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– We’ve been here for a week and a half I’ve been in this street
half a dozen times, this is the only place on the planet and I’ll never get sick
of this place ever! This is the only place on
the planet that I know of, this one street is dedicated, no matter where you go, there are menus like
what I just showed you, food like that, super cheap. Training like that, like look! (dramatic music) (men grunting) (upbeat music) Good morning guys. 23rd of October 2019, Wednesday, seven o’clock in the morning. Just waking up here at
Tiger Muay Thai Beachside. This is our accommodation here. I’m just on the balcony at Hivetel, we’re staying at Hivetel. About to start our day, I’ll
show you the current views that you’ll get to see if you
decide to stay at Hivetel, aka Tiger Muay Thai Beachside. This is what we wake up to and we’ll be staying here for a week. We’re here until Sunday, we’ve been here for a few days already. They’ve already got the fountain on, they’ve just turned that on down there. Very relaxing. No one’s around, I haven’t seen anyone except three cleaners down there. And a dog running around,
which is the mascot here. So as you see, just starting
the day from our balcony we have a direct view of the
Muay Thai training centre and the fitness centre
right here, BJJ MMA. Everything’s really really close, and that fountain in the
background just sounds really nice. So I won’t be doing the Muay
Thai class this morning, I’m actually gonna be
doing a walking tour, which is gonna be a separate video. Stay tuned for that, where I’m gonna take you
through this entire facility. I don’t know how long
the video’s gonna be, but I’m gonna make it a
separate video for you. So if you’re interested in
seeing all of the facilities, what it looks like, raw, unedited, everything this place has to offer, if you’re looking at
staying here, stick around. That’s gonna be a separate video. So that’s actually what
I’m gonna be doing. Lastly, they have an ice bath that they run every
Wednesday and Friday here in the afternoon session. So I might come back here
and show the ice bath if I have time. So it’s gonna be a relaxing and fun day. So anyway, that’s enough of me talking, this is our stuff here
drying on the balcony. Our gloves, our clothes, that’s what happens after you
finish a training session. Everything’s wet. You just dry everything on your balcony, your wraps just there. Yeah. So I’ll see you downstairs. Breakfast, I’ll show you very quickly, and then we’ll move on with our day. All right guys, time for coffee here at the Hivetel restaurant. 7:30 in the morning. Robyn’s making her coffee right there. (Robyn laughs) – Okay, hold on.
– There she is. (both laugh) – Morning, guys. – How do you feel? – I feel good. I like the fact that we’re
having a bit of a chill morning this morning, ’cause we’ve been
training quite intensively. I say that, although I’m
going to do Beast this morning at half past 11 and then I’m gonna go and do a private after that. So the storm is coming. But for now I’m making coffee. Good old coffee. – This is the restaurant,
I’ll quickly swing you around in case you haven’t seen
the previous two videos. There we go. Nice little theme here. This is what you’ll wake up
to every morning before class to get your coffee, to have your toast if you wanna have some toast before class. This is what it looks like. This is the American option on the menu. You can get more toast over there, and there’s fruit over there as well. Nice little salad, Robyn’s got her own version of my eggs. It’s 10:30 in the morning, we’re at the front of Hivetel
at Tiger Muay Thai Beachside. We’ve got our bicycles here. We’re about to go for a ride, 15 minutes back to Fitness Street. Gonna go check out some
training facilities, shoot some videos. Let’s go. Let’s go. You go first. (upbeat music) Welcome to paradise! Welcome to fitness paradise! G’day, my friends. Quick one, it is 11:45 in the morning We’re literally just
having our coffees here at this amazing little
coffee and bistro place here. I’ll show you where it is. Actually, I’ll throw, hey, there’s Robs. Hey, Robs. Hey, hey. Oi, that’s not very nice. Anyway, I’ll show you five seconds. We literally just stopped into this place, it’s not far from Tiger
Muay Thai Beachside. And I’ll show you the landmark here. It’s that one over there. Phuket Fight Club just there. Right, pin that location right there. If you Google that location, obviously there’s Muay
Thai training there, and they’ve got accommodation
out the back there. We haven’t shot a video in there yet, but I wanna get in there
and shoot some videos to show you what it’s like. But literally right
next door is this place, which is a really, really
awesome antique style cafe restaurant on the
side of the road here. Tiger Muay Thai Beachside
is just down that road and a left hand turn. So if you’re training at
Tiger Muay Thai Beachside, you can take a bicycle for five minutes, you can ride here, have a coffee. And this is what it looks
like, I’ll show you real quick. This is where we’ve been sitting. G’day mate. – G’day mate. – G’day mate. – What’s going on, mate? – G’day mate. – Oi, mate, oi. – Aussi, Aussie, oi oi oi! – Ah!
(laughing) My man. There we go. Come and check this place out. – You got to look at there. – We’ll come back. – Different feeling. – We will come back. We love this place. – Thank you. – Very beautiful. – Thank you.
– Thank you. – Thanks, mate. – Thanks, mate (laughs). – Thanks, mate. Really friendly. – Where you stay? – Tiger Muay Thai Beach– – Ah, okay okay. – Yeah, beachside. – Catch you later. – I’ll tell my friends to come here. – All right, thank you. – So anyway, I’ll throw up the front sign. That’s what it looks like on the street. There’s a big cow on the front. Actually, I’ll take you outside now. And then what we’re gonna do
in about five seconds from now, we’re gonna jump back on our bicycles and we are gonna go to Fitness Street. So this is the front door, front entrance. Look at that. So make sure you memorise
this, there’s a cow, coffee and bistro, green sign, and Phuket Fight Club’s just there. Tiger Muay Thai Beachside
is just down there. And there are our bicycles, which we’ve hired from
Tiger Muay Thai Beachside. You can hire these bicycles. Hey guys, I’m back at Tiger Muay Thai, the main campus here on
Fitness Street, Soi Taied. I’ve just rolled up to have a
chat to a couple people here. Thank you to this man here. Your name, and you’re from where? – Enrique from Mexico. – From whereabouts in Mexico? – Monterrey, Mexico. – Monterrey. (stuttering) – Monterrey. – Monterrey? – There you go, that was perfect. – Monterrey? – That’s probably the
best foreigner rolled R I’ve ever heard. – Monterrey. – Yeah. That’s perfect, that was brilliant. – There’s a reason I’m filming this, because I’ll never be able
to get it right again. – That was brilliant. – And I’m gonna replay this clip and go, see, I did get it right. – I did get it right one time. Twice so far. There you go. – Okay, first time here in Thailand? – First time in Thailand, yeah. – First time in Thailand. The weather’s probably not
much different to back home. It’s probably almost the same. – The weather, no. I’ve actually never felt
anything like this before. – Oh really?
– Yeah. Monterrey is dry and very hot. – That’s not what I expected to hear. – It’s 35, 36, 40 Celsius in the summer. – That’s right. Yeah. This is different, you’re sweating. – I haven’t stopped sweating. – In the shower, you’re
sweating in the shower. – It is ridiculous. I’ve never felt like this before. – So you’re training at Tiger Muay Thai. – I am. – And how long you’re
here for in Thailand? – Two weeks. – Two weeks. – Two weeks. Short, feels short. – Short and sweet, man. – People tell me that
they’re here for months, and I’m just two weeks. – I know. And then a month goes like that. – Exactly. – You gonna come back though? – Absolutely, definitely. – I love it, man. It was really good to meet you. Do you have any top
tips or recommendations for whether people come from
Mexico, any part of the world, they’ve never been here before. – Yeah, yeah. – Your first time here,
you know better than, well it’s hard for me ’cause
I’ve been here a few times. Top tips. – Top tips? Join the Facebook group that Brad set up. – Thanks. I’ll link it up. – You’ll find a lot of information. – I’ll link it up. – Change money outside of immigration, not in the money exchange before
you go through immigration. – That’s right, that’s right. – I got a much better rate.
– Yep. – What else? Definitely get a scooter. After training so much, the
last thing you want to do is walk a few miles. Even a few miles in the heat. – It’s really cheap to get a scooter. – It’s like 75 American
dollars for 12 days. – It’s nothing, is it. It’s absolutely nothing. – You can’t go wrong. – Get a scooter and change your money. Anything else? – Uh, let’s see.
– And have fun, guys. – Have fun, try to get rest. Try to get rest. – Yeah, it’s hard to. – Coming from the other side of the world, but yeah. If you sleep from eight
to three in the morning, that’s good enough for a day. – Yeah, that’s good. ‘Cause a lot of people that come here and they train, they train,
they train, they train. They get burnt out the first week. I said this in the videos, I’m like, just take it easy when you come here. Resting is part of training. – It’s huge, it’s huge. – It’s underrated. Sitting in a pool, by a
pool for a half a day, is just as important as being in the gym. – Absolutely. – I don’t know, amateur body building and rest is just as important
as actually lifting weights. – Super important. – But when you’re here and
you’re only here for two weeks, it’s so easy to go, I just want
to do everything, you know? – Well, that was my
thought first couple days, and then I realised that
wasn’t gonna happen. – Yeah. – I did three hours today, and
I think I got one more in me. – I love it, man. Nice to meet you. – Hey, take care, man. – Yeah, let’s keep in touch. G’day, my friends. Welcome back to the vlog, Fitness Street. It is just past one
o’clock in the afternoon and 1:15, we have a private
class 45 minutes from now. I want to share with you this cafe that I wanted to come and visit ever since I saw it on Instagram. It’s on Fitness Street, it’s
called the Avocado Cafe. That’s it right there. That’s the sign. Now, this is the plaza right here. And this is on Fitness Street. But this is inside the
plaza, right at the back. And it’s called Avocado Cafe. And we just ordered two smoothies. Now this is the smoothie menu, right? Have a look at the price here,
like 160 baht for a smoothie. Robyn’s got the Hawaiian. That tastes delicious. – And it looks Hawaiian. It’s just so, I mean it says
dragonfruit or something that’s making it pink. – [Brad] Yeah. – Isn’t that dragonfruit? – I think it’s dragonfruit, yeah. Yeah. So have a look there on
the menu, you got Hawaiian, pineapple, mango, banana, dragonfruit, lime, pea protein, maca, and coconut oil. I mean, that’s a legit
smoothie right there. For 160 baht. This one is the Bob the Builder, as they call it on the menu. And it’s coconut water, blueberry, banana, cacao powder, coconut oil,
pea protein, and cinnamon. So I’ll show you the food menu. We’re actually getting some pancakes. But we’re gonna be very quick. So we haven’t actually
ordered any big meals, but this is what the menu looks like. Have a look at that. It looks so delicious, the
photos they’ve taken here. Bircher muesli, pancakes, avocado, granola, fruits and yoghourt. It looks like a super healthy menu. So we’ve definitely gotta come back here and explore some of the
food choices on the menu and let you know what it’s all about. The best pancakes. The best. ♪ Love me like you do ♪ ♪ La la love me like you do ♪ Sorry, guys. Got stuck in the song. – Yeah, unfortunately. – I thought you loved my beautiful voice. – I love your beautiful voice. (Robyn laughs) When it’s not singing. Anyway– – [Robyn] That’s so rude! – No it’s not. – [Robyn] That’s the rudest
thing you’ve ever said to me. – I wanna add some value to this video by saying you should definitely
come to the Avocado Cafe here on Fitness Street. – Hey, I thought you said it’s
’cause you want me to sing. – That’s got nothing to do, okay. If you wanna hear or see Rob sing (laughing) after the rolling credits of this video, featuring,
coming to Spotify near you. – I’m ready for my
Spotify spot, haven’t I. – Spotify, we’ll link it up. Anyway, sorry. We’re on Fitness Street,
you’ll see a Pure Prep sign. That’s it right there. And the Avocado Cafe is
straight through there, where there’s amazing
pancakes and smoothies. And yeah, I’ll show you the sign. How you doing, brother? – [Mugs] What’s up, man. – You’ve just come at the right time, we’re shooting a video. This is Mugs. – How you guys doin’? – I had to think about that. – Yeah, I’m sure you did. I’m sure you did. – How you feeling, mate? – I’m doing good, doing good. Took the morning off. I’m actually going to get some food, and– – You should try Avocado Cafe. – I already have. Numerous times. – How good is it? – It’s amazing. – It’s not just me. – Absolutely, no no no no no– – I’m telling everyone,
you gotta go and eat there. – You have to eat there at
least three or four times while you’re here. You have to, you have to. This is definitely top five. – Put that on your list. – Yes, absolutely. – Done. – Absolutely. – But I did do, it’s funny, you’re standing in front of Pure Prep. – Yeah. – Because for three weeks, that was where I got my food from. – I love that place. We went there last year,
we had protein bowls. And what else did we have, Robs? That peanut butter slab thing? – [Robyn] Yeah! The peanut butter slice. – Slice. Delicious. We haven’t been back in there this year. – I’ve been doing week long preps. – I’ve been doing the
whole meal prep thing. – Yeah. Yeah yeah yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. – Meal plans. – Financially, it makes no
sense to do it any other way. – Yeah, check them out, Pure Prep. Anyway, we actually have a private class in 20 minutes from now, down at the other end of the street at Evolve Health Club. – Absolutely. – Which is really good, actually. You should definitely check it out. We’re doing a private there
with Falan and the other two. But we did a group last
year too, last week. – How was it? – It was fucking phenomenal.
– Oh, yeah. – Yeah, really phenomenal. New Top Team down that end of the street. But we’ll bring you along, we’ll give the highlights of that class. I have a one hour, Robyn has a one hour, and yeah, we’ll bring you along and show you what it’s all about. Speak to you soon. – See you, guys. (gentle music) – Doing a private Muay Thai session here at Evolve Health
Club on Fitness Street. Robs is gonna be filming,
and I appreciate that. This is the highlights, if you decide to come to Fitness Street, this is what you’ll get when
you do a private session with Kru Falan, who has a lot of energy, and I love this guy. He just gets it out of me,
gets the energy out of me. (gentle music) (both laughing)
It’s all good. (Falan exclaiming) You didn’t, though! Yeah, yeah. – [Robyn] Guys, look at you! – That’s it, guys. Call it the end of the session. Really exhausted, I had
a really good session, private one on one. I think it was 700 baht. Doesn’t matter, worth every single baht. Check out this man. I’ll link him up below. He’s so much energy, so much fire. I love the man, I loved the session. Thank you so much. – [Robyn] Yes! Take him down! – I’m at Evolve, and I’m
having a private here. – [Brad] Yeah? – And we’ve just done a
little bit of warming up, and what’re they called, shadow boxing? Is that shadow boxing? – [Brad] Yeah, just warming up, and basic technique. – And yeah. It’s been raining, so
it’s a little humid here. – [Brad] And who’s your
teacher, introduce. Come on. – Introduce yourself. – [Brad] Come on. What’s your name, what’s your name, how do I spell your name? – My name is Ashkan. – [Brad] Ashkan. How do you spell– – A-S-H-K-A-N. – [Brad] Okay, we’re
gonna get your Instagram. – Okay. – [Brad] And we’re
gonna link you up, okay? – Sure. Thank you, thank you so much. – [Brad] No worries, man. This guy’s a legend. (upbeat music) – You always wanna use your shoulder. One, two, grab. I can do many things. I can do this. (upbeat music) Oh, oh, and just keep up up up! Knee. – [Brad] Rob, what did you do that for? – Why not? – One, two. One, two. Uppercut, uppercut, right. One, two. Right, uppercut. Right. Six, seven, eight. Nice. Again! Nice. Yes. Yes, good! (shouting) – [Brad] Okay guys, how do you feel? – Awesome. – [Brad] You’ve finished the class. – On top of the world. – [Brad] You’ve finished the class. – Seriously. – [Brad] It’s a one hour private. – It’s the best. – [Brad] 700 baht. – The best hour of your life. – [Brad] With the Iranian
Van Damme over here. Don’t forget that face. Are we coming back, Robs? – What a question. (Ashkan laughs) – [Brad] Thanks, man. – You’re welcome. – All right, my friends. 23rd of October, 4:30 in the afternoon. Welcome back to the vlog. Robyn and I have finished our
private Muay Thai sessions here at Evolve. Robyn just finished hers
with the Iranian Van Damme. How do you feel? – That was so awesome. – [Brad] He really pushed you, didn’t he? – Yeah. That’s been one of my
best sessions so far. – [Brad] You really nailed it. And he really showed
you a lot of things too. – He did. You know what I liked about it, is it was really nice and balanced. So he taught me the technique, but he also pushed my
conditioning and stuff. So I felt like I got
such an amazing workout. And that I also learned technique. – [Brad] Yeah. You learned the sweep kick, and all that. – [Robyn] Yeah, I can do things that I’d never even seen in classes. – [Brad] Yeah. – So that was really really cool. I’m so happy, so happy
I went to that session. – As I’ve mentioned
before in previous videos, Robs is not a fighter, nor am I, she’s an online pilates instructor. I’ll link her details. But we’re just doing this mainly for the fitness side of things, and it’s really cool
just to come out here, get in shape, stay in shape. It’s for all levels, no
need to feel intimidated. If you’ve never done Muay Thai before, it’s not a problem. These guys are really friendly and are looking for the fundamentals. It’s really really cool. I highly recommend it. We paid 700 baht each
for the private sessions here at Evolve. And I’ll link up the trainers’ details if you wanna train with one
of the guys that we were with. But yeah, let me know if
you decide to come out here. Right now, you’ll see they’ve actually got a group Muay Thai
class on at the moment. They’re training over there
here on Fitness Street. And we’re at the restaurant which is the back of the
training floor, called Thrive. This is it right here. And we’re about to order. We’ve actually already ordered
some goodies off the menu. We’ll show you what that looks like. But I’ll show you what
the menu looks like, it’s quite impressive. Have a look at it. They got much variety here,
smoothie bowls, breakfast menu. Really healthy food if you
wanna take a snapshot of that. They’ve got juices and
smoothies and desserts, and you can even make your own bowl here. You can pick the grains,
sweet potato, mixed salad, you can pick your protein, you can pick your toppings and
then you can pick your sauce. So anyway, really cool looking place and really awesome looking menu. But we’ll wait for the food to come out and we’ll show you what that looks like. It’s so funny, these guys,
we’re watching them train, and we just had our privates over there. And we’re eating. Well deserved. Check out the falafel
bowl right here, you guys. With amazing rice, got a couple
of things on the side here. Looking good, bit of sauce. Cup on cup. And Robs’ got an acai bowl. Look at that delicious bowl. Look at it! Cacao nibs. Absolutely amazing looking. We want to move here. We want to live here. We’re so obsessed with
the training culture, the fitness, the people,
the community, the food. It’s like the best food for your body, it nourishes your spirit,
soul, your body, your cells, you feel it. Man, I’m on such a high. We’ve been here for a week and a half, I’ve been in this street
half a dozen times, this is the only place on the planet, and I’ll never get sick
of this place ever. This is the only place on
the planet that I know of, this one street is dedicated, no matter where you go, there are menus like
what I just showed you, food like that, super cheap,
training like that, like look! It’s just unbelievable. And Robs and I, we were just talking about how we could live here (laughs). I’m not exaggerating. And if you’re watching this because you’ve seen the previous videos and you’ve been here before, you know exactly what I’m talking about. I never shut up about this place. I never shut up, you cannot shut me up. These falafels are the best. Look. It’s just the best. We made it back to Hivetel,
Tiger Muay Thai Beachside from Fitness Street. 15 minutes cycling in the rain. I hope my camera’s okay. – It’ll be okay, it’s a drizzle– – If my camera’s ruined, you’re not getting any more videos, guys. Except GoPro videos. I’m not worried about the GoPro, I’m more worried about the– – He says as we’re standing
in the rain talking to you. – Yeah. That is a good point. (both laugh) She’s a smart girl, this one. Very smart, very smart, yeah. There’s gonna be 15
comments on the video now, “This guy’s an idiot.” Whinging about the rain, he’s
still standing in the rain. There’s gonna be comments like, “This clown is complaining about
the rain, and look at him.” – That’s funny. – All right. Okay. This is the restaurant here at Hivetel. Robs is gonna do a yoga class, we’ve got aa 6:30 to 7:30 yoga class here. – You’re coming with me! – No, I’m having a jump in the pool. – Really? – Yes. Hey! (man shouts) Yes, this one’s doing yoga. Yes, this one. – You as well! – No. – [Robyn] Everyone wants you to come. We did this last year. – All right. I’ll do it. – [Robyn] Let’s check the time, ’cause you could probably go
to the pool and then come. – You see guys, I’ve got the vlog going. You see, it’s very easy to
get influenced around here. – [Robyn] You’ve got half an hour. – It’s very easy to get
influenced around here. You’re like no, I’m not gonna do it, and then three people say you’re doing it, and then you do it. – [Robyn] So excited that you’re
gonna come join the class. – So now I’m doing yoga. But I’m gonna jump in the pool first. – [Robyn] Yeah. – All right, I’m going to the pool. See you later. (upbeat music)


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