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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

okay guys we’re at riverside family
fitness today we’re gonna train hamstrings it’s kind of like my new gym
it’s a little bit quieter I did not eat breakfast today because I 15,000
calories yesterday so I’m feeling pretty full so I didn’t I just skipped
breakfast I had my pre-workout on the way here which is basically mainly made
up of amino synergy I’m gonna do another two scoops for my intra workout because
I’m on an empty stomach I feel like it’s even more important today just to get
some essential amino make sure I’m not losing muscle or being catabolic in
any way so we’re gonna start with hamstrings I don’t come in here with any
other speed I’ve trained myself to do this thing at this level of intensity no
matter what this is how I train I usually start with lying leg curls
feel like it gets the whole hamstring kind of warmed up and get me started for
some other exercises one tip I can give you guys try and do it with your legs
together okay everybody does lying leg curls with your
legs apart you’re gonna get more hips and more glute that way try and keep your
legs together that’s your first tip I’m gonna do a set I’ll give you guys
another some of you know I had a tricep tear and
I had surgery about eight weeks ago so I haven’t done any upper body stuff in
about eight weeks I’ve been doing a lot of legs you want to make sure you keep your butt
down on the lying leg curl one of the ways to do this is to lift your knees on
every rep so as you come up to the top of your heels try and lift your knees
you can’t lift your knees if your butts up sometimes I like to add inclusion bands
to my training for extra intensity so what this is gonna do is increase my
pump by trapping the blood in the muscle okay so we’re gonna tie it off at like a
7 8 out of 10 tightness we’re gonna do a little more bit higher volume reps cuz
you don’t you don’t do inclusion training with heavy weight you do it
like a moderate to lightweight more weight so we’re gonna be the 10 to 15
range and we’re gonna try and drive as much blood into the muscle as possible so these are some of the finer points
very short rest periods so you’re gonna go right after your partner higher reps
you’re gonna be in the 10 to 15 even 20 range you’re gonna leave the bands on
from the start of the exercise to the end of the exercise and you’re gonna
only wrap at a 7 out of 10 to 8 out of 10 strength you want to like you don’t
want to tie it off to like 10 out of 10 where you can’t feel anything you think you got a pump and you take
the straps off and the blood rushes into your fucking leg
then you got a pump so we’re doing a glute-ham raise this is
the Crippler it’s the humbler if you think you’re
strong this will show you that you’re not so what we’re doing is the plate
loaded glute-ham raised machine as you can see I got like four plates on it
because my upper body I’m just too heavy for my hamstrings arent strong enough to pull me up I need the counterbalance of four plates to help me
I’m working on getting stronger and trying to work down to three plates two
plates one plate you get stronger on the machine but this is the be-all end-all
of hamstring development my podcast episode seven I interviewed
Alvin Brown who’s my life coach back in the day and I was having some issues
taught me a lot of good life lessons and one of the things he said in that
podcast was the way you do one thing is the way you do everything so when people
ask me hey man how come you have a torn tricep and a fucked-up knee and your
fucking 40 and you’re still in the gym killing it where’s that motivation come
from where why are you training so hard when it’s
only one body part that you can train the rest are fucked up because I’ve
trained myself to do this thing at this level of intensity no matter what so
when you guys are out there looking for motivation it’s not motivation it’s this
is how I train it doesn’t matter if I fucking feel good if I want to go to the
gym if I don’t want to go to the gym I don’t come in here with any other speed moving on to calves now and I used to
always avoid standing calf raises because I wasn’t strong on them but um I
really feel like if you have high calves genetically which I do the only thing
you can do is make your gastroc as big as possible and this is the machine
that’s gonna do it so really heavy standing calf raises really heavy seated
leg press and then you want to try and build your soleus to get that thickening up
that bottom as much as you can but if you have genetically bad calves I don’t
think you should ignore them because you can make them 25 to 50 percent better
are you gonna grow dorian yates calves if you’re born no calves probably not
I’ve been demolishing my calves three times a week I don’t think they’re ever
gonna be Paul de Mayo dorian yates Mike monterosso calves they’re always
gonna be on the smaller side but that being said you have to maximize what you
do have so the way we do that I believe is more frequency three times a week
different exercises each time and I try and do two of the three days really
heavy and one bit one day with more volume like 20 30 reps as long as you’re
keeping as much variation as possible I feel you can attacks all the fibers but
predominantly you want to go heavy with a controlled negative all right so doing some seated calf
raises load under stretch works best with calves but in saying that you have
to be careful so even though I want to do an extra stretch on the standing calf
raise I don’t because I got 600 pounds on there I don’t wanna tear my Achilles
tendon so got to be careful on the seated calf raise I’ll go a little bit lighter
and I actually try and get my heels all the way down and work the calf muscle
load under stretch so I’m gonna load this thing up with as much weight as I
can handle with my heels going all the way down and giving my calves the biggest
stretch I can get and I feel like that will help the soleus grow more so that’s a fifteen thousand calorie pump I
feel good today felt good to get back in the gym felt good to use up the extra
calories that we ate yesterday have some good work on hamstrings good work good
work on the calves very focused no dicking around no wasting any sets every
set counted and wrap it up and keep working

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