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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

– What’s up elite THENX athletes? I’m Zay and today I’m gonna show you how I transformed my body from fat to fit. (wild electronic music) Alright, guys, so let’s get started. A lot of you may not know this but I used to be really overweight. In fact, I used to weigh 190 pounds. Back then, I had a really poor diet, I wasn’t very active, I
was barely working out, and the worst part was I
didn’t know where to start. So, I was thinking about
getting a gym membership and I was talking about
it with a friend of mine and he recommended me to
start with calisthenics, and that’s when he
introduced me to the basics, push-ups, pull-ups, dips, squats, but honestly, I still found
myself struggling with the basics, especially when
trying to keep proper form. So, one of the biggest
game changers for me was when I first got my resistance band. Back when I was training the
basics, I was still struggling. I felt like I was giving a
lot of effort for nothing. I felt like I wasn’t performing
these exercises properly and I definitely wasn’t
even repping them out. So, when I first started
using the resistance band, I found myself doing the exercises that I couldn’t even do before, and this time, I was able
to do them with proper form, full range of motion, and for the first time ever, I was
able to rep them out. So, normally, when you first get started, you’re not strong enough to push or pull your own body weight, but when you’re using a resistance band, it’s gonna help alleviate
some of that weight and allow you to perform more repetitions and focus on your form. So, finally, with the band,
I was able to complete my workout routines, and
build a strong foundation, and eventually I didn’t
need a band anymore, but the most important thing
is that I was out of shape and I got into shape, so if I
can do it, you guys can do it, and this routine that
I’m about to show you, it’s the same routine I used to help me get to where I’m at today. So, for this routine
we’re gonna be focusing on the basics with this resistance band. If you guys don’t have one you can pick one up on First exercise, 10
pull-ups, let’s go for 10. (wild music) Alright. Make sure you’re focusing on your form, keeping them nice and
clean, and now’s your chance to really focus on that
full range of motion. So, now that you’re using the band and it’s alleviating some
weight off your body, we’re gonna place the band over the bars and you’re gonna grip the
band real nice and tight and you’re just gonna hop right into it, placing your knees right above the band. Alright, guys, we’re going
for 15 assisted dips. Make sure you’re focusing on your form all the way up, all the way down. (wild music) 15. Alright, guys. Remember, for the form,
full range of motion. Next exercise, assisted chin ups. For this exercise I’m just gonna emphasize on that back and bicep. Let’s go for 10 reps. (wild music) Alright, guys, perfect. So, the next exercise we’re
gonna get into is push-ups. This is another basic exercise that’s gonna focus on your
chest and your triceps. We’re going for 15 reps, and, guys, if you can’t complete
them in this position, try to complete the rest on your knees, but first, try to complete as
many as you can on your feet. Alright, guys, let’s go for 15. (hip-hop music) Alright, guys, good job. Next exercise we’re gonna get
into, assisted pistol squats. We’re gonna go for five on each
leg, but for this exercise, we’re gonna get next to a pole like so. We’re gonna get a good grip on the pole. The leg closest to the
pole is gonna lift up and we’re gonna be working
with the opposing leg, focusing on coming down nice and slow keeping the heel on
the ground and back up. We’re going for five reps. (dramatic hip-hop music) Same thing but on the other side. (dramatic hip-hop music) Five. Alright, guys, next exercise is a fat burning exercises, mountain climbers. We’re going for 30 seconds. If you guys are trying to cut weight this is a great exercise to
incorporate in your routines. 30 seconds. (dramatic hip-hop music) Make sure you have that core tight. 30. Alright, guys, great HIIT
exercise for burning fat. Our last exercise is gonna
be hanging knee raises. This is another great core exercise. Make sure when you do these
you’re gripping that bar tight. We’re gonna go for 15 knee
raises focusing on that core. Let’s go. (wild electronic music) Bring your knees all
the way into your chest. Grip that bar tight and
keep that core tight. (wild electronic music) Alright, guys, so there you have it. This is one of my favorite routines that helped transform
my body from fat to fit. If you liked this video
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