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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

was gonna have class scared but
obviously left in stock that now judging by my shirt teach 15 this is what we’re going to
talk about today focus t25 review if you’re looking
around trying to figure out is this program work for me is that worth my time it was at work my money as
well like to share with you today to help you understand that this is the
tech program that welfare with your goals and what you’re
trying to achieve with your health and fitness need so let’s get rockin hollow focused he
25-year Focus T25 Review Duke so very bursting over and discuss is to
stabilise said the first evolved you don’t need
mmm practically and equip which i think is great especially when
we first introduced in the fitness especially if you’re somebody you’d like
got a lot of people that I’ve encountered with the awesome teams like community that are
reintroducing himself trying day lose weight and get healthier you don’t
want to bother but about to the equipment the only thing you need for the second
might up to 25 is just some dumbbells or resistance bands it doesn’t happen can be havin just
enough to give you are not a good workout depends on the bottom tired of you
everytime I ask you what would you ask right for you if we do something talk
about what up different way you need whether a past 15
pounds or something like that anyway so start with how it all begins it begins with the alpha phase and up is
the opportune calendar for and consisted only five days a week five days a week in 25 min today can’t
really be downright to five days a week 24 hours a day now
the Focus T25 Review one thing to keep in mind is the fifth
day is not just 25 minutes a day is actually two focused 25 were cast
talked all day Friday they do that a lot of reasons first
block on the last two days the Wii you’re gonna be everest type to recover
Saturday as they call it is when you take your stats so you rested hold then on Sunday you
doing stretch so you really have to rest is there and
that’s why I’m kinda finished the week down strong to
take a rest reports that the next week so that’s our so I can start your foundation now are
you gonna start with that the cardio speed for now total body circuit if
those name sounds scary not a debt to you
especially this summer that is trying to find this is where your first
program get jumping into because them point is you can modify had is so awesome because right to the
writer Sean T to the left the shotty something like that is tonya she’s a
modifier she’s there the entire time you can watch her even if you can keep
up with the modifier do what you can that’s the secret and I
think a lot of people get frustrated and quit because you try to keep it was only like Shaun T
whose let’s be honest he’s been working out an entire life from mars he is a trainer readouts so you know don’t try to keep up with hair
try to keep up with your cell consistently compete with yourself to be
the better person review of focus t25 you need to be if you do that every time
you get what you want and you get alzheimer’s often focuses on sup out to about defining your foundation then a second
market the complete 5 weeks I’ll five days a week you’re going to then go over to another five weeks five days a week wanna be your face now
bear focus a little bit longer or conditions focus a lot more abs here
for just a little bit more of my soul I think I rock and roll and that is the
base focus you twenty-five others upgrade
option which is called gamma that focuses a lot more muscles I you do
how long me a little bit more stars dumbbells are
concerned and no also be some other upgrade options
for us sir skied at my so you got of Obadiah gamers a sack
early purchase I am if your important when you’re ready for
so that’s the basis that you don’t have a lot of equipment barely can drive calendar walked through
the entire I do feel that being totally modify this
thing and I will get some good results in it
and here’s the effect here’s my personal view it This in fact oMG up my resolved that also is
also somebody that I watching this program Verizon I did and got stuck results as
well but used them what I love about focusing
on about well absolutely think is born is a fact
that somebody that is like to know why I am
just sick and tired boss Tony Danza I’m sick and tired and in fact that we’re
lose weight focus t25 review if that’s you be confident this could be
something that could help you here’s here’s why I think that it dies 25 minutes a day let me bring up my
before before before before I got understand and yes the four
I was here talking to you ever where that’s why I start curly or wavy curly
and shave didn’t have any muscle definition I was
a complete matter haro I felt sick all the time and this would
have been denied your program for me I wish it was created bomb was less on
my fitness journey focuses wifi was police jobs p90x out on
right now also in the bathroom where being
overweight I straw compete and yes it was higher it
was top and I really wish that I didn’t have to
do our workout it every day special yoga which was like
I think it’s like 90 minutes long so well over an hour ames’s like I’m so
hard to keep a hollow because here’s somebody like myself just get me in his defense s didn’t
happen that the motivation to drive to do this every day for an hour this is totally doable so keep that in mind this can often be
getting get out and move on with the day focus on making a smart progression
angel living that awesome like that you dream about
going to the beach looking awesome take your shirt off
looking awesome been in a bathing suit lookin sexy fear anger this is that transition takes
%um slowly and doesn’t say I’m going on our
day pop out a bunch wraps doing this and that now gonna do
that I think ask somebody about so I got my before and after right there
they are I was just online with a little bit %uh
a little bit of bloat there in the beginning because I kinda fell all the way a little bit ago
tied up so I started last summer and that was
ever was able to slim down a little bit now what I will say is because I went to
King and yes I lost 70 pounds originally that’s why I don’t feel that I got the
pool was also want and where he might as the ripped
physique I need to focus more resistance and at
room things like that I don’t wanna make this a p90 X three
varsity 25 video because I heard on 14 wanna check
that out feel free to check that out but if you’re somebody that’s our pretty
much layin or less a skinny fat which is like tire wearing my skinny fat is there something
looks at you and say you are your tax skinny but you know you
my yessum some stuff going on out here you moles
you might give it up commerce Casio that might be a little
more resistance training on topic cardio on so that was cool
folksy for me but let me show you something
that will kick butt and take names that this is coach jimmy has lost fifty have that was the point about this guy
for lifted up to shreds and this is a great example of why I
wish this program was created one I was overweight back in 2010 he’s a great
reason to say I is only 25 minutes let me get in and
get busy let me get was also deserve a move on with my day who cares if I have to modify this thing
it doesn’t matter I have not heard you go shawty I’m going
to keep up with myself as long as I stay committed and stay
consistent the last up my journey results I deserve that’s what it’s all
about so at RTL kirchner as always you know I just I i
think is a great them to share that story some poor and I means a lot so that is mighty 15
bureaucracy 25-year casa into a new challenges all the time so I have followed my journey this is the
first time you and I have mad I wanna say hello and thank you for watching
this video but most importantly I’m here to help you
out here to help you did the results and the motivation and the weight loss
that you deserve this program soaker Anderson enjoying whatever 6025
challenges always looking to you know hairdos and
say hi and meet new people so you can click the
link below the Arctic Egypt focused t25 about information you can look at what’s best
for you if you want to get the fuck is the point of fact or skip the focus to talk about basic
it’s totally up to you based on what your needs are what I will say is you get yes program
for free at the point about you is that t25 course the which is a very very
awesome just overall I mean caroline’s near this
the one point out how fast speed 2.0 in beta this is an incredible work so that’s what you get with that so that’s
it guys if you have any questions couple oh thanks for watching my focus t25 review guess how to awesome awesome day

73 thoughts on “Focus T25 Review | Worth the Time and Money?

  1. My concerns have to do with my plantar fasciitis, especially after I had a plantar fasciiotomy two years ago in left foot after overuse (working 2x day, 5-6 days a week, running and getting cortisone shots). I went from very active to not so much and gained 20+ lbs. Will following the modified version be more low impact? I can relate to what you say here with P90X. 

  2. I just finished my first week of T25 and I can feel already the results. I'm talking in terms of weight lost but more than that in terms of mental focus and happiness. I feel better, I'm way more active and even if I still feel the pain during training, I can't wait for the next day to start over again! Somedays I also go to the gym, because T25 makes me so motivated that I wanna give more and more to reach my goals. I'm a former basketball player and I feel like I have the will I used to have when I was playing. I have to thank T25 for that!

  3. Hey Bob,
    Do the moves get easier to perfect as you stay consistent?  I feel like I'm trying to learn how to dance while struggling to keep even a basic rhythm.  Its hard to get the form right.  Who's going to help me on that?  I feel as though it will get better with time.  What do you think?

  4. to all of you reading this or wondering if t25 is a scam or if its effective? the answer is… is real and is not a scam, it is very effective especially with proper dieting. my brother bought me it for my birthday because him and his wife had been doing it for 3 weeks and had lost a lot of weight and quickly too. i decided to try it and it was rough the first couple weeks because i was trying my absolute hardest and pushing as hard as I can. I lost 12 lbs my first week, I started at 305 lbs and by the 10th week I lost a total of 53 lbs and got down all the way to 252 lbs. no I'm not lying and no this is not a scam I promise you. if you are wondering about trying this don't hesitate, just do it and do your absolute best and just know that there are thousands of people doing these workouts everyday and reaching their goals so go get it and be happy 🙂

  5. if I were to do t25 and take the bsn weight gainer, will I gain muscle weight or fat weight

  6. Hello, love your channel and honest thoughts 🙂 thanks. I am looking to loose around 80 lbs. 220 lbs in 5'2" frame. I have p90x and like it but nutrition and timing is becoming a problem. Would you suggest t25?

  7. Hi Bob a few questions ? My husband has had a lot of injuries in the past gets heat exhausted fairly easy, we are both overweight and trying to change our lives to the better before we get to have kids, would this be to high impact for him? if yes is there anything else you would recommend? we are absolute beginners we are going from couch potatoes to full on exercise ( he is 260 his target weight by height is 180 ) ( I am 195lbs my target weight by height is 130lbs) and any other wisdom you can impart would be very much appreciated. 

  8. Quick high interval training is nothing new, I have been training my clients in this way for a long time.  Also called HIIT training, this just puts a label on it and sells it to you.  I am not hating on it just saying, a little research and you could create your own routine, without spending….

  9. Hi. So pleased this review sounds positive for anyone of any fitness level. I tried to modify insanity without much luck so this looks awesome. Just wondering how long it took ciach Jimmy to lose all that weight. I wanna know how fast the results start to show. 🙂

  10. Congratulations on your remarkable transition! I did insanity last year, I went from 213 to 160 and it was a complete transition. The only thing, is, I got more skinny than I did lean or muscular. So if I was to do t25, how would I go about achieving more of a toned result?

  11. My Focus T25 is on it's way it should be here sometime this week. I'm 6'1 and 230. So I'm hoping to get down to a weight that's managable. I'm hoping about 185-190. Not sure of what I need to be at. This is my first program. 

  12. Trying to gain muscle mass not lose weight at145 in weight right now trying to gain as also in muscle mass would this be a good investment

  13. hi there, I want to lose weight on this program and have protein powder should I take it to lose weight whilst working out?

  14. Hi, did you try P90X from Tony Horton? I did and would like to know the difference if you did too. Probably try T25 anyway from monday 😀

  15. iam doing T25 in the morning right after waking up to burn the fat , and the evening after work i do heavy lifting , do you think that will give the best results?

  16. Thanks for sharing this video,and help. I have one question. i do T25 for 3 weeks,and results are still not there. i dont eat much candys,but i eat them. Im not sure do i something wrong or not? So,please if you have some idea,whats wrong help me. I really give everything 🙂
    Thank you!!

  17. Great videos, Bob. Thanks for making them. 
    I was wondering if Focus T25 might be too intense for what I want to achieve. I'm 5'4" at 108lbs and I'm one pound away from being underweight for my height. I don't want to lose any weight and was wondering if this program would be good to firm up my body and create a bit of muscle definition (perhaps a bigger/more perky bum?). I am the epitome of pear shaped and want to do something for a less jiggly lower body and a more defined upper body, without losing weight. What do you think?

  18. I am waiting on my T25 package to arrive this week.  I went from working 6 – 7 days a week as an industrial mechanic to an almost complete "desk job".  After a full year of that and a year of quitting smoking….  I have really packed on some pounds. lol
    I travel A LOT with this new job so I am hoping to take this on the road with me. After this video, it reassures me that I made the right choice with my money.  Thanks Bob and hopefully I can share a success story in two months.

  19. @Bob Sharpe Hey i got a question. Does it matter if i do a workout on 9 pm and the next day a workout on 9 am? Couldnt find the answer anywhere

  20. Good review. I have been doing P90x and T25 for awhile now. I was lucky though since I have never been "out of shape". I just do these workouts to get ripped. For those who are wondering if this program is good, trust me it is. Would certainly recommend P90x or T25 (both from the same company) if you are looking for a great program to get into shape with. Even if you just do the 15 minute ab ripper every other day (from P90x), you will see some awesome results.

  21. Coach Bob thanks for this review, currently 245, and i did do p90x 2 years ago  and i had amazing results but i let life happen and did not take care of myself. I want to get back into beach body workouts and i feel t25 is for me. Really enjoyed your videos. And thank you !

  22. I started T25 a few months ago, and even though after 2 weeks I was starting to see some changes I just let it go. I was doing it at night and I was way too tired to keep up with the program. I am very overweight (not sure how much, but I think in the 30/40 lbs range), but I could surprisingly keep up with Shawn T most of the time, and had to modify only because my knees were hurting (I was also skiing every weekend which did put a lot of pressure on my knees).
    I am pretty much here looking for motivation, maybe you can be of help.
    How many cycles of T25 did Jimmy do to get those results?

  23. Hay I'm on day 4 tomorrow morning (scary – also doing 1 swimming session and Zumba) I'm loving the workout even tho I can't do everything yet…no abs at all and over weight (pregnancy) thanks for the vlog xx

  24. I'm what you described as 'skinny fat'. Is t25 for me? Or should i combine t25 with weight training to get a lean mass? Any suggestions?

  25. Hi, Bob.  Thanks for the review.  I'm going to give it a try but had a question about the diet plan.  Do you need to follow the diet plan they include or is it okay to just try to eat healthier?  I have a bad sweet tooth so hopefully I can try to substitute fruits and be good with that.  Thanks!

  26. I just saw your video and I wanted to take a moment and say thanks. I'm 42 and really overweight but, I've made the decision to take control and do something about it. There are so many new workout programs out there now and it can be a daunting challenge finding what would be right for me. Thanks for taking the time and explaining Focus T25 and making it easier for to make my final selection.

  27. Hi Bob I weight over 300 lbs I'm looking for something that works. I have heard that this is the best thing out there to start with is that true or is there something better.

  28. Hi Bob! I just purchased this but wanted to hear from someone what it was like, your video cleared that up for me 🙂 I just had a question or 2 to ask. I'm about 6'8 and weight about 240 pounds (Safe to say thats more fat than muscle) Is this workout good for a big guy like me as its harder to get results for a big guy like me than it is for someone average sized because theres more of me to work with, or so Iv'e been told, thanks for letting us know its worth its value though 🙂

  29. Ive recently lost quite a bit of weight but i hate being honest about it, i havent done any proper exercise for around 7 months. Im 16 and in school. Would i be able to do T25 even with my school workload while also being really unfit?

  30. Look and pls answer me if you know it , look i am done the T25 ALPHA , and i want to start in the BETA but i feel like i want to be skinnier more , can i did ALPHA again or do the BETA ????? pls just answer me 💔

  31. I am 21, 5'1 and 170lbs. I want to be down to at least 130 by July and have been looking all over for a work out that would fit right for me. I like that its only 25mins considering I have school and a 3 year old. Do you think I'd be able to lose 40lbs by July? Thanks for your time.

  32. So what can you recommend to me…? I don’t want to lose pounds. I just want to have leaner body… I’m this kind of “skinny fat”girl so losing weight would make me thin (I used to weight less and it looked horrible). Because you said that Focus T25 isnt the best for people like me

  33. do you recommend it?does it can help my get fit and healthier?i just want to lose some fat and build muscle and i dont have a lot of free time

  34. I've often made positive and negative comments about t25. first of all negative comments will be removed quickly so try and read this! simply put this workout only really works for a couple of months, I'm not denying your fitness levels will go up but losing weight and looking ripped like these "natural" fitness expects you will not!! I'm aware that thousands of people have gotten good results from t25 but let's talk about the thousands that haven't, feeling let down by the monotonous same style of training over and over, let's not forget healthy fit folks that have suffered back knee and hip pain from this exercise program. test your body first try spin classes or boxing programs don't just jump into painful and poorly written work outs, speak to a professional at the gym. from my experience this particular workout was fine for a couple of months however spent a lot of the time correcting my form as many of the work outs are rushed through and it didn't reach my expectations!! if it works for you thats good if it doesn't don't feel disheartened try something else.

    watch your knees back and hips people and try and double up on the quite frankly pathetic 3 minute cool down

  35. Would you recommend maybe doing this video two times a day? So like maybe before work and then again in the evening time? I have a wedding in 2 and a half month and I'm trying to drop like 30 or more pounds.

  36. do you believe that results can be seen within an entire summer duration? Kinda wanna go to me senior year with a bang

  37. Thank you so much for this encouraging video, currently doing the program and loving it. I suffer from knee pain sometimes so I do modifications and now I feel relived and motivated to continue 😉

  38. my brother in law gave me this program, he lost a lot of weight doing Insanity! I wasn't a fan of hip hop abs. but I was excited about the 25 minutes I had to spare!! as an overweight female I needed motivation. I'm on week 3 and already seeing differences and results. thanks for the review!!

  39. I just got mine and will be starting going into the new year. I like your understanding of an "every day" chubby person.

  40. Hi! I just purchased T25 and have started my first week. I just wanted to ask, are there any notes or advice you recommend for the weekend? Like what does the "stretch" on Sunday entail?

  41. "I'm not here to keep up with Shaun T. I'm here to keep up with myself" that's the quote of the day.
    Thanks for your review. Have a great day!

  42. Oh wow. I just started focus T25. It's pretty painful and I'm sore all over my body right now, but it's the most satisfying pain. My focus now is to make sure I show up everyday no matter what. I may have to follow Tanya in between sets but the fact that am still pushing means everything to me. I will not quite! Thank you so much for sharing this.

  43. Hey whats up bob sharpe i started t25 but i didnt realize i was supposed to start on alpha round i started with beta and im already in my 4 week and 4days what should i do after my 5 week should i do alpha or gamma or should i start all over again with alpha beta den gamma please help

  44. I started 2 years ago. Could barely get through 10 minutes a video at first. Within a month I got through the whole 25 mins. Went from 185 to 157. I got too skinny so now I only do it 3-4 days a week. Got back up to 180 but it's a healthier toned 180. When I look at old pictures I look so much fatter but I'm about same weight. I was starting to get 6 pack around 160 so I'm not as sculpted. But still look way better at this version of 180. Biggest difference is from waste down and chest up. Only downside is never quite got rid of baby fat at stomach but it's way tighter with no more gut. I was getting bad bitch tits before T25. Still a little baby fat there too. I never did the diet either. Just ate better, no fast food. Lots of subway on wheat loaded with veggies and tuna. Lots of stir fry with chicken beast and peppers and broccoli. Still did white rice. So you don't have to eat like a health nut just dont eat like fat ass. My arms really didn't get bigger but way more toned. Still drank coke but smaller 7.5 oz cans once every couple days. Instead of 2 20oz everyday. Would like to get the stomach and breast area toner but it's 100% better than it was. It does work. I lost almost 30 pounds and even when I put weight back on still stayed toned for most part

  45. Hi Bob,

    I am very interested in trying this, however, I am in South Africa and it does not seem to ship to my address. Is there not a downloable version after you paid for it?

    I think today shipping and still using DVD's is still old school? Can you help perhaps?

  46. Thanks for your review, I love your point about competing with yourself and not focusing on keeping up with the athletes who may be more advanced. And to be consistent and use the modifiers if necessary rather than fall off completely.

    I found this super helpful because I'm re-entering fitness and keep thinking back to my dedication 10 years ago and different responsibilities now. Back then I had the time and motivation to work out for 1 hour 4-6 days per week…not anymore 😛 Thank goodness this is here and now. Time to commit, thanks for the motivation!

  47. I am just beginning Week 3 of Beta. I have only lost a few pounds However, I would also consider myself skinny-fat because I'm only a few pounds above my target weight. If you put in the effort, the workouts are pretty tough, so I could definitely see if you were quite heavy, the weight would fall off. I'm definitely feeling more toned. One complaint I have is that they put ads on the DVD. Sure you can skip ahead, but after paying $60 + for this DVD set, I don't feel like we should be subjected to any advertisements.

  48. Hey, I'm 18 and fairly out of shape( 6ft 240 lbs), but I can still work out hard( I've done 2 rounds of insanity, a couple years ago) and have a good amount of weight from muscle ( Probably because of my age ) and I'm about to start working 60 hrs a week. My goal Is to get shredded but I just don't have the time. My concern is will T 25 be enough for me to reach my goals, or just enough to make a little progress?

  49. Just started my round of T25, recording all of my workouts, feel free to check it out if you want, I hope these reviews and maybe watching me do the workouts help people to see what it takes. I struggle each day, I modify and take breaks, but hopefully my discipline will be successful and I'll see results.

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