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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

– ARM WITHOUT WITH @TRISTENESCO Exersice 1 – Barbell Curls – 4 Sets 12-15
REPS Tristen Esco puts on Barbells and gets ready
to curl. Tristen Esco starts curling. Walks over to his second arms excerise. Exercise 2 – Tricep Pulldowns – 4 Sets 12-15
Reps Tristen Esco starts exercise 2. Tristen esco finishes exercise 2 and walks
to Exercise 3. Exersize 3 – Hammer Curls – 4 Sets – 12 – 15
Reps Tristen Esco picks up dumbells. Tristen Esco starts hammer curls. Tristen Esco starts Exercise 4 Exercise 4 – Tricep Extensions 4 Sets 12-15
Reps Tristen works on his triceps. Tristen carries weight to barbell to start
Exercise 5 Exercise 5 – Preacher Curls – 4 Sets 12-15
Reps Tristen finishes curls. Exercise 6 – Kickbacks – 4 Sets 12-15 Reps End of Video.

21 thoughts on “Fitness Training Routine to get BIG ARMS w/ Body Builder Tristen Esco HD VIDEO

  1. Great routine if you're taking truckloads of illegal steroids but this would be way too much for any natural trainee to make gains on.  Any boob can devise a workout with a lot of exercises and sets in it but that doesn't mean it's a smart routine for everyone to follow.  The real test of one's training knowledge would be if they can come up with a workout that works for the average bodybuilder who is not using drugs and that would be 99% of the guys watching this video.

  2. Really not being the workout police I've only been training hard for about 5 yrs but I've always had the understanding that's it best to never do bi's and tri's in the same session. But who knows there's tons of theories out there

  3. One of the best motivational videos period… when I need that extra push this video always helps hell yeah ..this coming from Cali swoll a big. Fan supporter in the whole movement of Tristen Esco…👍💯

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