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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

24 thoughts on “Fastest Way To Get 6 Pack Abs (You Can Do Anywhere)

  1. If I'm starting strength training, how often can I do this a week for it to not impact gains (I train 3/4 days strength with 1 day cardio atm)

  2. No way I'm strong enough to do some of this , I have to do physical therapy for my back. But I could start with some of this. I'll follow you thou. U seem legit

  3. I was doing ketogenic diet for a year lost a ton of weight now I’m back on regular eating
    No I am not gaining a bunch of weight because I’m not drinking soda or eating breads or sugars

    However I am retraining my body all over again I do have a bit of lower body fat I’m trying to get rid of for good
    Glad I ran into your channel

    However my question is this

    I fast 7 pm to 1 pm every day

    That’s about 18 hours
    Will this prevents me from building muscle and burning fat ?
    The reason I fast is because I feel focused and alert full of energy and it doesn’t really impede my workouts

    I drink water only
    One thing I now realized is I should eat high carbs on training day’s
    And low carb on rest days
    I plan to stick to this morning workout routine for a while and the other one you have
    But can you give me some pointers ? I drink a bottle of water with bcaa and creative every morning

    Break fast around 1-2
    With chicken breast
    Or beef
    Or fish
    With veggies and rice

    Snack fruit between my next meal which is

    High protein moderate carbs
    Low fats

    And another snack between and then I eat again

    I do this about 4/5 times a day since I run a. Restaurant the food supply is unlimited

    I don’t eat deserts
    I don’t drink soda
    I watch my food carefully
    Started training two weeks ago and already see a difference but I want to know if fasting the way I do hurts my progress ! I want to lose that lower body fat ! Thanks !!

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