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Hey ! What’s up warriors, it’s Amit. Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist Today I am going to tell you about GAT Sport Whey Protein How you can identify with a blink of eye whether it’s fake or genuine First do a fundamental check whether there is safety seal or not safety seal comes in a transparent plastic look from all directions whether this seal is perfect or not I will tell you what fake sellers does fake sellers stick with glue or transparent tape and sell it again at the front there should be a silver color triangle design If you look at well lit place then it should shine If you don’t have this triangle design, then your product is fake I doing a protein powder and limited edition t-shirt giveaway on eve of completion of two years on social media you just have to do this follow instagram page : amitphysique LIKE Facebook Page : amiphysique So that you can win protein powders & limited edition t-shirts My goal is to make you fit and make you happy GAT sport is a trademark symbol This means where ever GAT Sport is written At the right hand corner you will find a small trademark symbol If your product doesn’t have TM symbol, then your product is fake Genuine GAT Whey protein powders have five blue color boxes containing details of nutrition profile whose order should be like this protein, carbs, bcaa,sugar and fats If in your product this order is in haphazard manner or these blue boxes are missing, then your product is fake original GAT whey protein powders comes in chalk white bottle color fake protein powders comes in yellow color bottle you should be beware of such fake products Check your flavor because genuine gat whey is currently available in two flavors rich chocolate and vanilla now check the weight of the product genuine gat whey comes in just one weight which is 5 pounds If your product’s weight is not matching, then your product is fake note the serving size because fake protein powders come in any random size original gat whey is available in only one serving size sixty eight serving fake gat whey protein is full of spelling mistakes look very carefully your product there shouldn’t be any spelling mistake or grammatical errors If your product contains spelling mistakes then your product is fake your product should have twelve digit bar code which helps the shopkeepers during check out now note this point check the first two digits of your bar code Since my product is starting with eighty one and this number lies between sixty to ninety nine that’s why my product is genuine Your bottle should have a crease from mould mark from plastic thermoforming Second thing to note, there should be one recycle triangle number two should be printed and below that HDPE should be embossed Under the bottle there should be a warrior the warrior must be holding spear and shield Under that CBM should be embossed Above the warrior should be a number 760-737-7995 If these information is missing in your product, then your product is fake under the bottle check whether anything in black ink jet printer or not Lot Number and expiration date which is the symbol of authentic GAT Sport Protein Powder If this information is missing then your product is fake Packaging is done in very superior manner Which if your see in well lit place then it should shine If your product is looking dull and is not shining at all then your product is fake Always purchase from authorized importers So that you don’t waste your hard earned money and you purchase a genuine supplement In India, there are five GAT Sport official importers Muscle Pro Nutrition OSR Impex, Arc Distributors ,Pearl International Guru Kripa After completion of ten thousand subscribers on my youtube I will give five protein tubs only to my subscribers Who ever will support me in the journey comment and sharing my videos Another good news for everyone I will be launching one muscle building and fat loss program which is going to be unique The program will contain all important details step by step how will be the workout, what should be the diet, when to eat etc Like all my programs are on Youtube As you will get on the Playlist section of my channel exactly like that one program is going to get launched I am giving you guarantee that no one has designed such program You will witness it for first time . You will hear it for the first time so keep supporting Follow me on my social media Facebook / Instagram and Twitter at amitphysique Subscribe to the channel and press the bell icon Take your training to next level Check the address of your product GAT 578 Pepper Street Monroe CT 06468 If your product contains some local Indian address Doesn’t contain USA address then your product is fake After opening the cap, you will find white color inner seal which is six point seal This means that if you count the number of seals It should be six in number Now what fake sellers do Fake sellers take out original protein powder then fake sellers fill the bottle with cheap powders like glucose powder then they try to sell it again Under the cap should be recycle triangle Number five should be printed and under that “PP” should be printed at extreme bottom , “reike” should be printed genuine GAT sport protein powders have premium quality transparent scoop ninety cc . where reike should be printed at the handle if you notice then you will find similar to what’s written in the cap number five should be printed in a recycle triangle below that “PP” should be written If your product contains some cheap looking scoop then your product is fake Mix-ability will decide whether your GAT sport protein powder is genuine or not one one hand I have one scoop of rich chocolate GAT Whey protein On other hand , I have around 300 ml of water here goes protein since this is rich chocolate flavor check the color after it’s dissolved color should be dark brown mixing quite well no extra efforts needed fake powders available in the market takes longer time to dissolve forms black color or yellow in color check this mix-ability it’s looking dark brown color it’s almost mixed I can’t see any clumps from my end This protein powder mixed very easily no extra efforts from my side It’s crystal clear no clumps as seen from the top Taste is very important thing to notice in genuine and fake protein i am having rich chocolate If I try to smell it I can smell it like a very tasty chocolate Let’s taste It’s very delicious and tasty very smooth taste since this is original it’s tasting like a chocolate fake should taste like glucose powder it’s international brand and taste is also international Thank you so much for subscribing Please LIKE the video if you found it useful If you have any doubts related to this video then you can comment down below If you need fitness related help from me Connect with my instagram and facebook page I will definitely help you Share with your gym buddies so that they are safe as well so that they don’t waste their hard earned money and damage their kidneys Peace ! Take care, this is Amit signing off

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  3. Sir please make video fake vs original of isopure 7.5 lb tub please sir it is very necessary
    Because you never review products which i write in comment box
    Please sir its a humble request sir please i beg you please make video on isopure 7.5 lb tub

  4. Thanks bro. I recently bought GAT protein. Initially, I was having second thoughts on whether to buy or not. But after watching your video i was satisfied that i bought the right product. My importer was guru kripa which I thought was fake.

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