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Hey ! What’s up warriors, it’s Amit. Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist Today I am going to tell you about fake protein Which is from eight times Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman Whether it’s King Whey, Pro-Antium or King Mass XL Whether these protein are genuine or fake. Because all the points are almost common in all First of all take a look at your protein powder’s seal A blue color safety seal should be present Second thing note that if you look at the safety seal in a well lit place then it should emit rainbow like colors Third point to note Safety seal should contain signature of Ronnie Coleman in yellow ink or RC Ronnie Coleman Signature series should be printed At the front of the protein powder check the logo carefully Your logo should be exactly same as my protein powder Second thing note, the place where “RC” is written The crown should be in yellow color and should be slightly crooked Second thing note Note at the right hand corner where “RC” is written Should contain a small “R” symbol In Fake Ronnie Coleman protein powder, this crown is straight instead of crooked crown. And the “R” symbol is missing Original King Mass , King Whey and Pro Antium contains four boxes These boxes may contain different things printed depending on the product Because in this video I am demonstrating just King Whey That’s why your product should contain exactly same thing which I am demonstrating king Whey , king mass xl and pro-antium and RC logo are trademark symbols That means that where ever these things will be printed the bottle At the right hand side should contain a small “R” symbol Look at the bottle carefully Original Ronnie Coleman Signature series should contain this The bottle should be white in color Fake protein powder bottles are slightly yellowish in color Original Ronnie Coleman bottles are very hard If you are pressing the bottle with your fingers And the fingers are going inside then your product is fake Genuine King whey, pro-antium and king mass bottles contain holographic printing This means that If you look the bottle in light then it should emit rainbow like colors If your product isn’t shining at all , then your product is fake Check the serving serving size of the product If you are using King Whey then look at the corner You should find a red box with serving size in white ink Fake protein powders doesn’t contain this serving size printed Check the weight Genuine Ronnie Coleman King Whey is currently available in two sizes two pounds and five pounds similarly Check king mass and pro-antium weights with official website Original king whey is available in six different flavors vanilla frost, chocolate brownie , peanut butter pie mint chocolate chip, cookies and cream and strawberry cheesecake If your product’s flavor aren’t matching with these, then your product is fake Check the address printed Developed exclusively by and manufactured Ronnie Coleman Signature Series Lake Mary, Florida 32746 If in your product instead of Florida Some local Indian address is present then your product is fake Original Ronnie Coleman Signature Series contains twelve digit bar code Check the first two digits of bar code Because in my product, the bar code is starting with eighty five This number lies between sixty to ninety nine That’s why my product is genuine Under the bottle should be printed in orange ink lot number and expiration date Look carefully the difference between manufacturing date and expiration date The difference should be two years You will get manufacturing date in the importer sticker If your bottle doesn’t contain these information then your product is fake Under the bottle should be crease of mould mark which is found in all US made tubs from plastic thermoforming Under the bottle should be a warrior holding a spear and shield Under the warrior should be written CBM Above the warrior a number should be present 760-737-7995 If your product doesn’t contain these information then your product is fake Always purchase the product from official importer so that chances of getting fake supplement is reduced In India, currently there is one official importer of Ronnie Coleman Signature Series Shree Balaji Overseas Original Ronnie Coleman Signature series contain white color inner seal Look Closely at the inner seal Generally, fake sellers sells without this inner seal Otherwise very carefully they cut the inner seal and appear like as if it was never cut Then the fake sellers takes out the original protein powder Then fill the bottle with cheap powder like glucose powder and try to sell them again Genuine Ronnie Coleman signature series doesn’t contain any clumps Clumps can be because of two reasons Your product may be near it’s expiration Inner seal may have been opened by someone due to which moisture has gone inside and clumps are formed Follow me on my social media Facebook / Instagram / Twitter / Snapchat at amitphysique Subscribe and tap the bell icon Let’s check the mixability now I have one scoop of Ronnie Coleman King Whey Chocolate Brownie flavor On the other hand have around 300 ml water Here goes protein powder Mixing quite well fake protein takes longer time to mix It’s almost mixed 80-90 percent is already mixed It’s very easy to mix Moreover, it’s isn’t sticking to the walls of the glass I guess it’s mixed over Mix-ability is great It’s fastest till date I have mixed in Amit Physique You can check there is no clumps. Everything is crystal clear fake protein contains clumps above you can see a small foam very thin foam is visible Let’s check the taste of Ronnie Coleman King Whey chocolate brownie flavor Tastes delicious and very smooth fake protein powder doesn’t taste like this If your protein powder is tasting like glucose powder then it’s definitely a fake one There should be transparent scoop in genuine products look carefully at the scoop There is should be written “Measurex 94 cc” If your product contains cheap scoop then your product is fake Thank you so much for subscribing Like the video if you found the video useful Comment down below whose Fake Protein video you want to see Because I am making these videos for you all so that you be safe , don’t waste your money and you don’t damage your kidney Stay tuned with me, this is Amit signing off.

15 thoughts on “FAKE Ronnie Coleman King Whey Protein Powder | Fake King Mass, Pro-Antium, King Whey

  1. Sir aapki vajhe se hame fake or original product ka difference pata cahala thank you so much Sir.

  2. hi, i found 10 lbs king whey on my local online shop, is it original because in official site there is only 5 lbs for the biggest size of king whey, or may the 10 lbs size is the old product? thx please ur respond

  3. My king whey choc brownies is a real one 100%, but the taste a little bit bitter, exp 2021. Is it normal? Is your king whey, tasted same like me, a little bitter?

  4. bhai ab jo rc pro antium ke current importer hai wo kon hai aur new packing kya one serving aa rhi hai kya ek ne bataya ki iska current importer erene hai ye shi hai kya

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