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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

(happy music) – Hey Munchies, I’m Alyssia, and earlier this year, I
became a FabFitFun partner. And I shared my first box review with you. Your feedback was so
encouraging and supportive, and it actually gave me
the chance to do another for their fall 2019 box. So that is what you’re gonna see today. FabFitFun is a seasonal subscription box with full sizes, not samples, of wellness, lifestyle, beauty and fashion products, and it comes out seasonally,
so four times a year obviously, and it includes over $200
worth of goodies per box, but it only costs $49. Just like before, I’m
gonna tell it like it is. If you wanna get your
own, you totally can. I’ve got a code, MUNCH10 that
will give you 10 bucks off your first box so it’s only $39, using the link in the description. And while that is not an affiliate code, it will support me to be
able to do reviews like this for you in the future. But if you don’t want it,
that’s totally cool too, and if you just wanna
watch, and hear my review, I appreciate you being here. I am gonna be honest today,
and tell you what I like, and what I don’t, all opinions are my own, but to be honest, this
box pretty much killed it. I am not really a beauty person, so I do think that maybe this review can give you a different perspective than some of the other reviews
that might be out there, and I customize my box a
little bit differently too, since I’m more of a food
enthusiast and beauty novice. So I am showing you what I
got in my box specifically. First, let’s start with these green sugar cube looking specimens. It is the Harper + Ari, I don’t know if I’m
pronouncing that right, Exfoliating Sugar Cubes, in Juice Cleanse, and this comes in every box. So some of the items are customizable, depending on which membership you get. Some of the items, everyone receives, so this is one of those. Apparently they are supposed to exfoliate and nourish your skin, in the shower, all while leaving a yummy scent. And they do, you take it
with you into the shower, and massage it into your skin. I love the smell. It is sort of kiwi-ish, kiwi-ish, Kiwish? It’s sort of kiwi-ish, it’s like fresh, and green, and clean and
tasty sort of (laughing). But as I’ve shared before,
I don’t love anything that is too strong smelling,
so it’s perfect for me. These cubes actually work really well in terms of exfoliating,
and they’re fun to use. I mean it’s a neat idea, to
put the scrub into cube form, but you don’t wanna take
them into the shower before using them, obviously,
so that they don’t get wet. I would totally use this again, and I never would’ve discovered this without it being in this box, and that is one of the things
I love about FabFitFun, is it gives me a chance
to try out new things, in a convenient and affordable way. Next is Cosmetix Pure C
Vitamin C Mixing Crystals. So this is an item that all members have the chance to
customize if you choose. I picked this specifically
because I am a huge fan of adding vitamin C to
my moisturizers already, especially face moisturizers. But I was amazed that this was so pure. The only ingredient is ascorbic
acid, which is vitamin C. The “FabFitFun Magazine” that is included also notes that it helps
address uneven skin tone, and brightens skin. But I know vitamin C is also great because it’s an antioxidant. So, it helps prevent
against free radical damage, it fights infections, and it detoxifies. Also, because it’s in crystal
form, and easily absorbed, it promotes the building of collagen, which essentially helps
prevent signs of aging. You simply can mix it into any other serum or moisturizer you use,
and it’s good to go. This is 54 bucks when
you buy it on its own. I mean isn’t it funny how
the cleaner an item is, the more it costs? I am glad that it was
included in this box, which cost less than this
single product alone. Okay, Aveda Damage Remedy
Daily Hair Repair is next. It is to help protect your
hair from heat styling, and it is infused with quinoa
protein, and macadamia oil. You’re supposed to apply to damp hair, and comb without rinsing, so
it is a leave-in treatment, and then you can style
accordingly with heat. I obviously recently made
a change with my hair, and so I was stoked to see
this in the FabFitFun box, because it’s extra important if your hair is already damaged
from bleaching or dying it, to take care of it when applying heat too. I can’t say how it works long
term, since I just got it, but I can say it makes my hair
feel soft, it is not sticky, and it does have a mild smell, so it checks a lot of boxes for me. Also, this and all of the
products in the FabFitFun boxes are full sized, I said
this already I think, but they’re not samples. So you really get quite a
lot for what you pay for. And that goes perfect with
another item I got in my box, the amica Strand Perfect Ceramic Styler. It’s a straightener. To be honest, when I
saw this was an option, I was like perfect, my straightener has needed to
be replaced for a long time. It was starting to smell like a fire when I would heat it up, am I alone here? Anyway, I actually looked this
one up, and I was impressed, because so many of the reviews, people say that they’ve
had this straightener for five to 10 years, and
it’s lasted them, say what? So to protect from heat damage, it’s important to have a
high quality straightener, and the ceramic plates
in this do just that. I used it today for filming
this, and I will say I didn’t have to go over
my hair as many times as I did with my old straightener, and there was no burning smell. I do think it left my
hair nice and shiny too. Also, this is 80 bucks, did I mention that this box is only $39
if you use the code MUNCH10? That is half the price of this one item. I’m about that. Next is the Skinvolve Body Boost Gel. It is formulated with green
tea, ginseng and menthol, and is a pre workout gel
that targets problem areas to give you tighter, smoother
skin, that’s a quote, I didn’t just make that up. To be honest, I told you guys I was gonna be honest in this video, I don’t believe a moisturizer
will eliminate cellulite. That being said, I do think
it could be a good trigger during a workout to pay
attention to your muscles, almost like a mental cue and reminder about having intention with
the workout you’re doing. So that would be the benefit for me. Anything else, AKA firming of the skin, would be kind of an unexpected bonus. I think I would actually be more likely to use this before bed,
for like a spa like feel. I do like it, as a moisturizer. It’s not greasy, and it smells nice. It’s like citrus minty,
but not overwhelming. It’s also one of the items you can choose to include in your box, or
you can pick something else. Next is more up my alley, the Aromatherapy Associates
Deep Relax Roller Ball. You can zen out wherever you are. It contains chamomile,
vetivert and sandalwood, to calm and comfort. And it’s a good size,
it’s easy to carry around in your purse or bag. I am a big fan of these rollerball scents, and I actually like to
use them for meditations. I put a little bit on my wrist, or the back of my neck, my temples, or even right above my upper lip, and I let that scent
sort of help anchor me, along with the breath, and it relaxes me, and helps me focus. Some people like to use
them before going to sleep, or some like to do it
before a stressful meeting. It smells very mild, it’s almost earthy. I really like it, it’s not perfumy. You know I’m not a fan
of super perfumed scents. So I love it. Okay, here is the other
item that is included in all of the boxes, it is
the Human + Kind Body Souffle. It’s noted as skincare with a conscience, so it’s nice to see that
it’s vegan and cruelty free. A few of these products were actually. It’s a blend of apricot
and shea butter oil. And it does smell really good. It’s like a small hint of sweetness. I’m really sensitive to
scents, and I mean truthfully, most of the FabFitFun products have been in line with what works for me. This one does make my skin feel really soft and moisturized. Is it a souffle? I don’t know, I don’t know
about souffles that aren’t food, but I like it as a moisturizer. I actually like this enough
that I’m willing to check out more of the products by this brand, and lucky enough, the
magazine includes a code for 25% off site wide on their website. And they include tons
of other discount codes for other products and brands too. The final product in my box is the Twine Cheese Board with Plate. And this was made for me. I think it is so cool that
this was included as an option in this fall box. It has a removable ceramic plate with stainless steel cutlery,
and a wooden platter. I am obsessed with cutting boards, wooden boards, and cheese
boards of all kinds. I love using them to serve anything, and obviously, running
a food YouTube channel, they come in handy. I love the quality of this, and will totally use it regularly. The fact that the magazine also notes that they include recipes
on their online platform, at, which I pretty neat. This box really hit the mark. I am super happy with
my box haul for fall. Haul for fall (laughing). And remember, you can get your first box for only $39 with my
discount code MUNCH10. It’s an awesome way to treat yourself four times a year, and
discover new products, and also to support female
founded companies and charities, all while pampering yourself. FabFitFun is available in
the U.S., Canada, and the UK, so a lot of you can partake. I would recommend signing up now, so that you can customize
your box just as you’d like, and don’t miss out on
available products or options. If you want more haul and
unboxing style videos, let me know. This is a new type of video for me, and I’m really having fun exploring it, but your support and feedback is super helpful and appreciated. I will be back on Thursday
with a brand new video. I am so grateful to you for being here, and I will see you soon, okay bye.

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