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Hey boys, have a midnight snack Mmm-hmm. I’m just gonna grab something too and go back to bed alone again night You know Lois has gotten kind of fat since you guys stopped having sex might be time to you know Have some sex, you know, at first I didn’t want to do it cuz it a vasectomy But now it’s just I mean look at her she’s got elbow cleavage You know that that little wrinkle at fat people get on their elbows. It looks like a schwa I mean you wouldn’t have sex with her would you? Oh, yeah, I would really oh, yeah Oh, yeah, I would do everything to her. I don’t care what she looks like. I would wreck that chick. Well, you are a trouper Sorry fat wife coming through sorry. Sorry, excuse me. Fat wife. Hold on a sec All right, bring us room stop it god sakes you’re embarrassing me Not as embarrassed as I was when I got that job entertaining prison inmates do it again Griffin. Oh, come on I just did it like five times My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard and they’re like it’s better than yours damn right? It’s better than yours you but Hey Look honey. We’re all due respect. You’ve gained some weight recently. It’s five pounds at the most. It’s not a big deal It’s a slippery slope Lois you start with five pounds and then one day boom you wake up and you’re on the practice with 16 Rings in your ear you wonder top. Look how fat you are Lois men aren’t fat Only fat women are fat. Now. If you’ll excuse me. I have to go warn the chef that you’ve arrived Hey, what’s that I’ll show him fat the only reason I’m eating anyway is because I him he won’t touch me He ought to come back only if you think I’m a serial killer nothing oh Hey Hogzilla, you happen to see my hot wife Louis around? No. I haven’t maybe she’s out looking for a man who can satisfy her Hey, do me a favor when you go to sleep Amy a but the other way last night for God’s sake you farted I felt like somebody was sticking me with a cigarette lighter from the car. You’re fat. Shut up and go to sleep Get off me We having sex let’s check. Yeah just lift up that full right there. Yep Louis last night was amazing If wise wasn’t it fat sex is the hottest sex we’ve ever had there were so many boobs I don’t know whose boobs. I was grabbing your boobs are my boobs I know it was amazing much better than that night. You pretended your penis was Danny Aiello. Oh That is so interesting Danny Aiello. You’ve got the best Spike Lee’s stories. What’s yet? You want to meet my wife Tina stop ex? What was just say? Hello? You’re embarrassing me in front of Danny Aiello now, come here my fat cock. Yup. I’m Hungry I want you bigger. I want you Feder it will please me I love you so much Oh Lois I have no idea if we’re doing it or if that’s just the back of your knee, but either way it feels so good Oh my god Oh Sweetie, me too. I’m really having a heart attack. Oh my god, you’re serious. Oh, we should get you to the hospital All right hold hold on a sec. All right, I’m almost done almost done Almost done. Almost done. Almost dad. Okay, let’s go Well, it was a tough job removing all that fat to get to your heart mrs. Griffin, but you came through it beautifully, honey I’m sorry. I tried to make you into something you’re not. I love you No matter what size you were oh, oh, I got to admit. I’m gonna miss eating cereal out of the dimples on your ass Well mrs. Griffin you rest up for a few days and you’ll be just fine. Thank you doctor I realize now that eating is not the way to solve my problems. You hear that Meg for your information mom I don’t eat to solve my problems I cut myself. Is that better Chris? Wait, I love your hat Thanks mom. Hey, Doc, what did you do with my mom’s fat? Oh, it’s right here in the storage closet. Ah It’s exactly what it looks like

100 thoughts on “Family Guy – Lois gets fat

  1. Oh, looks like some Deviantart users may take advantage of these scenes for their art…

    If you’re a deviantart veteran, u may know what it is

  2. "Fat wife coming through"
    Passes through even fatter people along the way.

    And that big-ass pie is like 98% pie filling. 0.0

  3. I just found this video I know it's a old video but when Meg says she cuts herself I find it odd her mother father and her siblings don't react they act like nothing was wrong it's amazing

  4. Girl: I want a guy which has 9191 abs, is 8391929210293019392 feet tall, have 271937319 cars and buy me everything
    also her:

  5. 1:23
    Peter: Look, honey, with all due respect, you've gained some weight recently.
    Lois: It's five pounds at the most, it's not a big deal.

    Me: You have a chin now, it is a big deal lmao

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