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Before it touch anything it’s a nut-free counter. I don’t know my dad’s might have been on there this morning. Oh Hey, Meg. I saw you stomp that pigeon today with your bare foot pretty powerful stuff Thanks I don’t like losing any part of my lunch look I’d love to stay and talk Neal, but I have homework and there was no toilet paper in the girls bathroom Well while you freshen up, maybe I could help you get a head start on that homework you do that Wow that’d be great Wait Neal. I thought you and I were gonna go find unlocked cars and pretend. We’re driving them. Sorry Chris booty calls What was that all about? Well? I just have to do it by myself Boy this light is taking forever, please get out. I never drive this car my wife died in it Move along gotta keep the hallway clear this isn’t because of my divorce good for him you actually followed through What the hell again Thanks for doing my book report Neal And I didn’t even have to change the handwriting cuz you write like a girl you should see me throw listen Meg Would you want to go to a movie sometime? You know what I’d like that. It’s a date. Okay. Well uh? I’ll see you later. Oh Meg. Just got out. I’m gonna go lick all their bowls Hey oh Hey, Chris, you sure are spending a lot of time with my sister lately. You know if I didn’t know better I think that Fisher ghosts, and I’d also think you’re putting the moves on Meg Listen Chris You’re my friend So I have to confess am I sitting with you at lunch was part of a carefully laid-out plan to get close to your sister What look I know it sounds terrible, but but yeah, we’ve had some good times together We even got Sean Penn to dress up as my dad Go away, I never would have talked to you again God I should have known it I feel more betrayed than when I thought that lawyer was gonna propose So you did commit the murder uh-huh and you admit it here in front of everyone oh No, further questions your honor wait no further questions motion to have the last eight years stricken from the record I’m glad we got here early. I like to watch the previews yeah, and also the friendly warning about theater shootings Don’t get shot by opponent don’t get shot by a boy keep your wits about This place used to be fun you Know this is nice. It’s actually the first time. I’ve been on a date since I got the nickname gutter ball. He’s nice Here host you Make a wish What did you wish for this? Used me just so you could date my sister. Oh my god Chris. I’m so sorry. Oh what have I done? Ah? Crap okay dad you got a sin not just go 1:46 has backed up all the way to minerals. Do you want in you know and why are you playing the news? Oh, it’s an old boom box. I don’t own any cassette so I just have to play whatever’s on the radio Shouldn’t you be out with Meg look Chris? I’m sorry I lied to you, but I still like to be friends, and I hope I’m sorry I had to put the boombox down D batteries make it very heavy me. Oh there. You are what the hell is your problem I finally give you a shot and you abandon me in a movie theater I’m sorry Meg, but my friendship with Chris is more important. You’re a jerk Neal So what do you say Chris? Can we hang out again? Yeah? I’d like that Neal great. See you tomorrow This is cuz yeah, I’m drunk move out Irish trash

100 thoughts on “Family Guy – Principal Shepherd Becomes Ripped

  1. So now we are just going to make Meg detestable instead of working on her character?

    That was my thought when I saw Meg's Poor character development.

  2. Neal-Befor I touch anything is this a nuts free counter ?

    Chris- I don't know, but my father's was probably on there.

  3. Really, this video should've been called "peter gets drunk and throws shit at clevlands house" for all the author fucking cares lmao

  4. Neil: Uh before i touch anything, is this a nut free counter?
    Chris: uh i dont know my dads might've been on there this morning
    Me: Dead

  5. the most boring and retarded characters in the show have the best character? Probably not. They have all their flaws and advantages.
    But putting friendship over ass is strong.

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