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100 thoughts on “Female Fitness Motivation – fitness model bodybuilding training

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  2. I love reading the comment sections of those videos.

    So many fat bitches, tryhard lifters and other human /r9k-tier trash ranting and raving – and meanwhile those women are living their life to the fullest and dont give a single solitary fuck <3

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  8. почему не хотят быть такими ?Зачем уродуют себя женственностью .Ведь ее изобрел педик

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  13. Have you seen a video about the type of people at the gym? What type are you?

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  15. i compare my body to other girls' all the time. it gets me motivated. so, in a word… yes. i look at their asses and then decide i wanna work mine too. 🙂 haha i don't think this was strictly for men. i watched it and imma girl.

    I'm going to get fit like them, aerobics is boring!!

  16. Estoy convencido de que tanto tú como cualquier otra chica puede obtener resultados positivos aumentando el tamaño de su trasero, dándole un aspecto firme y contorneado. Sin embargo, mi intención es mostrarte exactamente QUÉ tienes que hacer y CÓMO tienes que seguir el procedimiento de mi método

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