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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

– Thank you for joining us on
a GCN indoor training session. Ahead of us we’ve got 35
minutes of micro-intervals. Now you might think a
micro-interval sounds like it’s an easy interval but it’s not because micro-intervals are followed by micro-recovery and this means we are going to get a tough session. But fear not, the first thing
we’re doing is warming up. We’ve got seven minutes of
warming up just gradually, ease those legs into the session. Pedal slowly, we want nice
easy gears to start with, but in between that seven minutes we’re gonna just do some little intervals, high cadence just to try and
get our cardiovascular system working a little bit harder
so that when we start the hard work we’re not
going to be coming at it too uncomfortably. Right then, so what are
these micro-intervals all about then? Well we are doing 20
seconds over threshold so 20 seconds harder
than you could sustain for a long period of time like an hour and then 40 seconds just below that. So like I said, it is not recovery, it is very much still
pressing on the pedals so because of that we’re
gonna do five lots of 20 with those 40 seconds
in the middle and then we get a little bit of downtime. We get four minutes of recovery
then we’re gonna repeat that three times so for the
mass geniuses out there that’s 15 minutes of micro-intervals. Right then, I mentioned
that we’re gonna be doing a little bit of high
cadence work in this warm up so we need to start thinking
about your gear choice ’cause in 20 seconds I want
you to increase the cadence up to 120 and then your
effort should go up accordingly as well. So you might hurt your legs a little bit but nothing to tax you and it is short so just a little burst. The first micro-interval if you like. Okay ready everyone? In two, one, go! 120 RPM, 15 seconds. (energetic instrumental music) Nice light gears but turn
those pedals quickly! Fast feet. There we go, right that was it. All done and dusted,
nothing too difficult, nothing too strenuous to start with. We’ve now got another
minute pedalling slowly, of course we’re pressing
a little bit harder than we did just a minute ago ’cause we want to slowly
build up the effort until we’re in a position where
we’re ready to go full gas. I mean full gas. Right then, 30 seconds to
the next bit of high cadence then we’ll talk about
exactly why you’re doing micro-intervals, what’s the
point of doing this hard work? Well believe me, they are
really really effective. Because we’re working around threshold it’s brilliant for
developing your general speed on the bike, your ability at climbs, your ability to hold on to the fast group in your local club ride or in a sportive. Right, more on that in a minute, I want you to get ready for
120 RPM again for 15 seconds in two, one, go! Just change it down a gear or two, increase the resistance as well. (energetic instrumental music) And ease off in now! Whoo! Hopefully you start feeling your heart, heart rate lifting, got
a heart rate monitor you should be able to see it. And also your breathing rate
as well should be going up now. Your legs shouldn’t be hurting, you’re not putting any
stress through the muscles, it’s just that cardiovascular system. Alrighty, so we got 35
seconds to the next one then we got a little bit more downtime just to prepare ourselves mentally for those big efforts to come. (energetic instrumental music) Make sure you keep drinking early. If you’re anything like
me you’ll start getting a sweat on early, you
don’t want to dehydrate. Maybe not for now but for later on when you get off your bike. You don’t want to feel ruined
for the rest of the day or when you wake up in the morning. Right then, last one at 120 RPM, coming up in now, go! Drop down through the
gears, lift the cadence. (energetic instrumental music) Keep spinning those legs, nearly done! And back it off, back it off. Right, we’ve got two minutes now before we start our micro-intervals. Now so I said they’re
really good at building your overall speed on the bike. You’ll see your average
speed on rides go up, your average speed on climbs, but it’s more than that as well. Bike riding is really dynamic, it’s about responding to changes in pace, to changes in gradient, you
need the ability to go hard, generate lactic acid,
and then recover from it. Get your body used to clearing
lactate from your legs. Generally making yourself accustomed to that really hard work
that we all have to do whether we ride our bikes for racing or on group rides or sportives. Whether you’ve got a target in mind like Gran Fondo, like the
Maratona, it all counts. It all counts. Right then, how’re you guys feelin’? You warmed up? Good stuff, now would
probably be a good time to introduce the crew today,
who you’re riding with. We’ve got Julia and Matt in the front row then we got Lindsey,
Charlotte, and then Tom who’s stickin’ the half wheel
on him in the middle there. Which seems pretty rude
to me but there he is. Those guys know how to suffer, hopefully our pain is going to inspire you to push on as well ’cause
what this session is gonna do is gonna hurt but that’s
kinda what the whole point of indoor training is all about. You do the hard work in a controlled way and you make it count. Right then. 30 seconds to go, let’s talk
about that first effort. I don’t want people sprinting into this first micro-interval. It might only be 20 seconds long but remember, you’re not
getting any recovery as such so press on the pedals,
it should feel full gas but then we only change up
one gear, one gear smaller. Keep your cadence the
same and that is gonna be your recovery okay. Right then, think about the gear choice, we’re going there, two,
one, right let’s go! Micro-interval’s 20 seconds on now. That’s right, hear the whir
of the turbos kickin’ in. 110 RPM if you can. And then ready to click
into one gear easier for 40 seconds, and go! Like I said, this is not recovery, you’re still pressin’ on the pedals. If you got a parameter
you’re looking at 90% of FTP so if you didn’t have
a micro-burst in there you would be able to
sustain it for an hour but as it is we’re doing five minutes. This time is gonna go fast. I can assure you of that. Just 10 seconds to go
before we kick on again changing to one gear harder,
increase your cadence to 110. Ready? And go! (energetic instrumental music) That’s right, looking good everyone. Looking very smooth. Press on the pedals, fast feet. And give it a change to one gear easier. And go! Don’t lay off the pedals though, don’t let off the pedals. This is not recovery. These are 20 40s, legendary training tool over the years. If anything is gonna get you fit, 20 40s are certainly gonna do it, whether you’re a time trialer or you’re partial to a Gran Fondo. Or an out and out racer. Okay get ready for your
next micro-interval, it’s comin’ up, get ready your gears, in two, one, go! Lift that cadence! Fast feet, fast feet. (energetic instrumental music) And nearly ready to change
into an easier gear, in two, one, okay. One gear easier, let your cadence drop. Now this might feel really familiar, kind of effort if you’re used to riding in a chain gang or a pace line. That feeling of hitting the front, having to increase your power output to keep the speed of the group high before backin’ off when
someone else takes your place. It replicates that perfectly. Okay. It’s a small group, your turn
on the front is nearly up, you ready? It’s your turn again, five, four, three, two, one, go! Micro-interval. Keep the pace high! Leave everyone sat on your wheel. Relying on you. Someone’s comin’ round you in a second and you can ease off now. That’s right, whoo. Ease off. We’re not quite done yet
though, this ain’t recovery. Keep pressing on those pedals. (energetic instrumental music) Hopefully your breathing rate
is up there with mine now. So you don’t make me sound too bad. Okay. Right, up it again! Yup, that’s right, we’re not finished with the micro-intervals. Give it some gas. Don’t let your breakaway companions down. They’re relying on you to keep the pace. 40K now, 50K now and easy. Easy. Keep the power on. Try and bring your breathing
down as fast as you can, even though we’re still operating
at super high intensity. It’s nearly time for proper recovery, nearly there. (energetic instrumental music) Don’t know about you guys
but I need one for sure. Okay, good work that
was interval number one done and dusted. Just take the pressure off the pedals, keep those legs spinning nice and easy. We got four minutes to try
and get our breathing down, our heart rate down,
so make the most of it. It doesn’t matter how
hard you press on now, it’s the hard work is what counts. We want to be as recovered as possible. So take a drink, get out
of the saddle like Matt is, just take a bit of pressure off your legs. (energetic instrumental music) How’s everyone doin’? First set of micro-intervals
done which is all good, all good. How was the effort level? How are you finding going from 120 to 80? Yeah, all good. If this is your first
time doing micro-intervals it may take you the whole
of that set to get a feel for how hard you can go. If you go too hard in your 20 seconds then you’re gonna have
to go too easy in the 40s so if you think about it on a graph It’s gonna be no massive
spikes in power or speed but you are gonna get
areas where you press on a little bit more and then
ease off a little bit more. Like a wavy line as
opposed to a jagged line. If you can picture that
watching your oxygen and your heart rate is
170 beats per minute. I don’t know about you
guys, I need every second of this four minutes so I
can hit the next set hard. Beautiful thing about intervals
is that you work harder than you probably normally do in real life so when you’re on that case
line in that chain gang you rarely have to work as hard which is why you do short
bouts of super hard work and then recover and hit it again. You want to get your body ready for these super high powers and
consistent intensitities. Make sure you keep drinkin’
we still go two sets to go. Although there’s only five, 10 rather, 10 micro-intervals so if
you break it down like that you can tick ’em off one by one. Okay you wanna start gettin’ ready, we got a minute til the next one but we don’t want to go into it cold so maybe just change into a harder gear, just get your work rate back up just so it doesn’t come
as too much of a shock when we launch in with a
big effort for 20 seconds. If you like me dropped
onto the little chain ring for your recovery, stick it
back in the big ring now. It’s time to psyche yourself up. We got another five minutes
hard work coming up. (energetic instrumental music) Think about how much
this is gonna benefit you when you get out on the road. I can’t stress that enough. This is good pain. Are you ready for it? It’s comin’ up in three, two, one, hit it! 20 seconds! 20 seconds, 120% of FTP. It’s a big effort, it’s not quite max, we’re not sprinting but we’re pressin’ on and then get ready to
drop into one gear easier and go! 40 seconds still on the cadence drop, 90 revs per minute. I could feel the effort already. Kay everyone, I hate to break it to you but we’re going to be going
hard again in 10 seconds. Get ready for it. 20 seconds hard riding, fast pedalling, three, two, one, go! That’s right, here we go, fast feet. Good stuff. Okay. One gear easier, keep the
power on, keep the power on. How’s everyone doing? Looking concentrated, it’s a
complicated session this one so listen carefully
otherwise you’ll get lost in a world of micro-interval pain. Ready? Some more comin’ up. Get ready to change down
to that harder gear, five, four, three, two, one, up! Raise your cadence, pedal a bit quicker. That’s right dig in, come on. And nearly done, one gear easier now! That’s right. We’re off the front of the pace line, trying to recover in the wheels. Still gotta ride hard,
still doing 50K an hour. But we’re not on the front. Think about next time
you’re gonna break away when you’re in a group or a sportive, how much pain you can dish out, how much stronger you’re gonna be. Ready? Lift the tempo again, it’s
time to hit the front, five, four, three, two, one, that’s right on the front. Keep the pace high! Don’t let your breakaway companions down. You might get caught, all this hard work will be for nothing if the
bunch catches up with you. And we’re off the front now. Good work. Keep the pace high. (energetic instrumental music) You should be breathing really hard. Heart rate through the roof. Concentrate on trying to
recover as much as possible even though we’re still
getting a power down. We’re racing through them. It’ll be over before you
know it so keep working hard. We’re about to hit the front again and three, two, one, ready go! One gear harder! (energetic instrumental music) That’s great work, keep those feet fast! Brilliant, really good. And easy now. You can see your ride’s a
fixed gear bike out this lot. Nice cadence. Sittin’ on me that’s for sure. Right, not long to go before recovery time so keep working hard, keep working. Embrace that pain. It’s gonna make you better,
it’s gonna make you stronger, it’s gonna make you faster. Alright, easy recovery. Great work everyone. That’s two sets done, we
got 10 micro-intervals under our belt. We’ve got 10 minutes of
hard work under our belt. Try not to stop pedalling,
try to keep those legs turning although I don’t blame you if you do because they should be sore right now. Burning legs, that expression
tells me they’re sore Matt. They’re sore, good work, good work. Right, three and a half
minutes to go so make it count this recovery. Take a drink, try and cool down. Spin those legs, easy gears. Right for this next set we’re
not in the flat anymore, we’re not in a pace line,
we’ve just hit a climb. And it’s the climb to the finish line so each of these micro-bursts
is an acceleration. You’re following a rival. Maybe it’s Alberto Contador, maybe it’s a person from your local club and you’re gonna follow them,
match their accelerations and then sit on their wheel
and you won’t come round them just below threshold
’cause we wanna be first across the line. So we’re gonna work hard,
we’re gonna ride intelligently. That’s the aim of the
game, so don’t go all out in those first few micro-bursts thinkin’ that you only got five left to do. You wanna measure your
effort so that when you hit those last ones you are
firing on all cylinders and they feel good. I wanna hit the warm down pumped, psyched, feeling good, feeling like you can’t wait to get back on your bike and do more. That’s what it should be about. You want to do more, another session, you could why not? Back it up. Do another session if you got the time and the will, and the energy. Okay, how’s everyone feeling? You got another set in you? You got a final climb in you? Yes! We’re gonna mark Alberto Contador, we’re gonna mark your
rival from your local club, the person that sits on your wheel when you’re commuting to work. There’s always one. We’re gonna ride smart, pace
ourselves for this last block. Okay. Like before, if you’ve
dropped into the little ring for this recovery maybe stick
it back in the big ring. Just increase your work rate slightly so that your legs are a bit
more accustomed to hard work when we hit these last micro-intervals. I can’t stress enough how many top riders will have this training
session in their back pocket, in their arsenal to
pull out when they need to get an extra half a percent. This is form, good form, condensed into one brutal session. 20 40s remember. You do 20 40s you can wear
that badge with pride, this is a tough one. Okay everyone, we’re nearly
ready for our last set. Alberto Contador is just
about to make an attack, Matt knows what that feels like, Matt knows, Matt’s ready! Over threshold, 20 seconds, starting now. That’s right, lift the
pace, lift your cadence, stay in the saddle. We’re not gonna come round him, we’re not gonna give him
a turn just mark him. Keep him in your sights. Ready? He’s gonna back off I can sense it. Easy gear, now right. You’re still climbing,
you’re still hurting. You’re still close to threshold but you’ve just marked the first attack. Not long to go now. Keep pedalling. This gradient is unrelenting. It hurts. It really hurts. Okay, I can sense another attack coming, it’s your arch nemesis this time. They’re gonna hit ya
in three, two, one, go! Follow the wheel, lift your tempo. That’s right, lift your cadence. (energetic instrumental music) You can see they’re dying, they’ve not got much more in ’em. Ready to back it off,
back below threshold, go! Easy, easy. I don’t know about you, I’m
struggling to hold the wheel. Even on the 40s now. It should be hurting really badly but the end is in sight,
you got three more. Two more attacks and one push for victory or for your personal best. Okay, there’s another attack comin’. This time the person’s
been sat on your wheel riding to work and
they’re about to hit ya. Get on that wheel, go! That’s right. Just ease up to them gradually. Try not to let ’em know how much it hurts. We’re playing cat and
mouse as well as training. And get ready to knock
it off one gear, go! (energetic instrumental music) Kay everyone, keep working
hard, the climb is nearly over. I can see the top. Have you got a last push in you? Dig deep, get the work done. (energetic instrumental music) Okay, this is the last
attack we’re gonna follow. Go, hold that wheel! It’s Contador again, Contador’s gone, Matt are you on him? Matt’s on him! Let’s follow Matt, dig in! The end is in sight, both
the session and my legs, knock it back, we got one last bit. 40 seconds before our race winning attack, our lunge for the line and then a brutal 40 seconds to get there for our recovery. Okay, get ready. This is flat PB, this is
what’s gonna make it count. The last micro-interval coming up, don’t lift the tempo
just keep it the same, keep it the same. Ready? Three, two, one, go! One gear harder. That’s right, great work! Keep that cadence high! Okay, ready? We’re almost on our own, it’s daylight. That’s it, 40 seconds! That’s all you gotta do! 40 seconds! Everyone’s trailing in your wake, you’re feeling good,
you’re feeling strong. Despite the pain. 20 seconds to go! Come on everyone, we’re nearly there! The line’s in sight. Seven, five, keep going, pushing, push, push, push! And you’re over! You’re done. That was three sets of 20 40s. A brutal session in
anyone’s book, well done, that was absolutely crackin’ effort. I hope you’re in bits now, I’m in bits, are you in bits? Everyone’s in bits. But you get off your
bike, you have a drink, have some food. Before long you’re gonna be
stronger than you were before and that is what counts. That’s what training is all about. Just make sure you get adequate recovery otherwise you’ll be doing these sessions and they won’t have the
same positive effect so limit them ’cause they are tough. It’s the icing on the cake. Well done everyone. Just a couple of minutes of easy spinning, try and let your heart rate
come down as much as possible. I don’t think mine is, I’m pretty warm. But just keep those legs turning over. If you need to get off and stretch just stick it in the big ring again, pedal really slowly, just rest those legs. Your glutes will work super hard on this. 15 minutes of
micro-intervals in the saddle might be unnatural for a lot of us but it’s going to be those days
where it pays off in spades. (energetic instrumental music) This is probably gonna be the
longest minute of your lives, even longer than those micro-intervals, but try and resist the
temptation to get off your bike too soon. It’s a short warm down, it’s an important warm down nevertheless. You don’t want to get off your bike and then stumble down the stairs ’cause your legs are like jelly. We’ve all been there,
we’ve all been there. We’re nearly done and dusted but I hope that when you next enter a race you’re riding along in the
front group of that sportive, you’re thinking about all this hard work and how much easier it is to come through and do your turn on the
front at 40K an hour, 45K an hour. Sessions like this are what counts. Intense, hard work in just 35 minutes. Can’t argue with that. Well done everyone, that
was very cool indeed. Well if you are ready for
more indoor training sessions, first thing you should
do is subscribe to GCN. We’ve got a whole stack
already on the channel and plenty more to come so just do that, just subscribe, just click on the globe. It’s completely free. And then if you’re wanting
ideas for your next session after you’ve recovered,
click just down there and you can follow Matt. Hill climb session, a brutal 25 minutes, or if you fancy a bit of
real world stimulation, click just down there and you can follow in real time as I ride the passage in the Alta Badia region in the Dolomites, getting ready for the
Maratona dles Dolomites.

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