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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

– Hellooooo!
– Heyyy! – Wooow!
– How are youuuu? – Welcome in Rolf, how are you today?
– I’m good! – Great! Welcome to my beautiful home!
– Where are you originally from? – Originally from Africa, Ghana, West Africa!
– Wow! Do you have anything that’s… – This is my daughter, Nana, also..
– Nice to meet you! – Oooh great!
– Uh, do you have anything typical for Ghana in here? – Oh absolutely! Come along, right in here! – This is beautiful art from Ghana, this is our grandfather and this is the wife and this
is also an aunt going into the farm.. – Beautiful! How long have you been living in New York? – I’ve been living in New York for the past
17 years now, actually tomorrow is gonna be my 17th year in AMERICA!
– Wooow congratulations!! – Thank you.
– What is your profession? – I am a bodybuilder and now I’m a personal trainer, moving back on into (..?!) – Would you mind getting undressed for me?!
– Oh absolutely! …YES! – WOOO-HOOW!
– What is your proudest moment as a bodybuilder? – Well, when I came to America and I won my Muscle Mania professional championship. – Those are impressive muscles! Eh-he-he! Now while you’re doing your little pose, why do you love New York? – Well, New York is the best place to BE! – When I came to America I decided to stay in New York, and I’ve been blessed with great opportunity from the Almighty God and a lot of things have happend for me. – Sweet!
– So I love New York! – I need to know, what is your daily diet, to stay fit? – Well..
– Do you have something you can show me? – Oh, absolutely!! I have a lot of things in
the fridge, I could show you.. – Have you ever taken drugs to…
– NOOoo, I have been a bodybuilder all of my life, and as you could see, this is chicken..
– Oh yeah! – First lady (?) have prepared already in the fridge and as you could see from here, we’re also very big on MuscleEgg also at the same time..
– Woow! – And we have a whole lot of different things, so.. My eating lifestyle consists of eating healthy day in day out..
– Lot of healthy stuff! – Yeees, yes…
– Now tell me, why are every, like, your underwear as a bodybuilder, why is it so
small? – Oooh well because I have a 28 inches waist all right.. – Yeah?
– And, I have the whole.. –Oooh, you have them there!
– Yes, as you could see. So these are some of it.. that I was using for my shows, and..
– Wow! – If I didn’t have this on, I would’ve gone
down and give you extra with this, so… – I have to, this is a little private question,
you have to decide whether you wanna answer it – Is it true that you get smaller penis
if you build muscles? – Oh no it’s never true! The penis actually
gets stronger! – Oh, it gets stronger?!
– Yeah, it gets stronger! – OK! What is your passion in life besides body…bodybuilding?
– I love people! – You love people!
– I LOOOOVE people, and I wanna hug people! – Ooooh, we agree on that!
– YES! – Yeah! Best church in town for a groovy gospel concert? – Brooklyn Tabernacle!
– Ok? – BROOKLYN TABERNACLE!! Right here, on Flatbush, is my favorite. I love Brooklyn Tabernacle. – Perfect! Eh, would you mind following us out because time is up! – Yes! Absolutely!
– And, while you’re following us out, what are the 3 best places to build muscles in
New York? – Oooh! New York City Southbridge Fitness Centre, on 66 Frankfort street.. – Ok?
– Our number is 212…964…4414 ! And you can also get it at SOUTH…BRIDGE…FITNESS…CENTRE!!
I look forward to seeing you in the future, when you come back again, and it’s great,
it is a pleasure talking to you and aaaaalll the friends –
– Thank you very much! – I’ll be seeing you again,
– Have a good one! – Thank you all for coming!
– Bye, bye! – Ha-ha!

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