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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

It’s about timing you know.. A lot of people give up before they ever see things through. A lot of times it’s about being patient, being persistent, believing in the missions and goals you wanna achieve. You know I just think it’s timing man, it’s my time to do what I need to do. Everybody kinda knew about me in the beginning, I had this big start, everybody knew my name.. And then I kinda faded away for a minute as fade would have it. Spending time with family, trying to balance all that. But now I’m back. Back being a treat again. It’s my time to get better, and when it’s my time it’s my time. I think I’m coming into my own. When you release picture after picture and the internet is going crazy .. .. Saying it’s fake, saying it’s doctored .. .. Yeah this is great, this is awesome, it means I’m going into the right direction. Nobody is believing this, nobody is believing it and it’s awesome. It’s like when we hit the stage it’s gonna be a different story. Everybody was doubting, everybody was saying this is not real. Everybody starts criticizing, everybody seemed like they were talking junk. Honestly I was like I got a lot to do with that right now. Being what you’re expected to be, is the biggest thing. Giving what you can give, giving your all, going with your best. We’re going into the Olympia taking charge and charging for the title. That door was open last year, I still consider that door open. I’m hungrier than ever!! In the shape of his life ladies and gentlemen !!! I said Bader please, I need this guy, I wanna work with this guy. I know the future with Brandon.. Go into it with just as much tenacity, believing that we can take this away from whomever is gonna step against me. Don’t quit.. Don’t quit. I’ll get it eventually. We’re trying to come home with The Sandow. And be Number 15. So.. We’re putting in WORK.


  1. ''It's about timing. A lot of peope give up before they ever see things through. It's about being patient and persistent, believing in the mission and goals you wanna achieve. It's my time to do what I need to do.''
    #StayHungry #EyesOnThePrize

  2. Imagine unthinkable – Phil Heath entering and dream killing the whole lineup
    Aesthetics are coming back and that's a great progression for the sport.

  3. This year is my favourite Mr. Olympia. Who cares that some names are not competing? It's exciting now these guys are even more hungry and it shows.

  4. Brandon is taking it home 100% this year. Phil stands no chance against Brandon. Rolley is the only one worthy this year. Forget about Rapeatron, politics gonna keep him from Mr. O.

  5. this brandon dude should take the title this year, round dense full muscle bellies, his hands clasped most muscular reminds me of maryland muscle machine, not at his level but 70% close to him, if he nails his conditioning then he is going to walk away with the title without a doubt. top 5 my predictions brandon,dexter,roelly, willam bonac, shawn rhoden.

  6. Офигеть,у него борода накаченее,чем мои ноги 😁👍👍👍

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