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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

When I was younger, I was involved in a pretty bad car accident. Seeing the state of the car I probably shouldn’t be here just now. I had a passenger with me – it was my ex
girlfriend. That kind of spurred a lot of things on for me. I nearly killed a woman.
A young woman – a very young woman and myself. It just made me think about a lot of things,
ye know, where I was, what I was doing with my life. Where I was going My name is Gus Dennis. Occupation is
personal trainer/competitive bodybuilder. Now I grew up in North Berwick, that’s where
I was born and I went to school there as well. I left school at 17 years old.
19 – factory job. Living at home with my parents. Nearly killed someone… yeah. Time for a fresh start.
Definitely move away. And that’s why I joined the navy. Just moved. It did grow me up quite a lot. I needed to
grow up fast. I became an aircraft engineer. Ye daint wannae talk aboot Iraq dae ye? No
Naw? No What led me on to bodybuilding was my best
friend. He was like: “You should be a PT!”
so we both started this PT course together. I finished it, he didn’t. And there it is!
So being in the fitness industry, that was when I just got right into bodybuilding and
eventually started competing in 2014. Competition time – we’ve got a selection
of poses we call mandatory poses. They say it’s relaxed – it really isn’t.
You’re flexing every single muscle in the body. And then after that you’ll have
your individual routine. Which is generally between 60 and 90 seconds for an amateur.
Just have a bit of fun where you run about on stage showing off your best poses, best
moves, or your worst. Depends how good you are! Right, so, my daily routine when I’m coming
up to a competition is horrible. I get up at 4am, go outside, do my cardio, doesn’t matter if it’s raining. After that it’s just a lot of food prep and a lot of eating. As
a personal trainer I still have to be that up-beat, perky, motivational guy, and that’s
the hard part. I recently got married. My wife she’s a PT now, she wasn’t before,
so you could say I’m an inspiration and I am gonnae take full credit for that. Having
a good partner behind you is half the battle. What can I say? She’s awesome.

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