the very back corner and becoming expired
like these did learn more at please subscribe to the AlaskaGranny channel prepper youtube channel

8 thoughts on “Expired Green Beans 5 Years Old Still Safe Good Okay To Eat Kirkland Green Beans Costco

  1. Thank you for the video.
    I found a dusty quart jar of our homemade apple pie filling dated 2012 last winter, … it made a lovely pie.
    Then today, I was making a new batch of pie filling with some half wild apples that were rumored to be good baking apples, and I saw on the recipe where my mother had wrote, "tried mixing the sugar half and half with brown, haven't tried it yet" note dated 2012. Needless to say, the pie filling I made today was with half white and half brown sugar.
    Large cans of corn on sale at the dollar store, two cans for $1.25. That's 63 cents a can. I'll not be canning corn this fall. I thought of dehydrating the canned kernel corn, … But then I thought, what for? It's fine where it is. Besides, I like the cream style myself.
    And I agree with buddy who already noted in another reply here, that it's not an expiatory date. It was and is, a great marketing scheme that has people throwing out perfectly good food.
    Have a great one.

  2. ex·pire

    1. To come to an end; terminate: My membership in the club has expired.

    2. To breathe one's last breath; die: The patient expired early this morning.

    3. To exhale; breathe out.

    Which of these did the green beans do?

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