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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

So, let’s start with sweet potatoes and chicken as they take the longest to make Im going to show you a great meal…how I make it. People often get bored with sweet potatoes they boil them so I bake them in the oven Ok, so we are in my flat As you can see here… I have all the shopping we had done before Just after waking up I drink fresh lemon juice As I said earlier It has a good influence on acidity, digestion it regulates blood pH It is really very good …so let’s start with sweet potatoes I start with it as they take the longest time to prepare First I’m going to peel them It is very important as we don’t digest the sweet potato skin No, I’m going to make food for tomorrow As I said in the previous video I use carbs cycling It means that, for example Now I am on very low carbs for 2 days and one day on high carbs …tomorrow is the day with high carbs I’m going to eat 600g of sweet potatoes It is a lot So, what I’m going to do now is to peel them and cut them into 2 …or even …into 3 pieces so it is not to thick as they will take a very long time to bake I have pre-heated the oven to 200 …and I’m going to put the sweet potatoes …for about 45 min. Just before I put them in the oven, I’m going to sprinkle them with cinnamon It will give the sweet potatoes a little bit of sweetness It will be really good. 400g- for one meal I’m putting them on one side of a baking sheet and next to them I’m going to put something else. So, 200g of sweet potatoes I’m putting them on the other side About 35-45 min in the oven ….so now the chicken I prefer to make it in the oven it is much faster then on the frying pan on the frying pan the chicken is often dry which I don’t like There wasn’t any fresh fish in the shop so I took the chicken Tomorrow I have two meals with eggs 4 meals with chicken 2 meals with 300g of chicken and 2 meals with 250g of chicken it adds up to 1,1 kg of chicken 300g… so it is one meal here I have 250g I’m going to put it here here I’m putting my 2 chicken breasts 300g and here 2 breasts 250g So later after baking them I don’t need to weigh them again Everything will be ready 1 porsion 250g I have days of low and high carbs Why am I doing that? because…. most of people on a diet have the same diet for the whole week to reduce body fat the problem is, that at some point our leptin level …it is a hormone wich deals with metoblism in our body starts to decrease .when we are on such a diet we eat the same every day but we don’t lose weight so to activate it we need to eat a lot of carbs or, as some people do, have a cheat meal .the idea of carb cycling is to have a low and high days it let us maintain high level of leptin in our blood in our body and we don’t have to have this cheat meal we continue to reduce body fat without stagnation we can build a perfect body. So the chicken is ready you can find spices like that in France too here are polish names but you can easily find them in France …but be careful as there is a lot of salt in them so be careful with consuming salt I’m going to use just a little so now it is easy the oven is pre-heated to 200 as it is now, I put the sweet potatoes and add chicken for about 18-20 min …and it’s ready What we can prepare now …are vegetables – asparagus As I said before I value this vegetable a lot Asparagus is a good diuretic and antioxidant it is also very good for muscles as it contains an aminoacid …whose name I don’t remember at that moment but is is very good for building muscle mass tomorrow I’m going to eat 4 meals with 50g of asparagus Which makes 200g se here we have 171… 190… 207… Let me tell you about my supplements that I am using right now especially during ripping period Just after I wake up I drink a protein isolate shake Why? Beacause… after sleeping more than 8 hours long time without it is recommended to give fast aminoacids to your blood, your muscles that is why I take whey isloate quality is important, it is microfiltered It really is the best quality protein for your digestive system I drink it also after workout – 30g Next… About the rest of supplements I take alpha lipoic acid – ALA it is a very strong antyoxidant and it also regulates glucose what does it mean? …it means that it will prevent blood sugar spikes It is also very good talking about similar products … at the same time as ALA I take chrome … Chrom Active It is an Olimp product from a line of products which will be available in France soon It is a pharmaceutical line … pharmaceutical quality There will be chrome Melatonin Zinc all those small supplements that now can be bought from other producers will be available from Olimp soon it will be great So, I take chrome 400 , 2 tablets the same ALA, 200mg I take two tablets each time It is good to take them with high carbs meals next zinc which I take with my breakfast or before I go to sleep If you don’t have ZMA, for example Zinc is very good for your thyroid, testosterone, ect. It is essential when we talk about metabolism it is extremely important next, I take Detoxeed It is very good for your liver it has a really good composition I take it very often during the preperation phase As I eat a lot of protein It is very helpful next from the same Olimp Labs products line Melatonin What is interesting is that it is packed into 1mg so you can decide what dose you want to take it is really cool Melatonin is a sleep hormone your body starts prodcing melatonin when it is getting dark when you become tired so if you take more melatonin, your sleep will be deeper next I take, of course, Omega 3 As you can see here, I’ve cut out Omega 3 and Detoxeed, I took it only at the weekend What is intereating about Olimp supplements …is that you can cut them out and take as many as you want for the time you go away It is very cool Omega 3, it is good fat EPA…DHA… very good You should take it with meals which are high in fat I also take vitamins in the morning I don’t have a package here unfortunately I take Olimp vitamines What is great about Olimp vitamines is that there are sections there are vitamins on one side and minerals on the other side You can decide about the dose I think it is very interesting especially when we talk about minerals and also vitamines if you want to take 1g vitamines or less As I have already said, I eat brown rice tomorrow I have 2 meals with 150g of brown rice It adds up to 300g I don’t have to weigh it as it is 4 bags, 100g each I’m going to use 3 bags It will be perfect Ok, the chicken is ready Let’s check perfect As you can see You just cut it once it is soft and juicy it is perfect Let’s check the sweet potatoes they are ready too Be careful not to leave them in the oven for too long as they will be burnt …and not tasty I put 250g on one side and 300g on the other side 2 portions 250g 300g 400g of sweet potatoes which is 80g of carbs 100g of sweet potatoes is 20g of carbs next 300g of chicken it is 60g of protein So, here we have a good meal As I said before, I’m loading now So here I have everything that I need protein….carbs next I’m going to add asparagus and 250g of sweet potatoes they go with the meal with 300g of chicken Why this small difference? Because brown rice has more protein than sweet potatoes that is why there is a little less of chicken in those 2 meals I devide into 4 for my 4 meals I know more or less how much it is but you can weigh 50g for each meal 100g of uncooked rice gives 80g of carbs here I have 150g So it is 120g of carbs in a meal My 4 meals are ready It didn’t take much time …honestly, not even 30 minutes Don’t forget to add some salt to your meals I’m going to add some olive oil to 2 of my meals to have good level of fat As I said before, I eat 6 meals a day here I have only 4 the remaining 2 are very easy for breakfast I eat 300g of egg whites and 1 whole egg …in the evening before I go to sleep I eat 450g of egg whites and one whole egg … with lettuce I add also some blueberries to my breakfast I make hot rice cereal it is very easy As I said before you can find it in a baby food section It is powder powder similar to protein powder …you can see the texture I’m going to show you how I make it. So, here I have a kettle but you can boil some water in a pot Because I’m ripping now, I put 60g here we have 60g more or less let’s say little less than 50g of carbs 45g of carbs so as you can see for 60 g it is quite thick It makes you full …next I add protein powder I’m adding 30g of isolate We want something nourishing if you want it smoother add more water Of course put some salt especially before workout 45g of carbs 35g of protein you can add blueberries they are low in calories as you are on a diet they are good antyoxidant very good fruit So, I have just shown you my meals when I have a loading day when I consume over 5 thousand calories 600 g carbs 300g of protein and 70g of fat What I have just shown you it is my loading day during ripping it is the same as my diet during building mass period then, I eat like that every day it is between 5000-6000 kcl It depends if I do something extra during the day When I reduce my calorie intake for example today I had a low carb day which means about 2000 kcl less mostly carbs So, as I have already said my diet when I build my mass is very basic lot of rice and sweet potatoes lot of carbs and protein of course a little of fat Ok, lets go to do the workout it is a chest day today…

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