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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

– Do you know what day it is? It is field trip day. Get excited, have your
mom pack your lunch, because we’re going to two
different places in this video. Before you and I head
out on our trip though, I want to go over a few
things so you understand why we’re leaving my
office for this video. I’m gonna give you some
low to even zero cost ways to be able to stay physically
healthy without paying for a gym membership. I’ll also hook you up
with some free workouts and resources to help
you get started as well. Hey, I’m Jarrad from Debt Free Blueprint where I show awesome people
like you how to create freedom through your finances using
the debt free blueprint. Paying for a gym membership
while you are trying to get out of debt, or in general for that
matter, can be an added cost that you don’t really have to pay for. This is a huge problem though
because your physical health is just as important as
your financial health. If you’re not physically healthy, then what’s the point in
getting your money in order, because you won’t be able to enjoy it, or it will most likely cost you more money because it was neglected. Towards the end of this video
I’m gonna give you one workout that I think that everyone
should start doing, every single day. And one more thing, before we
go there’s five reasons why I think that you should
stop going to the gym. Number one, they’re usually expensive, especially if you don’t
utilize them consistently. It ends up being a waste of money, even if it’s only $10 a month like that Planet Fitness place. What’s Planet Fitness, you ask? You know, that place
that gives out free pizza and bagels and donuts, yeah, that place. Don’t even get me started on that place. The actual time it takes to
go through the whole process of working out takes way too long. Getting ready, driving
there, actually working out, most likely waiting around for
equipment, driving back home, and showering because you
are super, duper smelly. That’s most likely a two hour
ordeal, if not more depending on how close you are to your gym. It is too easy to not go to the gym. Since the whole process takes so long, all it takes is one little
thing to screw up your schedule, and then you don’t end up
making it, like forever. The other bad part about
a gym is there are way too many bros in one
location at the same time. It is really, really bad
for your health, trust me. And they are certified
gooners, and if you don’t know what gooning is, then it’s
where a weirdo just sits there and stares at you from a distance. Any woman out there who
has ever been in a bar, or at the gym, knows
what I’m talking about. And hey guys, a little
PSA, if you don’t know what a gooner is then
you’re most likely a gooner so you should probably stop being weird. If you know anything about
me beyond loving to nerd out on personal finance things, you know that staying physically active
is extremely important to me. I’m even confident that
staying physically active and getting your finances in order, go absolutely hand in hand. It played a huge role for me
while I was in the process of paying off my $82,000 in debt. Let’s go to our first stop right meow. Now before we get into too
much stuff I want to explain why I have some of the equipment that I do so you don’t think I’m that strange. The first reason that I have
a decent amount of things is because while I was paying
off my $82,000 in debt, I started a side business
where I would train people, physical fitness stuff, and coach them on nutrition-type things as well. So that’s why I have a little bit more than I normally would. The second reason I have
some odd ball equipment is because I run Spartan Races and when you run Spartan Races you cannot just do bro workouts, so
that’s why I have things like kegs and ladders and
some of the other stuff that you’re gonna see
as we go through this. The first thing that I want to touch on are bodyweight workouts. Bodyweight workouts are unbelievable. These are probably one of
the most underutilized things that you can do. You can do them anywhere
and they’re also a good way to build some foundational
strength and work on your, not just mobility, but
your stability as well. So bodyweight workouts
you can do anywhere, whether it’s in your
house, in your backyard, out in your garage like I have here. I really, really have come
to love bodyweight workouts and there’s just so many different
movements that you can do and you can also turn them
into like HIIT workouts, high intensity interval training workouts, and like I said before
I will throw some links in the description. I’ll give you a few workouts
that you could try on your own when it comes to bodyweight
workouts but this is by far one of my favorite ways to
workout, is just with the body, ’cause all you need is yourself. Next up, we’ve got bands, yes, bands. Not like the bands you listen
to, these kind of bands. Now I love these things
because they’re cheap. They’re cheap, you can get a good workout that you usually can’t when
it comes to weight training. It works your muscles out
just a little bit differently so bands I highly recommend. They’re good for stretching too. And also I’ve heard that a lot
of bros, what they like to do is they like to go to the bar
and before they go to the bar they keep a set of bands in
their car and what they do is they get a quick pump for
all the ladies of course, because they’re trying to
impress all the ladies, so watch out for those bros who come in with like really ripped
muscles and you’re like, what the heck was that
guy just working out? Yeah he was cause he has
a set of bands in his car and he’s trying to look really
big and strong so he can pick up a girl, but I don’t
know if it works or not, probably not because nevermind,
I’m not gonna get into that. Next, probably one of my
favorite pieces of equipment, I’ve always said if I had
to go on a deserted island and I could take one piece
of workout equipment, it would be this, a kettlebell. They call it a Russian kettlebell. Now you can buy these fairly cheap. You can buy ’em on Craigslist,
you can buy ’em on Amazon, you can even by them on,
what are some other places, I would say like Play It Again Sports. Those resell sporting equipment stores, you can usually find yourself
a nice kettlebell that’s used. Don’t buy, you don’t have
to buy a brand new one, they’re usually a little
bit more expensive. Now one thing to note with the kettlebell is it’s a little bit more
advanced so I wouldn’t start out with working out with kettlebells. I would transition after you kind of get the bodyweight workouts
under control for yourself, maybe switch over to kettlebell workouts. Also, don’t go buying a kettlebell and just start swinging it around. You’re gonna hurt yourself, you just are. So to help you kind of learn
how to train with a kettlebell and the correct way to
move with a kettlebell, I’ll throw a link down in the description of a guy named Pavel. Now I will warn you right now, this is probably the cheesiest
video you’ve ever seen in your life but it’s so
helpful and he’s so good at explaining how to
move with a kettlebell so you can prevent an injury. Like I said, please, and
if you just want to laugh, go to that video because it’s awesome, but he is one of the guys
that pretty much popularized the Russian kettlebell, or the kettlebell, in the modern era. So he is one person that I 100% trust with your physical fitness and your safety because he is such a master
at training with kettlebells. Next, I would recommend to
find some different odd objects to work out with. So think of anything but
your traditional weight set. So if you see this, this is
not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about odd
objects, so for example, while I was paying off my
debt I was trying to cut costs in certain areas so what did I do? I did things like I made
a sandbag to train with. You can do all kinds of bodyweight sandbag workouts with this. I’d take it to the park with me. I’d throw it. I would do just pick ups
and things like that, like I said I’ll throw some
links in the description to help you out with
some workouts with that, and then once I paid off my student loans I actually upgraded to
a Sandbag that I bought with handles by Onnit. You don’t have to do this,
like I said it’s a little bit, it’s not super expensive
but it’s more expensive than making your own sandbag. Also other things that I have made. I’ve made kegs. So I will carry these kegs
up and down my driveway. I’ll pick ’em up. I just bought them off
Craigslist, ripped the top off, and filled it with sand and
water and some antifreeze because here in Ohio it gets
really cold in the winter and I still like to
lift my kegs so I threw that kind of stuff in here. It’s just a fun way to work out. It’s a lot different,
and plus one fun thing is that when you go to
parties, you can show off and you can walk into the
party if they have a keg, and you can say, “I can lift
that keg, make some bets.” And they’ll say, “No
you can’t, no you can’t, “there’s no way.” Bet some money, lift
the keg, there you go, some extra money to
pay towards your debts, if you’re in debt. I’ve also got things
like buckets that I fill with sand and these are just
to get different workouts. I’ll carry them up and down my driveway. I’ll just stand there and hold them. It helps work out like your shoulders, your grip strength and things like that. Next, I’ve got a ladder. So I had a friend give
me a ladder actually and I just hung it across my
beams up here in my garage, and what I’ll do is, I’ll show you. So I’ll come over here and I’ll scale it. So hop on here, you know
just weird things like this. I’ll do pullups and it’s just another way to do some fun workouts. So this is a cheap way
to be able to still get a good workout in a different way than you normally wouldn’t in a gym. I’ve also got boxes. So I actually bought this
box, if you know someone who’s good with their
hands, a good craftsman, then they can probably build
you a box like this for cheap. But I’ll use it to do hop
ups and things like that. So think of all kinds of
different ways that you can find odd objects around your
house, maybe buy on Craigslist to help give you a good workout for cheap that will sometimes
switch things up as well. (car engine roars) Oh my goodness are you okay? I wasn’t sure if I could
leave you alone for that long, but I kinda brought
you out here last night and set you up ’cause
I wanted you to see me and Molly pull in, but
the last place on our list (car horn beeps)
of cheap places to workout, sorry I had to lock my car,
is of course your local park. This is by far one of my
favorite places to come, first thing, especially in the
mornings ’cause it gives me the opportunity to not only do a bunch of bodyweight workouts outside
here, but what’s also nice about it is I can bring my dog
niece out to just kinda roam around when there’s really no one around. Now I understand that some of
you don’t really have access to like huge parks like this, like I do, I’m very fortunate, but that
doesn’t mean you can’t find another local park. Now what I like to do here,
some of my favorite things are, I like to utilize a lot of the
things that are already here. So maybe there’s jungle
gyms at your local park. These park benches are pretty cool. So to give you an example
of what I like to do, I’ll come out here and
do a little circuit of, I’ll do walking lunges, so
I’ll lunge from picnic bench to picnic bench, and
then every time I stop at a picnic bench, or I
lunge to a picnic bench, what I like to do is, I’ll do some hop ups on the picnic bench, and
then I’ll do some air squats, and then I’ll do some pushups,
so there’s a lot of stuff that you can do to utilize your local park and it’s always nice to come
out and get some fresh air when you’re working out instead
of being all kind of stuffy like you usually are when you’re in a gym or if you’re working out at home. It’s just a nice way to switch things up. There’s also this big hill
back there that I’ll go and run and yeah if you want
to get really, really high, go find a hill and just run
it up and down, up and down, and you will get so high. The one movement that I think
that everyone should be doing on a regular basis is burpees (laughs). They are probably the
best and hardest thing you will ever do. I like to knock out about
20 burpees immediately after waking every single morning. They are not easy, I’m
kind of sick in the head so I enjoy putting myself
through doing burpees on a regular basis, so much
that I once did 400 burpees in one hour just to see if I could do it and I have the video to prove it, in case you don’t believe me
(laughs) and after I finished I felt like I was gonna die
so I do not recommend trying to do that many at the very beginning. I hope this helped give you
some ideas for how you could continue to stay physically
healthy without a gym. There’s links to resources for
you down in the description. Make sure to smash that thumbs up button and pick up your free copy of
the Debt Free Prep Workbook. I’d love to have you as
a subscriber as well, so we can start getting you to a point where you are financially free. I’ll see you in the next
video friends, adios.

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  2. The media today have caused people to feel not fit in because of body image. I'm getting stress out to death figuring out how the heck I can workout and look fit without going to the gym since most of these places are ripoff. About the goonies your mentioning about I have thought of this also. I don't know if you feel like this or not but when I'm working out I want is a time alone by myself so I can recharge myself. This is privacy and I don't want any strangers around staring at me but just myself. I just want to relaxed and focus on myself by running, doing push up, squatting, stretching certain part of my body without anyone laughing or making fun out of me.

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