Selen Dar

Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

– Hey what’s up guys. Let me ask you a question. Are you serious about getting
in the best shape of your life this year? If the answer’s yes,
then you’re gonna want to keep watching the next couple minutes of this video, as we tell you how to get your hands on our brand
new 65-page male or female Ultimate Training Guide. – Yes, the great thing about this guide is, what I’ve noticed over the 15 years that I’ve been training
people, men and women, respond differently to
different training programmes, different nutritional programmes,
so in the beauty of this, we have four different training routines, male and female, that you can choose from based on your goals. – Yeah, you said it, we
literally packed this with so much information,
it covers 10 chapters, a lot of which is intracted, which means when you click on it, it’s gonna take you to other sections of the website that we’re gonna keep updating. New videos, recipes, workouts on there. So we cover literally everything. Cardio, goal setting, abdominal training, multiple workouts, different
nutritional and recipes, I think 13 recipes in total. – And five vegan friendly recipes as well. – Yeah so like we have covered everyone, like I said, a lot of information within this training guide. – Yeah, that is a lot of information. So, with all that, I
know you’re gonna have a lot of questions, so we’ve
created a Facebook group. Give you the support and
motivation that you need to help you reach your goals. Also, based upon what you
choose in your training goals when you sign up, we’ll
also be emailing you the current things that
we’re coming out with, it could be an article,
a new training exercise, that you can add to your repertoire. – Wait wait wait wait,
so it’s kind of like, they get the training guide
and then they’re gonna get free weekly updated training
routines, exercises, meal plans, like why pay for a trainer? – Yes. – You’re gonna be out of a job soon. – Yeah, so you’re like getting
your own online trainer with all this information, for free. So the last thing is you want
to tell them how to get it. – Yes, the training guide, okay, it’s available from January
15th, so just a few days away, and all you need
to do is head over to, or
just click on the link below. You’ll see a welcome page like this, male or female one,
you can choose between. Just enter your name, email
address, choose any number of the training goals,
if you choose all four, you receive four different emails with four different types of training, so you can really mix and match. And you’ll receive the full training guide on your iPad, on the
computer, you can download it, print it out, it’s yours to
do what you like with it. Literally, immediately. – Yeah, I think that’s it, I think. – Yeah, pretty much. – We just look forward
to meeting all of you at the Facebook group, and let’s make 2018 a great goal-achieving year. – Let’s do it, we’ll see you then. Take care, bye bye.

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