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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

A few months ago, I learned the muscle-up
in 35 days. I got countless comments saying that’s not
a real muscle-up because kipping doesn’t count. I decided to learn the ring muscle-up first
to build up the foundation strength for achieving a bar muscle-up without kipping. Unfortunately, after that, I injured my finger
and I couldn’t grip the bar normally without feeling any pain. One day, I was deep into the YouTube rabbit
hole and I saw an old video released 9 years ago of a guy with his shirt on casually doing
slow and controlled muscle-ups, and his secret is gripping the bar with a false grip. All of a sudden it hit me that I can train
for a non-kipping muscle-up with a false grip now without having to wait for my finger to
be fully recovered since based on my experience of learning the false grip from the ring muscle-up,
the bodyweight will be mostly on the wrists instead of the fingers. So starting from today, I will attempt to
learn the slow muscle-up until I can do 3 in a row. Alright. Let’s do it. See if this works. Oh, oh my god. Hoooo, man. I thought the false grip on the bar would
be similar to the false grip on the rings, but the pressure on the wrists felt so bad
that I ended up questioning myself whether or not I was gripping it correctly. On day 3, I decided to grip with my thumbs
over the bar since my wrists felt a lot better this way. Oh, I can’t believe it. Ha, I am so close, so close. Oh my god, why can’t I push it up? I was able to elevate myself higher than before,
but for some reason, I just couldn’t get myself over the bar. I kept on trying and trying and trying, oh
you gotta be kidding me, but still couldn’t make it. On day 11, I accidentally did a chicken wing
up. Oh, okaaay. That’s one, hooo. Maybe a little bit of chicken wing, and it
was because I unconsciously wrapped my thumbs around the bar in order to push myself up. At that moment I realized one of the grips
I tried on day 1 was actually correct. The correct grip is to have the bone on the
palm be on top of the bar, and I just have to get used to the wrist pressure. I managed to do a rep without the chicken
wing. Hoooo. Okay, one, hooo. But I realized it was very difficult to come down with control
without losing the false grip because my muscles were not used to the eccentric movement. I practiced and practiced
but still couldn’t figure out the negative part of the muscle-up. On day 17, while I was still struggling with
the negatives, ah, a veteran gym regular, Jeff, offered me some
valuable advice. Just my opinion. Yea, let me know. I have a vested
interest. I need every input I need. Your negative, when you are like coming down,
you are going so slow on that. I feel like that’s where you are burning out. Just make that a little bit smoother and come
down. You are like on that last one. The second you came down great and you started
going down so slow, which is cool, but, I see what you mean there. You are burning
yourself out. To summarize, he told me, yes, I should avoid
doing the negatives so fast to lose the false grip, but I shouldn’t do the negatives too
slow either because that would tire out the muscles. I should come down a little bit faster and
at the same time, try to maintain a false grip. I listened to his advice, and I was able to
do 2 reps. Two. OK, one last. Hoo. Three. Ahhh. Oh, my god. Thanks for the tip, man. On day 19, with fresh arms, this happened. One, two, three. Hoo, finally. As you can tell from my reaction, I wasn’t
particularly excited. Deep down I knew that I didn’t do the slow
muscle-up with a full range of motion because I couldn’t get all the way down with my
elbows straight. I could have faked excitement and uploaded
the video but that’s not me. I decided to figure out how to do it instead. I searched every single corner on YouTube,
Reddit, and Google but couldn’t find anything. Therefore, I tried posting my question on
Reddit bodyweight fitness, direct messaging people on Instagram who showcase their slow
muscle-up, but the answer I got is nothing more than training harder and working on your
wrist flexibility. While I was at the gym trying to figure this
out myself, all of a sudden I experienced a very familiar magical feeling. It was the same feeling during my incomplete
MoonBoard collab with rockentry. By the way, it’s incomplete because I injured
my finger and we both assumed the video would be done once my finger was recovered. He taught me how to hold on to a very crappy
MoonBoard hold with straight arms, and the key is to engage the shoulders. When I engaged my shoulders, it became so
much easier to hold onto the false grip with straight arms. The easiest way to experience this is to grip
the bar with a normal grip since most people are strong enough to hold onto the bar without
engaging their shoulders. The next day, this happened. Two. Three. Yes, man, hoo, hoo. That has to be it. Man, that has to be it. After I reviewed the footage, I realized my
right arm wasn’t completely straight at the bottom, so I had to do it again to make
sure my right arm was straight. One, two, three. OK, this has to be it, and it is. Thanks for watching. I plan to continue to making videos of myself
learning various calisthenics moves. While learning the muscle-up, I discovered
how reliant I was on my fingers when I was climbing, and there’s so much more room
for improvement in other parts, like wrists, arms, and shoulders, which calisthenics focus
on. Additionally, the support and popularity of
these videos have been incredible. I got so many comments asking me to make videos
like “average guy learns front lever, back lever, or handstand,” and I will definitely
try my best to make it happen. I am actually in the middle of learning the
handstand now, and it’s super-duper hard for me. For those who have supported me since the
early days, I know you guys are here for the climbing videos, and I will never stop making
them. I am not a V double-digit climber so I don’t
have the ability to make videos of myself sending this and crushing that, but I will
always keep on innovating to see what type of climbing videos the majority of climbers
like to watch even though there were a lot of failed experiments in the past. I have big collaboration plans with rockentry,
and once my finger is recovered, we will definitely resume it, so stay tuned! And as always, make sure to like and subscribe. See you in the next video.

100 thoughts on “Former Average Guy Learns the Slow Muscle-Up in 23 Days

  1. Would you tell part of your success is also be able to quickly gain strength along repeated attempts ? Except the negatives, you didn't follow any side exercices related ? I just started the same path to see, but I already noticed there a lot related to pure strength and center mass as well, not just a proper grip. Congratulation btw!

  2. Thanks heaps for this. Its my goal since hitting 52 year old to achieve the slow strict muscle up . This video has invaluable tips how to get there. Consistency and persistence is the key.

  3. So, this just happened. First of all, a huge thank you! I started calisthenics 2 months ago. Before that I just did some pull ups, with proper form and all, but that's it. I'm still in the process of trying to learn fast muscle up, in addition to other calisthenic moves. I started 2 weeks ago to try to get the slow muscle up. I could dip really low, and I could false-grip pull up with ease, but there was a gap of 5 cm at the transition point, that I couldn't pass. Then I saw this video, and I used the exact same grip, and I hold the bar not so wide as before. I tried this on Monday, and I felt I was really close, and did some negatives. And then I tried again today (Wednesday), and boom! I did it with ease, and then it was unlocked somehow, and I'm just spamming slow muscle ups. In the meantime I haven't done a single fast muscle up yet, due to lack of technique I guess and not lacking the strength. Thanks a lot dude!!

  4. Ur not average man ur dedication makes u above average. A lot of people nowadays think everything is physical and that’s a big reason why there’s so much healthy young men not committing or doing shit with their lives. Ur big dick energy inspires me

  5. This guy went from experienced rock climber (never average) to just another clickbait Youtuber. Sad how a little bit of popularity can change someone.

  6. “Average” I can only do 3 pull-ups and I’d say I’m a proud average guy.

    Edit: it sounds like I’m bragging but really it’s sad.

  7. THANK YOU!!! I’ve been doing kipping muscle ups for a long time and have never been able to do a strict non kipping muscle up. I’m able to do 20+ kipping muscle ups In a row and have tried so many ways to train just to do one strict one but was never able. I say that not to brag but to let you know it doesn’t matter how many kipping muscle ups you can do, sure they help but if you don’t have the right technique and you’re not working the right muscles it will make it much harder. I tried your grip and the very first attempt I did it! I was so shocked it worked!! I was only able to do one but that’s a start and for my very first try with that grip I’m super happy! Seriously thank you for the tip, goes to show that technique is definitely key!

  8. Dude, I just checked out all ur muscle-up videos and I'm so hyper to go back to the gym this week and continue my journey to achieve this level! thanks mate! I can really emphasise with the joy you have after accomplishing something you trained a long time for!

    Keep up da good work!


  9. Hello ! Congratulation for your slow muscle up ! just and advice…. be cautious to your shoulder when your going down it's brutal. Do you train the slow muscle up every day ?

  10. Holy cow yes you did it! …..Tho i actually did suggested the slow negative of the muscle up to help with the progress..back in your first muscle up vid…

  11. Those were legit. I like the subtle hints you provide like engaging the shoulders to keep your elbows straight. Also, in the rings video the picture showing where the ring should lay on your palm was very helpful thank you

  12. humanity can take good lessons from this guy. make a goal. set standards and metrics. discipline…then work it. rework it. then do it. ..and be humble

  13. Hi Geek. Congratulations on the exercise. I wanted to ask you if the 23 days of attempts to prepare the Slow Muscle up are consecutive or you have done one or more days of rest between one attempt and another. Thank you

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