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100 thoughts on “Food VS. Supplements – The “Great SUPPLEMENTS Debate” SOLVED!

  1. My thing is are these recommendations of these doses of supplements overkill I think so. Is a diet of whole foods enough yes. Plus how many things has science not discovered yet that we can get in a rich whole food diet.

  2. I don't take this stuff seriously enough to spend money of all sorts of supplements. I just utilize a healthy all-round diet and I'm doing good so far…

  3. hmm good info bro. I'm just curious, do you not get protein from when you get the creatine from beef? So technically you wouldn't actually need to eat ALL that meat in one day right? But nevertheless I agree with you that supplements are necessary…I personally used to take some Whey protein shakes b/c I wasn't getting anywhere near enough protein in my fact I need some right now :

  4. Jeff, I'm not an advocate for either a non-supplement diet or a supplement reliant diet. Instead I am someone who employes critical thinking to come to my own conclusions. If you say that everyone who states you don't need supplements, states this and then runs away, I present to you this opportunity:

    Please site the peer reviewed scientific studies that conclude with the recommended dosages you are putting forward.

    I encourage everyone to do their own research into supplements.

  5. to lean down and feel physically rock hard and mentally more balanced and satisfied i just eat whole foods. Now to get massive, gain weight and trying to swell up for bragging rights i go for the whey protein shakes and creatine. For the long term i would just stick to whole foods. Fck the supplement industry.

  6. If you want to get bulked up for bragging rights u must go for the supplements
    But if you want to be healthy and muscular u would have to go for a whole food diet
    Whole foods have healthy doses of what ur body needs and they also have nutrients that keep your cardiovascular, Immune, and muscular systems working at their best. The supplements can't do that.

  7. not that i massively disagree that supplements can be useful for those trying to bulk up massively. I'm fairly sure that athletes in the 1920 olympics managed to get fit, toned and healthy without supplements lol.

  8. Hey Jeff,
    I'm a senior in high school about to go away to college and was wanting to know what classes i should take to learn all this stuff.

  9. Yeah but the thing is you probobly don't need that much creatine, glutamine, omega 3 or protein. And obviously no one is going to get all their protein from chicken so thats stupid, and obviously if you want to take creatine you need supplements or your gonna be bleeding from your ass. Enema anyone?

  10. @israelsito07 it is everything is just marketing bullshit by supplement companies, imagine stuffing 200 grams of protein into yourself every single day if you are a big guy, insane

  11. @MutsuKazuma i know bro…people have it wrong lol…its not lbs its KG!!! lol but yeah supplement companies love to bullshit…and yeah 200 grams per day lol sure youd have all types of stomach liver malfunctions! lol!

  12. you are not stating facts. the "gram of protein per pound bodyweight" is crap, for one. and the VAST majority of supplements on the market are complete garbage, filled with toxins, and make claims as to their nutrient contents that are wayy off.

    Humans evolved to absorb nutrients and vitamins together in specific ratios. Real foods for real health.

  13. @clearasil11 genetics also play a roll in how well your body develops and what not. not just the supplements, they only aid but hey to each his own =) and good job as long as your doing whats right for you, thats what counts.

  14. @geedunk13 sorry for taking so long to respond, just realized I had a comment. But no, the videos aren't the program. Some of the videos are part of the program, they are mostly just awesome extra bits of knowledge to soak up. The program costs like 67 bucks and is 90 days long. It comes with a home work out program, gym program, and meal plan. It's pretty legit. When you finish it you can repeat it and just make it harder for yourself by adding more weight, etc. Highly suggest it!

  15. @Behindspace90 the reality is that you probably have no idea what you are talking about and Jeff has been at the highest level you can pretty much go in his profession. But you can comment, it just doesn't make sense, thats all I'm saying.

  16. Honestly, i dont like taking supplements. Cuz i feel its not entirely 'natural'. I'm a vegan and i'm perfectly fine. I have a great body, i get enough nutrition. And i can lift heavy. I'm not the biggest guy, but i'd say im around jeff's size. Truth is, it all narrows down to how well you train yourself. Not only physically but mentally also. Its all in ur mindset. Not saying jeff is wrong, but i'm just stating my opinion. =)

  17. Let's say you drink a glass of milk with 8 grams of protein and 250mg of calcium. When you drink this 60% of that calcium goes to break down the protein so your muscles can use it and 40% to the bones. So it you do your body weight times .8 or .9 for body builders and endurance runners you need a lot of calcium in your diet. If you don't take a lot of calcium how does protein get broken down? Your body takes calcium from your bones to break down protein this weakens your bones and can led to os

  18. Gerfenn my track coach runs in the olympics for marathons and he says protein for endurance runners need BW in LBs times .8 is that right?

  19. @gerfenn You're telling me, if I weigh 170 lbs, the recommended amount of protein I should get per day is roughly 62 grams? You kidding me? If you eat eggs for breakfast, chicken for lunch, and fish for dinner, you get almost twice that much protein. I'm going for 1g/1lb of bw.

  20. You can get creatine from beef and glutamine and protein ? why do u put tuna and chicken in same video ? Also u can get glutamine and protein and omega 3 from tuna but again u put beef and chicken and tuna in same video just to trick people.
    If supplements are so good and cheap why do u even use regular food ? You can leave from supplements then !
    If your concern are heavy metals from tuna why do u not care about problems with kidneys and liver if u take supplements ?

  21. creatine is good, also IF you need it a good pre workout. Ive heard that BCAA in the morning is good, but thats about it.

  22. because most of the supplements do not hurt the liver or the kidneys at all if you know what you taking and doing it right.

  23. Omega-3s from canned tuna? seriously Jeff?
    I think the examples you use in your video are misleading.
    You could have given me a more convincing answer like "Supplements are unnecessary but convenient, sometimes you don't have time to prepare a good healthy meal so you go ahead and grab tha protein shake"

  24. So I can get in shape with just stricted meals, it'll just be slower? I really don't have the money for supplements.

  25. Why not use the example of maby SALMON … for omega fatty acits? instead of canned tuna? i mean common.. i love your videos and your realistic input on things but i dont agree with this video 🙂

  26. An important question to ask about supplements is not "can you?" but "do you?". I hear health care professionals say, "you can get all you need from food." You don't only need to daily eat from each of the food groups but a wide variety of choices from each group. Ask yourselves, "Do we really make all the choices for every meal every day?" – Coffee and skip breakfast, a Subway sandwich at lunch, and a TV dinner at night. None of us make ALL the right choices all the time. You need to supplement

  27. First time I don't agree with you, Jeff! Supplements can be a good thing and make things a lot easier, but is without a doubt possible to do it with a good and healthy diet, it takes more time to prepare, but it will certainly taste better and you know more about, what you actually put in your body!
    Maybe you can't live without supps, when you want to look like Ronny coleman, but who wants to be that big anyway!
    For a muscular and still sporty physique you don't need so much artifficial stuff

  28. That's EXACTLY what he said: supplements are NOT required, but they help, and help a lot. So take the easier approach or handicap yourself voluntarily – it's up to you.

  29. creatin though is also produced in our pankreas, liver and kidneys. so what about that? we don't have to get it only from food.

  30. But if someone is eating that much beef per day (2.5 lbs.) to get the recommended creatine intake, wouldn't that person also be consuming more than enough protein? 

  31. hi jeff, as always great advice and tips. i need advice, please help.
    we are entering into the holy month of Ramadaan, where we would stay away from food  and drink for 30 days, from sunrise to sunset. I did abit of research and asked a few trainers at our local gym and they all advise that it is better to not workout for duration of the month as it would be more harmful, however light cardio would be ok. Please advise.

  32. Where are you getting your numbers from? The recommended dose of omega-3s is 0.3g/day. People with circulatory diseases should take about 1g/day. 100g of tuna contains 1.4g of EDA and 1.2g of DHA, while one can typically contains 150g of tuna. I would say your studies appear to have been supported by firms who sell supplements and I would love to see them.

  33. Maybe <<<  I can make a better point – – look WAY back before protein powder's and all these supplements came out . Did we or did we not have body builders ? Plain and simple !!!

  34. I was going to say the same thing how did people get huge back then,they didn't have supplements back then they only had food. These days supplements companies all they do is sell products and make money,they don't care about us getting more muscle. You talk about the benefits you get from supplements but what about bad stuff you get from supps? At least food you eat is natural and healthy

  35. raising big muscles with minimum fat is impossible w/o supplements. Reason is simple. To raise muscles you gotta get proteines etc. So you gotta eat a lot, which goes with fat and sugar. So muscles will raise but also fat%. If you workout to burn fat –> youll also burn muscles. So they ll shrink again. Maybe if you have the genetics, and eat sleep workout perfect, its a little possible. But believe me 99,99 of guys with big muscles, and i mean really pumped up muscles and dry muscles no fat, looking like the gonna explode, not like very muscular but not pumped like Bruce Lee, but more like Stallone, you know they use shit. Even if its something little like creatine of whey powder, THEY USE SHIT. They look happy with them muscles but their kidneys and liver is gonaa get fkcd up. You can recognize these fools by their body parts radio, like little head sometimes neck and big arms small tits vice versa, thin legs etc. Hows my english?

  36. If man needed all these volumes of extracted artificial nutrients to build muscles, I don't think nature would have locked them in small quantities in food. Why don't you live solely on nutrients since you know up to the 2nd decimal point, the amount of nutrient your body needs to stay in perfect shape?

  37. The key word is supplement. This industry hypes the amount of nutrition we need to sell us on supplements so we can aim for a crazy number that has no validity. At first eggs was bad, now their good, at first butter caused heart attacks now it's good, at first fats was terrible, now we should stop eating carbs and focus on Keto diets. You get the point, just eat healthy at caloric deficit; while weight lifting and you'll be ok

  38. we all have saw that cave mans etc are shown muscular in the photos or in art pieces…they never used any protein but they are big and mascular they only eat meat etc

  39. So I don't understand how ancient civilization like the Spartans go strong and muscular, back in time when there was no supplements. In their time they were consider the best and the strongest, so how did they do it without supplements?

  40. Why are there so ignorant people i read a comment here that said how were spartans so big and strong :O ok i think you need to understand what he's referring to first. If you take it like that u wouldn't need any supps but if u think that Spartans looked like they are shown in the 300 movie u r an idiot xD they may have been strong and all but they weren't CUT and JACKED like that they were full of fat cause they ate meat in extreme and don't try to defend that u don't need supps if u want to be CUT like Jeff like he said in the video if u need to eat 2.5 pounds of beef just for the creatine where's the fat and calories u r just gonna look like a fat fuck and not one muscle will show no matter how much cardio u think u r doing i mean come on listen to the facts first then talk it's not like he said u HAVE TO TAKE SUPPLEMENTS but if u wanna look CUT and BIG yeah u do and if u want a shortcut just take roids like all those bloated freaks

  41. There are other sources for creatine besides beef…

  42. Eggs are a great source of glutamine as well and they are one of the cheapest protein sources you can buy. Not saying that he's wrong, just saying there are other options. My husband is extremely strong and has never taken omega 3 supplements, creatine, or any other enhancement supplements. On occasion he has done a pure whey protein shake when we are on the go but he usually eats whole foods. I am the same. Although I take fish oil supplements in the winter to up my vitamin D. I also take a multivitamin. Food doesn't have all the vitamins it once had back in the day. Again, not saying Jeff is wrong.. just pointing out some great food sources.

  43. Going through the comments i found out that most of you are movies addict idiots
    Talking about spartans early mans and all
    Look this guy is not the same whome you are comparing with
    This guy has cuts abs all shredded
    Your BEST spartans and all were big fatt ass bloated warriors who were all about strength not any kind of good looking attractive bodybuilder
    And for the one who said eating beef of about 2.5 lbs will give you enough protein
    I need you to play this video again and please kindly listen to him carefully
    He said a persons protein intake varies with his MASS
    U got that?
    There is no way saying my husband never had any supplement and still is strong and blah blah
    It sucks
    Hus husband might be strong but he ain't a bodybuilder
    He ain't the one with shredded body and abs
    Yes there is the difference you morons

  44. Supplements are useless, I've trained with protein powder in my diet and creatine and without, no difference between them, I mean there is a difference, I wasted more money with supplements.

  45. I rely on supplements. I try to balance it out with real food for my own satisfaction. Its just easier to get a quick supplement source when ur on the go than preparing every meal, and supplements aren't that bad. I actually enjoy them.

  46. If you are young, then you get plenty of nutrition from a healthy diet. However, if you are older, then you won't get enough even in the healthiest diets. That's why older people MUST supplement!

  47. supplements are only good for those who take the fast short road like a bunny rabbit but the tortus always wins and if you take your time and workout without supplements your body will build and become stronger if your taking pre workout your not making your heart stronger your giving it a cruch to rely on.. its common sense. since when did the real good boxers or real athletes ever rely on that shit..I know

  48. I want to achieve a Body Structure built upto to the Level of Gene the Protagonist from the 2006 video game GOD HAND 😀

  49. I use both supplements and food, im bloated the whole day how ever ive gained 15kg in 4 months and didnt gain fat just muscle, shake has around 600 calories

  50. I have been watching your videos for about a month and I love them! You are very informative. You keep things focused on the subjects. You are engaging to listen to and you do not waste my time. Thank you very much! I have even recommended you to my father who is a professional trainer. God bless and keep up the great work Jeff!

  51. very helpful thanks! why don't you do a daily meal that you go through? just show us what you eat in the morning, in between, at lunch, in between and dinner. tell which supplements you take,made supplements, where to buy and GG. better than having to prove stuff? it will be your most watched viewed video to date. gl

  52. Can't use creatine anymore. It dehydrates me so i have to drink more water….drink more water…gotta piss more…can't piss because i work outdoors with no bathrooms at my disposal. So…FML

  53. Could i drink milk for "whey"(fast digesting protein) kind of post workout recovery for my muscles to quickly recocer and grow at night(for example 8:30 p.m. right after my workout) and then eat a slow digesting protein before i go to bed for muscle growth?

  54. issue with supplements is they arent permanent, u wont be taking them forever, once u stop ur progress will go down cuz ur body was relying too much on it. whether u stop at 40, 50, 60yrs old. I'd like to be active forever and i dont want to take supplements in my 50s. sadly this is the only thing i disagree with Jeff on, but his science does back it up but he doesnt mention the creatine we create in our body, added with the meat shuld be more than enuf. taking supplements to help u perform better is just cheating in my eyes, u can last for X reps with supplements, but then u stop then and now u last "x-y" reps, great, u lost potential

  55. What about if I drink my homemade shake like oats banana yogurt egg whites peanut butter to gain muscle? Instead of drinking whey protein

  56. Big fan of AX . I've watched a lot of AX videos, combed through lots of posts & threads, & comments, to try & understand why my muscles stay sore for so long up to 5 days sometimes. Is it a nutritional thing? Or just not working out enough & consistently??

  57. Jeff has to be the most honest guy in the industry, he is so full of integrity it's insane. I trust him over anyone else in the world when it comes to supplements, training, and nutrition advice. Hands down

  58. Tuna has o.28g of omega 3, but salmon has 2.2g. One can of salmon = 7 cans of tuna. Not that I would eat either because I'm vegan and vegan Algae 0mega 3's tablets are cheaper and toxin free. Also easy to get cheap protein, lentils and also high in glutamine 1g in every 10g is glutamine.

  59. Hey Jeff. I do take supplements because I can't literally fit/eat that much food in a day. Although did want to point out the beef and fish you used as a creatine and omega source will also provide you with more than enough protein and glutamine. So the chicken breast was pointless in the math.

  60. I'm not anti-supplements but people had the ability to be ripped, fit and healthy way before supplements were introduced to mankind. So surely it is possible to get great results without?

  61. Jeff, I don’t think that there is anybody better to help out with Nutrition plans among other things, than you. To answer your question about whether or not I take supplements, I don’t, but I would really like to use the supplements that you take to help me benefit from the Nutritional values that they have.

  62. I can get 450g or 1lb of chicken breast for 2$
    It contains at least 110g of protein
    110g of whey protein costs me something like 4$

  63. Honestly, i dont know whats right anymore! When i was a kid back in Russian i new a guy who were just eating healthy and working out every day and he was packed with muscle! When I moved to USA I found out that almost everyone is using protein shakes and all other supplements.. Even though you might need this supplement now days , i will still go with old school mentality and just eat healthy..

  64. I took creatine about 10-13 years ago….I was 20-23yrs old, and my hair was falling out, my hairline was reseading back, i would see hair in my bath tub, and on my comb , and I thought my hair was going to have a hourse shoe…….now my hair has never been more full and it hasn't receanded since then……..just saying

  65. As it happens if you eat the beef for the creatine you also eat the right amount for the Glutamine and smash your protein needs. Just saying.

  66. Guy on doids talks about how bad you need sups …. and forget to mention for example that you won't have so much testosterone to benefit form 200G protein and so 😀 As a natural builder you need 50G minimum protein and max 1G per KG and you can get from real food easy ) Only supplements you need is Omega 3 and Vitamin D … maybe some Multivitamin if diet is poor …

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