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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

You have made a habit out of making the wrong choices, when it comes to food and eating habits. You have gotten to a place where you believe it doesn’t matter.. It does matter. It always matters all the time. And that is extreme.. But I have my goals. LET’S GO EAT. They ask me how do they go about getting big.. Well, you gotta eat big to get big. I’m intense about my habits and they’re buried very deeply inside of me. Because I’ve been persistent about practicing them. A lot of people think I’ve never had a problem or any temptation for other stuff .. .. I do. But I look at the choices I have before when it comes to food. Now I’m ready to go to the gym.. Lift some weights. I ask myself ‘What price am I gonna pay?’ When I do indulge, or have indulge, I don’t like the price that I pay. If you want me to work efficiently, you want me to have energy, be on my game, be aware and wide-open.. Then you gotta feed me good fuel. That’s your body saying that. The most important thing about nutrition is protein. Simply because protein is what builds muscle. Point simple. You can get that good kinda healthy food at every place, so there’s no excuse anymore. It don’t get no better then that. The last year’s Olympia I had my one cheat meal, and pretty much jumped right back on the diet. What I did was diet for the whole year. I ate at the same time that I do when I’m pre-contest, ate the same time in the off-season. Pretty much had the same food, grits for breakfast, second meal chicken, third meal chicken.. Fourth meal stake, fifth meal turkey. And the 6th meal was a protein shake. Now here’s the kicker for what I do in order to gain weight. Instead of me taking in like 250 grams of carbs a day I can now go up to about 600 all the way up to 1000 grams a day. Of course it’s harder, but I want to be better. And I gotta do as Mr. Olympia what it takes to be better. That was my motivation right there. One is not enough for a big guy like me. You gotta eat good food, and if you don’t eat a fair amount of good food you’re not gonna get big. It took me a very long time to learn this.


  1. I saw lots of motivation video for ronnie coleman but still ronnie coleman videos are never get bored that's the real power of ronnie.

  2. نرجو من الله سبحانه وتعالى ان ينظر له بل الشفاء العاجل لانه فعلا انسان محترم وصاحب نفسية جميلة

  3. Imagine Ronnie from 2001 jumping on stage 2019 there should be another class for it he would not be competing with these bodybuilders of 2019/

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  5. The irony of bodybuilding world. If you search his current condition, he can't even stand up because of spinal issues and the sad reality is after a couple of years no one will remember him. It makes me sad😔

  6. Заебали одно и тоже выкладывать каждый раз пидарасы ебаные

  7. What will we wait from a crow other than these trifles. He enjoy with sacrifices of the ancestors.
    If Christophe Columbus had known what America would do, he would not have come out to discover it

  8. Mr G.O.A.T Even today's days he workout like a beast. No one can match up with his physic even today days, past and upcoming times yeh buddy.

  9. Arent all those guys really funny compared to legendary Arnold? They cant even enjoy their meals and dont even train like Arnold….
    Thats why he is laughing when people say i want to look like you…. Cause they never Will!!!!

  10. Big things comes with big sacrifices….. He won 8x olympia and almost destroyed his body…. Respect to this legendary bodybuilder…. Ronnie's name will always be remembered…

  11. It's good to keep fit, but this ??? This is not the purpose of life, there are millions of poor people out there and you eat like 10 kilos a day just to get big and loose all of it one day ? Wats the point, who cares about leaving a legacy, only the good of human remains. Mr Olympia is stupid.

  12. Any person not on the sauce eating like this would be putting on tons of fat not muscle. Too many people look at ronnie and jay and phil and forget to realize they are all sauced up to the maxxx. Tons of dedication in the gym thats for sure, but this 5000+ calories a day they consume gets used up and burned because of all the sauce theyre on. Any normal person with normal levels of test would become obese very fast.

  13. yes…a so called true bodybuilder…look at him now…fuckt up….a TRUE bodybuilder is Arnold…at his age and his heart problems u can stil see the muscles on him

  14. hey buddy, hahaha,…you R about 2 B blessed my friend,…cause Jesus Love' U so much just keep on keep 'n' on bruh 'n' B blessed…

  15. I have gotten out of the habit of eating right ,but I got my chicken breast out right now,I am going cook it in a bit ,I used to be so much stronger and have way more muscle .now I drink like a fish and barely workout, But I want to change that, I keep telling my self its cause I am getting older, but thats bull I just dont do what it takes anymore ,But I am looking change that .Wish me luck.

  16. i luv working out and i luv eating good clean food. i just can't keep myself stuffed 24/7. it's miserable and i'm too "active" minded to be lethargic all the time. that's why i admire those that can. long live the King!

  17. I heard that if you train at the gym where Ronnie also trains and he trains legs, then you better stay home because there isn't a single piece if weight left.

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