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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Weightlifting is my life. When you, you know,
put your heart and soul into something, like
it, becomes your life. And so I wanna be the
best I can possibly be, and, nothings gonna
stop me doing that. My name is Morghan King. I am an international
competitive weightlifter. I actually started
weightlifting, well, it’s probably getting
closer to three years now, but I became
competitive about a year, year and a half into it. I came up really,
really fast. Like, when I went to
nationals in 2013, no one knew,
really, who I was. And I ended up winning. And I made the world team
for my first competition, which is kind
of unheard of, that’s not very normal. In women’s weightlifting, there’s seven different
weight classes. I am in the lightest
weight class, which is 48 kilos, and
that’s 105.6 pounds. So the snatch is
one fluid movement from ground to overhead,
and you catch it in
the bottom of your squat. My best lift is 83 kilos. So about one and a half
times my bodyweight. I’ve done that
in training, and I’ve done 76 on
the international stage. And so
then our second movement is the clean-and-jerk, and that is technically
two movements. So a clean, you pick it
from the ground up, you get it to your shoulders,
and then you squat it up. And then the jerk is,
from your shoulders, you drive it off
your shoulders, and you’re in a split jerk. So, my feet actually
split out away from my body. My best lift ever
is 100 kilos, and in competition, my best
is 96 internationally. That’s officially
double body weight. Which is actually a
really big deal cuz a lot of women don’t
necessarily get to a double body
weight clean and jerk. In weightlifting you have
to know why you’re doing these movements. And you have to be
able to manipulate your body to get the
results that you want. I mean, it comes down to,
like, inches. If I’m finishing in
the middle of my thigh, as opposed to
into my hip, there’s gonna be
significant different results in how
I’m competing. I wanna say probably like
Oh wow! Probably, yeah. No.
Eight plus seven means dinner was good. Yeah okay. 58.7? Yeah, 58.7. That’s not bad.. Because you’ll have
an extra study session You have two session today? Study Session
97. 97 even. Yeah. About 0.4 kilos lighter. So. Don’t make any funny
jokes that I’m fat After only one meal? Impossible
Yeah In weightlifting cutting is dropping weight. And cutting is
a pretty big deal. It can get really stressful I remember
my first cut. I actually almost blacked
out, which is horrible. I mean, the crazy thing
is you literally have to be 48 kilos for
about four seconds. You know, the second
you step off the scale, you can chug and
eat and all of that. But is funny when
I am cutting, like the month out,
I start to make a list of like, everything
that I want to eat. And it’s usually like
Sweet potato fries, Slurpies, burgers. At one point,
I had, like, Dairy Queen on there. And so you start to crave
all these things that you just can’t have. People are starting to
realize that diet really does impact
your training. Our lifting sessions
are two and a half hours. And so, I mean,
nine sessions a week. And if you don’t eat
relatively smart, you just feel so crappy. It just really
catches up to you. And now I am going to go
home and cook breakfast. I think it’s really, really important when you
know what’s in your food. And breakfast is really
big deal for me. I love breakfast. I love cooking it. I would probably eat it
every meal if I could. I’m gonna just heat these
up cuz I’m weird and I don’t like cold, I don’t like it getting
cold really fast. My boyfriend’s
a weightlifter. For him,
I’ll kind of try and do like double just to
make myself feel better. I don’t know if it’s
actually double. That’s how I do
my portions. Is I’m like well,
I’m like half his size, so, you should be eating
twice as much as me. So inside of this,
I put a chicken, I put a, a chicken sausage, which has a little bit
of jalapeno in it. Sweet potatoes,
peppers, baby kale. We put it on
a bed of spinach, just to kind of get
a little more greens in. Eggs and then a tomatillo
salsa, on top. During training I have a
shake during practice and I have some sort of like
protein bar kinda just something to like
keep you like fat and protein to kinda keep
you full for a while. So this is my
protein shake. It’s just some
more muscle, so it has BCAs in
it as well, just a little bit extra
to help you recover. I always take Progenex
which is a pre-workout. It also has a creatine,
and a little bit of
whey protein in it. Not, not to bad, but it’s just to help you
kind of sustain so your muscles don’t get as
fatigued during training Our training
sessions are two and a half hours long. So you kinda
need something in between cuz that kinda
cuts into my you know, two to three hour window. I mean, we eat right
after practice so this is just kinda
something, in the middle, to keep you kind of full. Come on. Come on, straight up. There you go. You did it. Today, I’m doing
all clean work. Yesterday I did
snatch work, so, each lift is
one practice. I’ve had other
backgrounds that have kinda helped me
in weightlifting. I didn’t just come in and
I was already really good, like I put in a lot
of work to get good. The strength was there. The first day I
got into CrossFit, they had us a max back
squat, and I was doing triathlons at that point
and my max back squat was like 90 kilos, which is
a pretty good weight for somebody that hasn’t
been training. My coach is Zygmunt
Smalcerz, he’s also the international
team USA coach. It’s been really, really
awesome having him, because he is a very
technical coach, and he expects a lot
out of you. He’s very in tune with
all his lifters and I think that’s
very important. He works with each
individual athlete in their programming. You need to forward. Forward? I met Morghan and
immediately I notice, she looks like
very promising. She got something
what athlete needs. Especially in
weightlifting, a good mind. She forms something what
is really good for her. Weightlifting is
very beautiful. Excellent. Good, good beautiful. Weightlifting is my life. When you, you know,
put your heart and soul into something
all of your circles revolve around it. You know, my room-mate’s
a weightlifter, my good friends here are
weightlifters and I think when you have similar
interests you start to develop friendships and
relationships with people that are going through
the same thing. Like, it becomes
your life. There’s Pan American
Games this year and then World. And so, I wanna be the
best I can possibly be to be successful
in my industry, in weightlifting. Like, I have this goal
of what I wanna do, and nothing’s gonna
stop me doing that. Like I’m gonna put aside
everything that I like to do just for fun,
because of this one goal. Keeping it simple
is kind of my fuel. Eating really clean,
eating vegetables, eating meat and some sort of complex
carbohydrate is easy. It takes the stress
of eating out. I think that’s
the easiest way for somebody to be successful
in weightlifting. Nutrition is
a huge deal and it hinders performance when
you don’t eat properly. Kinda just like
in training, what you put in
you’re gonna get out. And if you don’t take
care of your body, it’s gonna eventually
break down. I’m supposed to get 75
grams of carbs with both dinners. So, I mean, for, I mean, that’s a lot of
carbohydrates. In order to drop down to
48 I did, like, a 1200 calorie diet for, like,
two and a half weeks. And supposedly, like, my
resting metabolic rate. Metabolic rate. Was, like, 1600s. So I was at a, you know, 400 calorie deficit in
a hard training cycle. I had a terrible diet before I
started doing this. Hot dogs, sweet tea, this
is like a confessional. Pizza.
Pizza, cookies. I ate like
a three year old. Pretty much. Like we all were there
at like 24 I think. But I think just
experimenting like you start to realize what,
what food works for you and what doesn’t. So if you can really tune
into what you’re eating, I think that helps a lot. What’s the one thing
you miss the most, being on the diet? Oreos. Really? Beer. Beer. I do miss beer. God. I mean you could have
beer during training, right? That’d be terrible. Right? That’d be the best, what
are you talking about? I’d never miss a drink.

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