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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

– Hello, my Strong, Strong Friends! Today, I’ve got a really exciting video. I’m headed over to Mission Fitness, and I’m gonna train with Lizzy Picardi, who is my dear friend. She also works with us on the Strong, Strong Friends coaching team, and she, lately, usually
she’s a powerlifter, or in the past she had been a powerlifter, but now she is transitioning
to become a bodybuilder. She’s now, as I record this, 10 weeks out. Her training has changed,
she’s hired a specific bodybuilding coach, her
diet is the biggest thing that has changed, and
she is looking amazing. She’s really thriving on all of it, so I’m excited to share some
of her journey with you. So today, I want to kind
of show the differences between her training program
and my training program, just looking at one day of training. We are both, so I have
my deadlift day today, and Lizzy, I believe has a glute workout. She told me she has a glute workout, which if you’re a powerlifter, that’s not really something
that you would say. So, yeah, we’re gonna kind
of compare and contrast our different training days, and I’m really excited, just to learn more about what she’s been doing. Okay, so if you’re new here, be sure to subscribe to my channel. I’m Megsquats, I make videos about strength and fitness
and all of that stuff. If you enjoy any part of
this or want to see more of these collabs where I kind of explore someone who’s doing something
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you do want to see next time. Okay, we’re gonna head on over to the gym. All right, guys, I’m at Mission Fitness with my dear friend, Lizzy Picardi. She’s awesome, check
out her YouTube channel if you haven’t already. It’s gonna be down in the link below. First, let’s meet Lizzy. Who are you, what are you doing, why are you a bodybuilder? – My name’s Lizzy, and I am
currently doing body building. I actually competed in
powerlifting for two years, like competitively, and
then like one year of kind of like, you know,
when you just go to the gym, and you like max out every day? (laughs)
So I did that for a year. – [Meg] Yeah, I know that life. – I am a strong powerlifter, and I was actually really weak. – Okay you guys, if you’re
new here, you may not know me and my background and how
that differs from Lizzy. So I’m a powerlifter. I’ve been focused on powerlifting for the past three and half years. I haven’t really taken a break or strayed away from powerlifting focus, but I do take an off-season. So right now, I’m in the
middle of an off-season, so my program is pretty high volume, but it’s focused all on strength. Lizzy’s gonna be more concerned
with looking really jacked, and I’m gonna be more
concerned with being really strong on the platform. So our plans and our
programs have slightly different goals, although
we both want to be strong and have muscle and look kind of strong. I don’t mind looking
strong, don’t get me wrong, but we’ll show, like take a deep dive into our day of training today, and we’re gonna look at
what similarities there are and what differences there are, and Lizzy can kind of speak
to how she used to train versus how she’s training now, (fingers snapping) and that’s it. Oh, by the way, I did a bikini show once,
uh, put the picture up, if you didn’t know, so
I’m obviously a very experienced bodybuilder, dual athlete, but I did it at the
beginning of my journey, which I do not recommend. Lizzy’s doing her show after
like years of training, which I do… That’s a better way to do it. Don’t you think, Lizzy? – Yes, yes.
– Yes. (snaps fingers) Okay, to give you guys a quick overview of what I’m going to be training today, I have my deadlift day, and then it’s all lower body accessories. So deadlift is my most important movement. I have a couple of primer
movements before that and a super set, this is
something new I’ve been trying. I’m trying a super set to kind of activate and better prepare me for the heavy lift, and then just a bunch of
what I call “bro stuff” or bodybuilding stuff. More isolated movements, lower intensity, but still really hard, just a lot of them. I’ve been doing a lot of lifting with this new program that I’m working on. Let’s see what Lizzy has. I feel like I have a lot of stuff to do. – [Lizzy] You know, actually
I don’t have that much to do. – Oh, she doesn’t really
have that much to do, so interesting. Okay, what do you have today? – So today, this is the
sixth day of my programming, so I have eight sessions a week– – Whoa, how do you
– done over six days. – get that done in seven day–
Oh, okay. (laughs) – So I have two two-a-days, and then this last, with this
sixth day of programming, is kind of just like
an easy booty and abs, so since I really like working out, and I have pretty high, like I can recover from a lot, we’ve been keeping my exercise, not even like my cardio, my actual lifting volume really high, so
I can eat more food. – [Meg] Nice! – So today it’s just some
like, extra booty and abs, so my heaviest movement is
going to be a five-rep max banded glute bridge, which will be fun. – I have hip thrusts today, which I hate, and she’s gonna go heavy on it– – I love them, yeah. – I do not like them at all. – We’ll teach you; we’ll
show you the light. – We’ll see if I can learn something. Okay, what else do you have? – Just some like, banded
quadriped kickpr… Does that sound like alien-speak? – [Meg] Kick-backs, we know what quadriped means up in here.
(laughs) But you were embarrassed to say the word kick-backs, I think. – And then some abs, like stir the pot, which, Meg, you should do those. – [Meg] Oh, those are cool. – So yeah, booty and abs. Just like a few things, that’s really it. Yeah, pretty light day today. – So, to contrast how
our overall weight looks, I train four sessions a week, only one, I just get it all done at once, whereas Lizzy’s doing some two-a-days, she has extra cardio work. Overall the volume is high, but– – Which I already did today. I did my fasted cardio. – I did not, I did zero cardio today. I was out of breath doing
some lunges just a second ago. So to contrast, like the frequency of her lifting sessions is higher, whereas mine is lower,
so I’m trying to like pack in a bunch during like one session. I have half the amount of
sessions that she does have. Probably even less than that
if you incorporate her cardio. Also, Lizzy is a personal trainer, she coaches with us online, but she’s also a personal trainer, and she teaches some fitness classes. So what would you say? Do you count those as workouts, too? – Um, no. So I like, literally work out all day, every single day (laughs). For the most part, like the
fitness classes I teach, except for the Spin, I
don’t have to be working out the whole time, I’m just
like demoing exercises. So yeah, it’s like I’m on my feet, and I burn a little extra calories, but it’s not like my workout, like I’m not focused. If I’m like, just focused on myself, doing my intervals, I feel
like I can work a lot harder and those actually count, and then I think it’s
important to have you time. So like my cardio time is
kinda just like me time. Does that make sense? – [Meg] Nice, yeah. Well, my list is very long. We’ll see if I can get through it– – [Lizzy] You’re gonna get through it. – Without dying. (laughs) As mentioned before,
Lizzy and I both have some accessories, what we would
consider to be accessories, serving more as primers,
still getting some work done, but for me, the main goal is to activate and get myself ready for
some heavy deadlifts. Lizzy’s doing some absolute
fitspo work right now. (laughs) Part of the reason why I’m
trying some accessory movements before my heavy lift is
because I do want to consider and see how a little bit
of pre-fatigue either helps or hurts my deadlift. I wanna make sure and manage my program so that it’s not too much
to where I’m missing out, but also I think it’s just
forcing me to activate a little bit better and
just get my body moving so that I’m not coming on a
heavy deadlift super cold, which is definitely
something I’m guilty of. (weight stack clicks) – I feel like it helps you determine what you should be feeling
when you’re lifting. – Yeah.
– What and where. – Yes. For my movements, I
have, I already did some walking lunges to kind of warm up. Those are pretty hard. I’m feeling it in my quads right now. (laughs) And then I’m doing some
banded lateral walks. I’ve got my hip circle on, and then I super set that
with back extensions, so, yay! I’m also very sore. – [Lizzy] From what? – From squats the other day. My quads are sore. They’re never sore, that’s good. (weights banging)
(hip hop music) – Okay, Lizzy’s teaching me how to properly set up a hip thrust. I know a lot of you guys,
not a lot of you guys, but I had a couple of very
nice constructive criticisms whenever I’ve done hip thrusts, so maybe Lizzy can teach me in person. She can train me the right way. – So we are using this
really comfortable box here. – Nice.
– So the thing about this exercise is it is
inherently super uncomfortable. So the more comfortable
you can make yourself, the more weight you’ll be able to use. Since it is like, kind of
a partial range-of-motion movement, you can load them really heavy, as long as you make yourself comfortable. You don’t wanna… I don’t wanna say “bitch out.” Horrible word, don’t put that in there. You don’t want to–
– Be a pussy! (laughs)
I’m just kidding. (laughs) I appreciate how conscious
you are of respecting these bitches out here.
(laughs) – You don’t want to shy
away from going heavy ’cause it’s uncomfortable,
so we’re gonna do a few things to make
this exercise much more comfortable than I’m sure
most of you guys are. The first thing is using something that’s comfortable and easy to
get your shoulders onto. – So this is like–
– I’m using this box. – [Meg] I don’t know what’s in here, but it’s not a wooden box, yeah. – [Lizzy] I mean, it’s still heavy. It’s still heavy, it’s
still like, has form, but it’s softer, and then
this bar is actually, and I’m sure I’m gonna
get made fun of for this, but this is a squat bar, so it has a thicker diameter around. So it’s not gonna put as much pressure. And we’re also going to get a pad, which I don’t have right now. – [Meg] Nice. – [Lizzy] Lemme get this pussy pad. – [Meg] Yeah. (laughs) We’re respectful of people so
this is not a pussy pad, guys. (laughs) – [Lizzy] You just had to say it. – We’re joking, okay? Lizzy does have something
that I have never used for my hip thrusts, and she
has a hip circle on her knees. Do you feel like that’s helpful? – Yeah, I feel like it
allows you to actually like, engage your glutes and push, have something to push out into, instead of just like, a
lot of people will add anterior and posterior pelvic
tilt into the movement, so just like moving your hips up and down, like you’re twerking instead
of using your glutes. – [Meg] I definitely
twerk when I’m doing it. – This helps you I
think, like stay engaged in your core and your butt. So I’m gonna be squeezing
my butt the whole time, and like pulling my ribs in a little bit. That’s gonna prevent me
from anterior pelvic tilt, so like when you do this, we don’t– – [Meg] The sexy girl
stripper pose. (laughs) – Yeah, you wanna stay engaged
the whole time and push out. – [Meg] Cool, okay so she’s
got 405, but it’s a squat bar, so she honestly does not care
how much weight is on it. She just wants it to be hard, she said. – The first one is the worst. – The first rep?
– Yes. – [Meg] All right, we won’t
judge you off the first one. There you go. (hip hop music) Whoa.
(weight bangs) – You can post the last
few, they were better. – Holy moly!
– Whew! – [Meg] So do you even do
it with no hands sometimes? – Yeah, but I think it’s worse. Like the last few were
better ’cause as I was– (laughs)
as I was bridging, – Thrusting.
– I pushed it forward a little bit.
– Yeah. – Does that make sense? – [Meg] Yeah. Good job! (laughs) I am, right now working on deadlifts. This is my most important
movement of the day. They’re feeling kinda heavy, but I’m gonna get through it. I’m doing just under 300 pounds, 295 pounds, four sets of six. First set felt all right. Lizzy’s convinced me that
usually the first set feels the worst, so I’m believin’ that and crossin’ my fingers, and thinkin’ about stayin’ tight. (hip hop music) (weight bangs) (sighs) (grunting) Whew! – [Lizzy] That was better
than your first set. – Yeah. What’s your rest lookin’ like?
– On my program… I just guess that it’s been ten minutes, and then I go, just like… – It’s supposed to be
20 seconds, 40 seconds, 60 seconds, 20 seconds.
– What? – Yes. – We’ve been having a
conversation about discipline and I’ve been, okay… I’m not a lazy person,
I will stand by that. I get a lot done in the day, but I’m not regimented in my schedule, and I’m not so strict
on like a training day. So if like, these deadlifts, like my back, I’m feeling it, they’re hard. So I do wanna rest so that
I’m not failing any sets. Aside from that, though, I’m pretty lenient with
how much rest I’m taking. I’m pretty lenient with like,
how long my session can be, just because I go home, and then I work, and that’s all I do, and I sit down and get work done. Whereas, like I don’t have
to leave the office at 5:00, I can just work until midnight. So we’re talking about
comparing our lifestyles. – I usually, I will have… I’ll have clients all day, and sometimes I’ll have
to get a workout done between like, two people,
which can be like, just an hour or 45 minutes, and I just have to get it done. And I remember Marisa telling me this, “Oh, I get this whole bench
workout done that Chad gave me,” but it would take me two and a half hours. It would take her 45 minutes. – Yeah.
– It’s like… She’s like, “I just have clients. “This is my time to do it,
and I have to get it done.” – I have a lot of excuses that
are running through my head right now on why I’m not this way, but I just need to get my shit together. I mean, I’m not terrible– – [Lizzy] You’re going, you
don’t need to, you’re going. – I’m going to get my shit together. Okay, I’m gonna get it together. I’m gonna try and be better. I’m going to be better,
um, yeah. (snaps fingers) But it’s just interesting
to see how disciplined Lizzy is now, compared to where she was last year at nationals. – Well, it’s ’cause I have to be. – Completely different person. – I didn’t have a job last year, and that actually made lifting harder ’cause yeah, I was lazy. My workouts took like, hours, and that’s not good. You’ll do–
– Like two hours, and then you’re not
done with that low set? – Or three hours, yes. (laughs) – [Meg] Okay, this may not
look like it’s all that, but look at this stack of weights! Who does this? Lizzy called this the thirsty exercise. – It is!
(laughs) I used to actually do this when I was powerlifting for fun, but I never really tracked
how much weight I was doing, or I never really treated it seriously, or I would do it like for one session and not do it again. – [Meg] So are you
utilizing, like a progressive overload for every single
one of your movements? – For everything.
– Holy shit! – Every accessory movement.
– Yeah. – And it makes a difference.
– I think that’s the best way to do it, I think a lot
of people go into bodybuilding and they don’t do that at all.
– Yeah. – [Meg] This is some real
fitspo girl stuff right now. What happened to my friend? – What, I know!
(laughs) – [Meg] What happened to
my powerlifter friend? – She ran away–
– My favorite– – to join the booty circus.
– 57-kilo lifter. All right, guys, we’re
almost done with the workout. We’re in the middle of my giant set, which my program, it’s kind of– – Similar!
– similar to yours, but I think some powerlifters, not all, but some
powerlifters would say that Strong, Strong Friends’
program a little more, a lot of “bro stuff.” A lot of like,
bodybuilding-style movements. A lot of accessories, whereas I think, like if you’ve ever seen a
free powerlifting program, it would have a lot less, so we tend to go a
little bit heavier, so… It would be interesting to compare, like a program like 5-3-1 or a very basic powerlifting program to like, what you do. That would be completely different. We program, especially
during an off-season, we just program more “bro-stuff.” So I’m doing a giant set, I do a super set before my main movement,
then I do a giant set and then another super set. – Which is kinda how–
– It’s kinda similar. – My programming has also changed ’cause I’ve been training, I think for this show,
for like seven months? – [Meg] Oh, wow, that’s a long-ass time. – So when I first started
it, it was much less of the big three ’cause
we wanted like my waist to come down a little bit, like my erectors were actually too big– – [Meg] Oh, wow. – And my core, like, I just, my abs stuck out a lot. – Yeah, and of course, she’s saying this not generally her erectors are too big, but for the purpose of
competing in bodybuilding– – Yes, yes.
– That’s uh, – You need to be super small
– They’re looking for a certain look.
– and then super big up here. So we let this kind of stuff come down for a few months, do like
a lot of “bro-y stuff,” like sets of 50, mostly machines, mostly dumbbells, very light, like lots of tempo work and learning how to use
my body, use the muscles. We did that for like three months where it was exclusively tempo work and like one and a half reps, and now we’re adding a
strength cycle on top of that. So now I feel like our program
is almost exactly the same. – [Meg] Yeah, ’cause you
just deadlifted, too. What did you deadlift? ‘Cause you’re still really strong. – Yeah, I did a set of five at 325, – [Meg] Whoa! (laughs) – Which was three extra reps than I did last time I attempted that, and I’m 20 pounds lighter–
– Whoa! – So I think people are really afraid of losing their strength ’cause
you’re not lifting heavy, but as long as your still
getting blood into your body and like using your muscles
and still straining, even if you’re not lifting really heavy, you’re not gonna lose your strength. Of course, I had to work up to that, so when I first started
my first set of five was only at 300, and then
every week I added five pounds. And now I’m PR-ing every week. – We’re almost finished
with the giant set. We’ll run you guys through that, and then she’s gonna take
me through some core stuff. Usually I do maybe a big three, which is really functional, but I think your “stir the pot” is something I haven’t done in awhile. It’s really hard. (laughs) So that’ll be fun to watch. Here’s our giant set right now. (upbeat music) – [Meg] Go, Lizzy, go, Lizzy! These are good for quad pump. You see her, she’s
digging down into her heel and then extending her knee. Really good for quads, especially if you don’t have
machines to focus on this. If you have a more functional
gym, then try this. – Gotta go slow. – [Meg] And she’s going extra slow. Some tempo. – You’re thinking about just holding, like a really tight plank… Whoa, I can’t…
(laughs) Pulling your front ribs in, squeezing your butt so
everything is really tight, so you can just like move,
like you’re stirring a pot. – [Meg] Ooh, stir the pot! And then how many do you do? – One running set. For each direction.
– Yeah. Oh, God, pray for me when I try this. – You can do small
circles if you’re newer. – Okay.
– And then if you wanna make it harder, you reach out farther. – [Meg] Whoa. I’m making the smallest circles– – [Lizzy] Yeah, it’s a little… Just try and stay like super tight everywhere else to create
as much tension as you can, and then just really little movements. – [Man] Once you back up into it… – Oh! I’d rather do my (speaks
breathily) any day than these. Okay, now for the real
part of the bodybuilding. Whoa, look at her abs! Wow! Lizzy, you’re like two
days out, not ten weeks. Yay! Whoo! (hip hop music) Is the posing the hardest part? – Yes.
(laughs) ‘Cause you have to look so natural, and it’s really hard to like, relax your face–
– While you’re flexing all your muscles.
– and flex everything. Yeah.
– I think you kinda got it figured out, I mean, I’m no pro, but it looks great to me. Yay, go, Lizzy! All right, lemme show you
how to really pose, though. – Look at the little crunch. I like that shirt. It’s not a scarecrow, no. You have to put–
– Okay, I got it. – Like, wait.
– Uh. – [Lizzy] Yes, there you go, yeah! – Do my abs look like yours? – Almost.
(laughs) Look you see ’em on the side right there. – [Meg] Yeah, yeah, yeah, just hit that. – [Lizzy] Yeah. – Okay, and then what about
what do I do with my legs? – If you’re squatting,
screw ’em into the ground. Yes, and now quarter-turn to the right. (squeals)
(giggles) – That was pretty much perfect. – And then this first turn is fine, but then when we turn here, – [Meg] Oh, you gotta move the hair. That’s the part you’re most worried about? (laughs) – And then this other second side pose, before you go in, you have to make it, you have to make it so pretty. (laughs) – Yeah, you just step, step,
and get it outta the way. – [Meg] Well, hopefully,
you can figure that out in the span of ten weeks. (laughs) – All right, guys, that’s
the end of this video. Thank you so much for watching. I hope you enjoyed it. If you wanna see more of Lizzy and I battling to the death and talking more about the differences between what she’s experiencing with bodybuilding versus what I’m doing with powerlifting, please let me know down
in the comments below. Check out her channel. It’s going to be in the description below or in a button right here. I think I can do that. And if you’re not already subscribed, be sure to subscribe to my channel and like this video if you enjoyed it. Did I already say that? Okay, I’ll see you guys in the next one. ‘Bye! Before I let you guys go, I do want to thank for sponsoring me,
making it possible for me to make videos like this. If you guys are ever
interested in checking out some of their supplements,
I take the Whey Protein for my intra- and post-workout pretty much every single session. Not even pretty much,
definitely every single session. So I usually mix it with creatine. Check out their stuff. I have an affiliate link down below, and you can use my code
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