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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

What’s up, everybody? PJ Braun here, President of Blackstone Labs,
and I’m in this weird outfit. I’m not in my normal attire that you guys
normally see me in because I ran in here today to get a last minute haircut before I fly
out of town, and I realized that I have not done a video for Fast Food, yet, so I wanted
to get it out. Now, a lot of people are asking me “What is
this product all about? You’ve got all this organic vegetable stuff
in here and that’s not a Blackstone Labs product.” Actually, this is a product for everybody,
and the origin of this product comes from another brand, not going to say their name, but there
is a brand out there that has a similar product that’s made of all whole food, and it’s a carb
product. It’s actually a really good product. Not even going to talk bad about another company. I actually like that product. I sampled it myself, and I enjoyed it. The problem was I was adding protein to it,
so I felt like the product was incomplete. So, I reached out to one of my manufacturers
and I said “I have this idea of making a complete meal out of whole food. I want protein, fat, and carbs– Not just
the carbs.” So we put our heads together, and we mixed
up some powdered oats, some powdered yams, some pea protein, some rice flour protein–
all organic, by the way– and it was really, really good. The one thing that I felt like was missing
was a little bit of fat. I wanted to kind of complete the macronutrient
profile, so we tried a couple different fat sources, and in the end we agreed on mixing
some MCT oil, which is Medium-Chain Triglyceride oil, and a little bit of coconut powder. At that point I fet like we perfected it. The creaminess, the taste, the texture, and what we decided to do was make the scoop a little smaller So you can use this in a number of ways; you
can use this, as a woman, just one scoop, as a meal replacement. Now, if you’re a woman trying to bulk hard,
you could go to two scoops. If you’re a guy trying to keep it clean, you
could use two scoops. If you’re a guy trying to bulk, you could go
to three or even four and get into serious mass gainer mode. There’s 56 scoops in here. One scoop has five grams of fat, ten grams
of protein, twenty grams of carbs. All from real food. There’s no fake, weird dextrose or any of
that crap that these mass gainers apply to their products. This is all real food in here and anybody
can use it. If you want a little tip, you want it to be
really tasty? Get yourself some almond milk and mix it with that. WOOOO! You’re gonna love it. So this is Fast Food, my all real food product,
I love it. Anyone can use it. Try some today. Wait wait wait wait wait wait wait! I screwed up this video. I forgot to say something. Peace out, bye.

26 thoughts on “Fast Food | Meal Replacement

  1. wish it had more protien. and would like it lab tested to ensure it has the right amounts of ingredients in it.

  2. So Mr.Braun, Assuming you're talking about Rich Piana's REAL FOOD, you said you liked it but that you had to add protein to it, As in this video & in the comments people are requesting more protein…So how is it not a copy of Rich Piana's product?

  3. $70 bucks is a complete rip off when you can get yam powder on Amazon for $20.

    I want to buy your stuff PJ, your booster's and prework-outs but there is no way I am paying your prices. In the future I hope you consider changing your business model. Good job making the inc 500.

  4. For anyone complaining about the protein amount, you're dumb. 2:1 ratio of carb to protein is perfect for post workout, it also will fall into being NCAA rules compliant(not that really matter, I'm sure there are no college level athletes watching this.")

    If you still want more protein, add some egg whites, or any other type of protein you could want.

  5. I want it lab tested haven't bought any Blackstone lab products since the john meadows thing with prime nutrition, I want to make sure im paying for what it says on the label

  6. All the food that's in it is organic but you guys added artificial flavors and sweeteners?? That totally defeats the purpose completely.

  7. Hey PJ, I like the idea of this product. But just wondering, would you consider making a keto-friendly version with additional fat instead of the carbs?

    I would buy the crap out of that, man.

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