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PATTY: I felt if I carried on the way I was and the size I was, I was dying a slow death. 00:11
COMM: Patty Sanchez, has dropped more than 200 pounds after purposely packing on weight
for years. 00:18
PATTY: I was not able to do this is in the past. I was like a big balloon deflating and
I am still real big but I am just hanging, I’m saggy. It’s easier to get out of bed,
to stand up, cooking for myself, you know, getting around the house, getting outside. 00:37
COMM: Patty piled on the pounds when she found herself in a relationship with a feeder, someone
who enjoys seeing people overeat and gain weight. 00:46
PATTY: He had never dated a big girl but he had fantasies. I’d say 90% of our relationship
revolved around eating. My breakfast consisted of biscuits and gravy, three eggs over easy,
fried potatoes, bacon, sausage, glass of orange juice. 01:04
COMM: But in just 3 years, Patty had ballooned to 722 pounds and ended up bed bound which
caused her sons great concern. 01:15
SCOTT: There was nothing healthy about going to a weight where you have no quality of life
and knowing what type of lively person she is, that was upsetting as her sons that she
would put herself in a situation where she felt emotionally stable but yet was physically
deteriorating. 01:36
LOGAN: Gets to a point where his fantasies and her co-dependency on him was out of hand. 01:43
COMM: But after 10 years together, Patty split up with her boyfriend and had a serious wake
up call. 01:48
PATTY: I was stuck in the bed with nobody to help me. I couldn’t move. My life was
spiralling out of control and that’s when I knew, okay! I’ve got to get up. I’ve
got to get out of this bed. 02:00
COMM: Patty was determined to shift the weight and with the help of her two sons, she’s
already been able to drop 244 pounds by cutting 10,000 calories from her daily diet and doing
light exercise. 02:13
PATTY: I just started eating vegetables, salads, fruits, lean meats nothing deep fried. I saw
a change within 3 months. 02:23
COMM: And it’s not just her figure that is responding to her health kick. 02:27
PATTY: My relationship with my kids has changed because I get so much positive feedback these
days from them ‘cause they are so proud of the progress I’ve made. They say I’m
easier to be around now. I guess food was making me miserable and I didn’t even realise
it. 02:44
SCOTT: I feel since she has lost the weight that she has, I’ve noticed quite a difference
in her personality and as well as like her mental well being. 02:53
LOGAN: I’m very proud of my mom. I’m proud of my mom as well. She has come a long way.
It’s just good to see her back. You know, more capable of life now. 03:02
PATTY: My only advice is to others that are in a feedee-feeder relationship, there’s
more down, downfalls to that than there are good things about it and always put yourself
first. Don’t put anybody before you because this is what happens and it’s not healthy.

100 thoughts on “Former Weight-Gain Queen Drops 240lbs To Save Her Life

  1. I wish you the best I hope you beat jhon cena if you play resulting in doubles or if you even no who he is I'm trying to lose weight and I'm just a kid

  2. very proud of you I such bountiful woman pls email me u have inspired me I'm dieting would love to know u as a friend

  3. Good for her! I love that her son's are helping her so much! I hope she continues on her weight loss journey and keeps losing weight. I wish her the best of luck!

  4. good for you sweety im glady ou turned around keep walking daily and eating healthy! these men out there that feed are sick in a few years you could be a size 4! keep it up you havea very pretty face too and wonderful personality

  5. Fantastic! Her son looks so much happier than he did in the BBC documentary. She looks so much happier. Keep going!

  6. Amen, I'm so, so proud of her, she's so Beautiful an so right about putting yourself 1st! This gave me tears for simple fact I gained weight due to a hurtful relationship I was in so I understand what she went through 😔

  7. her ex brainwashed her!! Amazing what she's done and so proud of her. She can get around freely and pain her own toenails, cook for herself and move by herself. Amazing. ❤️

  8. That guy used her for his own selfish (sexual) perversion. Thank God she saw the light. Prayers my friend. Live healthy and go back to being the beautiful you in the outside so it matches the inside. You are beautiful regardless, but you deserve to have a quality of life.. <3

  9. Good for her! Its sad that the guys who are the feeders can just up and leave one day and then the person gaining the weight, are stuck.

  10. Good for her and her sons. Having said that, they don’t know how to cook steak. A proper steak is pan seared on high heat, to get that caramalized sealed crust, yet still have it medium rare. Those steak were cooked on low heat…and looked almost boiled.

    There you go:

  11. God bless you and bless your kids , the best family!!! Honestly I do wish and pray that you continue losing weight and stay healthy, I hope to see new updates about her weight loss!!!!

  12. Those sick headed "feeders" should just purchase a life like inflatable silicon doll!
    They can blow it up as big as they like and since there's no real food involved it would cost them much less in the long run….
    There would be no real lives being ruined because of their sick fetishes and the insecure woman who think they must gain weight to please these sick bastards…

  13. Feeders are extremely selfish people (yes, ALL of them). They care more for their own pleasure and sense of dominance and control than their partner's health.

  14. its half to belive people can weigh nearly half a ton.

    cut 10k calories a day… jeez i dont know if i consume 10k a week

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