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Just hours ago it has been officially confirmed.. ..That Dallas McCarver has passed away. I honestly felt like he was the future of bodybuilding. It wasn’t really till the next day.. ..That I went into the gym, and.. That it hit home. That he was not gonna return. He was and would have become the Mr. Olympia. I really truly believe that. When you get put into scenarios where your back is against the wall. You have two options.. You can either quit, Or you can find something deep down inside of you to keep on going. I would be training and I just hear him say.. ”C’mon champ!” And I would be like.. OK. This is for Dallas. There’s been a lot of adversity in my prep.. I wanna dedicate this win to Dallas McCarver. I love you my brother. The number one thing is intensity. There’s no replacement for HARD WORK. And once you have established what your threshold of pain is.. What your hard work is.. I think that’s when all of this extra really comes into play.

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  1. Dallas McCarver's birthday was this week on April 9th. Here's a new vid remembering the champ with Flex Lewis. #GoneButNeverForgotten
    ''When you get put into scenarios where you back is against the wall you have two options.. You can either quit, or you can find something deep down inside of you to keep on going.''

  2. no doubt, Dallas would have definitely climbed up to win the Big O! so big and so humble, miss big country. this year's Olympia had his name written right on it, if only! great vid Nick 💪😠💪

  3. You have to wonder,, where is this sport leading us ? Does it even have anything to do with health anymore ? Or is it now a science, fueled by the male ego ? At this pace, how big will the future Olympia be in a hundred years from now ? 400-500 pounds of muscle ? It's mind boggling, and downright scary to think about,,

  4. When people use drugs they call it a bad thing, but when people cheat using roids, hmm, oh yes, that' won't kill you.

  5. Sorry but bodybuilders today are impatient people, they don't believe in long journey, they want gains overnight and that's not healthy in any way.

  6. dallas was great but we humans are very foolish that we care about someone when he leaves this world we dont care the legends when they are alive…

  7. Dallas big country McCarver💪
    The youngest beast in the history of bodybuilding. Uh he would be the next Mr Olympia

  8. " You can think I'm gross, you can think I'm nasty, you can think I'm to big……… THAT WAS THE GOAL !!! YOU'RE RIGHT !!! " – Dallas McCarver

  9. You are alive brother. In our hearts and minds. I honestly believe he's looking down upon us. And when you can't do more in gym, when diet is fucking you up, when you wanna throw up the food and quit cardio. And you overcome that, you fight through that and go one inch of a step even more. He's saying good job Mark, Josh, John, Ismail, Alireza, Charles, Ivan, Jessica, Nikita whatever the hell your name is. He's looking down on you and saying good job champ. I know that, because I swear to God. Every time I'm done and I wanna give up im literally done, can't do more i see Dallas next to me and do few more reps, every. single. time.. You think that's by mistake? Think again.

  10. Beautiful man,, Dallas,,, never forgone with my partner, Maury. The pain and suffering each day is brutal. A loss is a loss. Its not easy to get out of bed knowing you are no longer with us. We suffer so much for our losses.

  11. Let's all idolize a man who abused his body beyond it's limits and died 50 years before he should have. Let's all abuse drugs and die soon!! Booyah!!

  12. As i was driving to the gym… was feeling defeated… than i click the link play the video… and just like that my eyes turned red… blood started pumping… thank you nick. Rip big country 🙏

  13. As much as I love this sport – there are too many dead athletes in the last years. I do not condemn something, but it is not good for the reputation of bodybuilding.

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