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Hey ! What’s up warriors, it’s Amit. Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist Today I am going to cover about evlution nutrition protein powders How to identify a genuine supplement and a fake supplement Whether you have stacked protein, 100 % isolate or 100% whey protein I am going to cover everything in this video First of all, check whether your protein powder has safety seal or not safety seal comes in black color plastic where EVL is printed in blue check this safety seal from all sides fake sellers cut this seal very carefully then the fake sellers seal it with transparent plastic tape and try to sell it again On the eve of completion of two years on social media I am doing a giveaway of protein powders only thing you have to do is follow my instagram page and like my facebook page so that you can win protein powders because to make you fit is my mission and my growth at the front of the bottle check whether a blue pentagon design is present or not this means that If you look at the vertices of the design, then it should have five vertices If your product doesn’t contain this design then your product is fake If you have evlution nutrition 100% isolate you will find 100% isolate printed in a big font If you have stacked protein then EVL should be printed in big font If it’s 100% whey then 100% whey should be printed in big font If these information is missing, then your product is fake If you are using evlution nutrition 100% whey or stacked protein then there should be five rectangular boxes If it’s 100% isolate then you will find six rectangular boxes in blue color All protein powders have one thing in common gluten free should be printed in the last box If these information is missing genuine 100% isolate and 100% whey have bottle color as chalk white fake protein powders comes in yellow color bottle If you have stacked protein then it should be in black color or white color original stacked protein comes in ten different flavors 100% whey is available in four different flavors whose additional details you will get in evlution nutrition website speaking about 100% isolate vanilla ice cream and double rich chocolate are widely sold in India evlution nutrition is a trademark symbol This means that where ever evlution nutrition is written there should be small R symbol at the right If this symbol is missing then your product is fake fake evlution nutrition protein powders are full of spelling mistakes look carefully what’s written on the bottle check for spelling mistake or grammatical errors If there is spelling mistake in your product then your product is fake your product should contain a twelve digit bar code which helps the shopkeepers during checkout note the first two digits of bar code since my product’s bar code started with eighty one and this lies between sixty to ninety nine. That’s why my product is genuine check the weight of the product genuine 100% whey , 100% isolate and stacked protein is available in two sizes two pound and four pound If your product’s weight doesn’t match with mine. then your product is fake There should be crease under the bottle which all USA made tubs have from plastic thermoforming there should be a recycle triangle with number two in it under that HDPE should be printed under the bottle there should be a warrior, which must be holding a spear and shield under which CBM should be printed above it a number should be printed 760-737-7995 if these information is missing in your product then your product is fake In black ink lot number, expiration date and time If these information is missing then your product is fake packaging is very superior quality is fantastic If you look at the product in well lit place then it should shine If your product isn’t shining at all then your product is fake always purchase the products from official importer so that you don’t waste your hard earned money In India, currently there is one official importer Pearl International After completing ten thousand subscribers I will be doing a big giveaway of protein powder only to my subscribers I will be giving five tubs of protein powder whoever will comment and support me and my channel in this journey That’s why if you haven’t subscribed to my channel yet. Then kindly subscribe now keep supporting and keep sharing my videos as well There is one more big announcement After completion of ten thousand subscribers I will launch one unique fat loss and muscle building program You have never heard or seen it before . Guaranteed Where you will find complete diet guidance morning to night When to do what workout etc with PDF as my other programs are on youtube Fat loss and muscle building programs absolutely free my programs will always be free on my channel these programs will then come back to back Subscribe to amitphysique and press the bell icon so that you never miss any video check the address of the product evolution nutrition 1560 Sawgrass Corporate parkway 4th floor, Sunrise Florida 33323 If you don’t have this address Any Indian address is present instead of US address then your product is fake. After opening cap, you will find white color inner seal which is six point seal If you count the number of seal in your product Then it should be six in number Fake sellers generally stick it with glue Then they fill fake protein powder like cheap glucose powder Under the cap, you will find a recycle triangle where number five should be printed Under that PP should be printed At extreme bottom “reike” should be printed If these information is missing, then your product is fake Mix ability will decide whether your product is genuine or fake one hand I have one scoop of vanilla ice-cream on other hand have 300 ml of water here goes protein I have tried this in a blender bottle It forms too much froth and foam Don’t get scared Most people also tell me on social media That it looks like detergent Definitely you should check this Since it’s vanilla flavor another point to note in fake vs genuine This should look slight yellow in color as you can see If it is a detergent then you will feel in your hands like it’s too slippery You can check by taking protein shake in your hands nothing to fear as such in genuine You can see how easily the protein powder got dissolved in water I haven’t stirred this well Looks crystal clear to me It’s mixed look at the walls of glass no clumps formed You can see the foam which I previously mentioned Too much foam even if I stir with spoon In blender bottle , you will find more foam you can check the mix-ability from top view it’s the view from top Taste is very important point to note in fake protein powder I have vanilla ice-cream flavor You can see If I try to smell it from a distance I am getting a sweet smell of vanilla Since it’s an international brand so quality is expected at international level let’s taste tastes delicious and is as smooth like a butter no clumps formed world class delicious taste Genuine evl nutrition protein powders have a premium quality scoop transparent scoop where measurex should be printed Just like cap of the bottle You will find a recycle triangle with number five . Under that PP should be written Thank you so much for subscribing Like the video if you found it useful If you have any kind of doubts You can comment below, I will help you If you have fitness related queries Then please connect on my Facebook or Instagram Page : amitphysique I will definitely help you Take care, peace. This is Amit, signing off

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