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Hey ! What’s up warriors, it’s Amit. Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist Today I am going to tell you about India’s one of the best selling protein powder Which is Muscletech Nitrotech Be it 100% Whey Gold, Ripped, Nighttime or Power Whether it’s Fake or Genuine Protein Powder First of all check whether your protein powder contains safety seal or not If safety seal is present Then check whether the safety seal is glued anyway or not Second thing which you should note is If you look the safety seal in light, then it should emit rainbow like colors Third thing which you should note is Performance series should be printed on safety seal And on the right hand corner should be a small R symbol If your product doesn’t contain these information then your product is fake There should be one number on the safety seal note dwon This number should look similar to number present near bar code Note down that this number may not match with each other If there is no number on safety seal as well as near bar code Then your product is fake Your product should contain twelve digit bar code Note down the first two digits of bar code My product’s bar code is starting from sixty three Since this number lies between sixty and ninety nine, that’s why my product is genuine Check the address of the product which should be Lovate Health Science INC 1105, North Market Street Suite 1330 Wilmington DE 19801 If your product contains some local Indian address and doesn’t contain USA’s address Then your product is fake Genuine Nitrotech protein powder’s label is printed with very high quality ink all the colors Please check the bottle carefully By no means the colors should look faded or dull If your product has blurred fonts Then your product is fake Original nitrotech bottle is printed with holographic label This means that If you look the bottle in light, then it should emit rainbow like colors If your product isn’t shining at all, then your product is fake Check the front of the bottle Check the letter ‘M’ of Muscletech Should be printed in slanted manner, exactly like my bottle If in your bottle “Muscletech” is printed in some other way then your product is fake Nitrotech and Muscletech both are trademark symbols meaning that everywhere where ever nitrotech or muscletech is printed At the right hand side , you will find a small R symbol Or can contain TM symbol If your product doesn’t contain these symbols then your product is fake Genuine nitrotech 100% whey gold is currently available in fourteen different flavors Note that these flavor are updated time to time by muscletech For more information check Muscletech’s official website Check the flavors and match it with your product Muscletech’s specialty is that any bottle belonging in the same category has same shape and size Be it performance series , or essential series etc be it any series Since nitrotech belongs in performance series If you have two nitrotech bottle at your house They can be of different protein types too The shape and size should be same If both the bottles aren’t matching, then your product is fake In your product, same font should be used everywhere .There shouldn’t be any spelling mistake If your product contains different fonts then product is definitely a fake one If your nitrotech is imported by Muscle Pro Nutrition Then your importer sticker should contain a hologram If you look this in light then it should emit rainbow like colors Original nitrotech whey gold is available in four different sizes 1 lbs, 2 lbs , 5.5 lbs and 8 lbs Note that there are various offers which runs from time to time like 10% free or 20% free etc You have to check these information with official website At the bottom of the bottle should be printed in black ink jet print Expiration date, lot number and batch code you have to note The difference between expiration and manufacturing date should be three years You will get manufacturing date on importer sticker Under the bottle you will find a crease mark which is in common in USA made tubs from plastic thermoforming Under the bottle should be a warrior Which should hold spear and a shield under the bottle should be written CBM above the warrior should be one number 760-737-7995 If under your product all these information is missing, then your product is fake Always purchase from official importers So that chances of buying fake supplements is reduced In India, there are currently two official importers First, Muscle Pro Nutrition and second is brand name wholesalar LLC Above the cap should be muscletech logo This logo may be hidden because of importer sticker Remove the importer sticker and check whether muscletech’s logo is present or not If your product doesn’t contain muscletech logo, then your product is fake Original Nitrotech Protein powders contains cardboard which is called vacuum barrier which keeps the powder in place during shipping Under the cap should be inner seal made of silver foil Look at the seal carefully Fake sellers cut open seal very carefully Few years back instead of silver foil there was a white cardboard These silver foil is cut by fake sellers Then the protein powder is substituted with cheap powders like glucose powder Then the fake sellers sell the bottle Follow me on my social media Facebook , Instagram, Twitter at amitphysique Subscribe to Amit Physique and press the bell icon to receive instant notification whenever I upload a video Original nitrotech protein powder doesn’t contain any clumps Clumps can be because of two reasons First, your product is near it’s expiration date Inner seal may be open by someone due to which moisture has gone inside Original nitrotech protein powders contain transparent scoop which is of very high quality Note that this scoop of ninety cc If your product contains cheap looking scoop. Then your product is fake Let’s check the mix-ability. On one hand we have 300 ml of water On the other hand has 1 scoop of chocolate caramel brownie Here goes protein Slightly the powder is sticking to glass no problem Mix-ability is fine. Dissolving very fast compared to other brands mix-ability seems good It’s almost mixed. Its crystal clear there is no clumps formed slight foam formation is visible I will show your from the top how it looks Let’s check the taste I have Nitrotech 100% Whey Gold Chocolate Caramel Brownie It’s a new flavor , let’s check awesome Taste is neither too sweet nor little sweet it’s like a balance taste is unique You must try If you have purchased a five lbs bottle Then download the muscletech verify app Then scan the QR code on your mobile You will know whether your product is genuine or not Thank you so much for subscribing Like the video if you found it useful If you want more information then comment down below Or can connect with me on Instagram or Facebook. And send your product’s pics I will definitely help Be safe, always purchase original supplement Always buy authentic protein so that you don’t damage your kidneys Peace ! This is Amit , signing off

18 thoughts on “Fake Muscletech Nitrotech 100% Whey Gold | Nitrotech FAKE or Genuine

  1. Bhai aapne jis side ka naam bataya hai kya guarantee Hai uski ke wa original hi deta hai duplicate bhi bhej sakta hai kuch batana yaar


  3. bro mere nitrotech mai 3 gm protein hai per scoop to kya hum isko as a preworkout le sakte hai kya….aur mene ye ek shop se buy ki hai…logo MPN ka hai…its a lean muscle builder

  4. it's difficult to find original and fake supplement..jab se aapko follow kiye h tabse se ye find krna easy hi gya…now we can buy any supplement without any doubt😇😇🙏🙏

  5. Bhai mene flipkart se chocolate Carmel browni mangwaya h nitrotech whey gold or seal nd inner sean or expirey date bhi shi h sb shi h bss iski smell achi nhi h or mix bhi hogya tha pr taste itna khaas nhi lga mujhe or smell bhi thi or powder inna fine bhi nhi h toh me confused hu ki product original h ya nhi plz help me

  6. There is indian addres on my suplementbox..339,kanakiya zillion lbs road bkc annexe kurla west mumbai.. Is it authentic

  7. i bought nitro tech ripped.. The covering is full folded.. its not neatly got mpn indian adress on it.. and mrp in rupees.. but when i checked on the truempn app for the authencity using the unique scratch code presented on the bottle cap it showed that its a genuine product.. is it fake or genuine..pls help me bro.. should i start using it or throw it away???

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