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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hello and welcome to this episode of
The Mind Capsule and today we will talk about foods which can help us to gain weight.
About 30 % of the world population is overweight but do you know that around
8% of the world’s population is underweight as well?
Being underweight can cause serious health problems than being overweight. This
categorization is done on the basis of body mass index or BMI. If a person has a
BMI value less than 18.5 he or she is considered underweight.
Being underweight can create serious health issues like period problems in
women, weakening of immunity system and several deficiencies. A solution to being
underweight seems simple like eating more calories than you lose, but it’s not.
It is true that eating a lot of junk food adds weight to your body but it
doesn’t means that we should start eating a lot of junk food as it can lead
to other serious problems like heart diseases due to unhealthy saturated
fats and sugar. Let us talk about the foods which can help us to gain weight
without causing other health problems. First one is nuts. Nuts like Almond,
Walnuts, Peanuts are healthy way of gaining weight as they are having a lot
of calories and are not harmful to the body. Also they can be stored for a long
time and can be consumed anywhere. Especially Almonds is best for gaining
weight. Next in the list is avocado. Avocados are nutritious foods with
healthy monounsaturated fats. It can be included in regular diet to gain weight.
Next is a wild Salmon or fresh water Salmon fish. It contains lot of protein
which helps in gaining weight without simply storing fat. Farmed Salman is not
recommended as it is unhealthy and lacks nutrition profile for which Salmon
is famous. Next is protein supplements. Protein
supplements like mass gainers can be very effective for gaining weight,
especially when combined with exercise. Next in the list is high protein
breakfast with eggs and cereal. Egg is obviously one of the best sources of
protein which can be very beneficial if taken in recommended amount. You can also
take cereals like cornflakes, oats, multigrain etc with milk in the morning
to gain weight. But avoid processed high sugar cereals. It is important to know
what we should eat to gain weight but more important to know what we should
not do to gain weight as wrong diet can cause other serious health problems.
Foods high in sugar must be avoided. Food only with fat content but of little or
no nutritional value must be avoided. Potato chips, ice cream, french fries,
processed meat and noodles must be avoided. To sum up, if we only take foods
rich in fats and little nutritional value we will start feeling sick, tired,
unable to sleep or work after few days. So, gaining weight healthy way is the
best option. Be informed and be safe. Please share your views in comments. Hit
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