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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

(upbeat music) – We are back in it for a 25-minute full-body EMOM. If you don’t remember, EMOM
is Every Minute On the Minute. Ideally, this entire round of workouts that I’m gonna give you is gonna take you less than a minute. And then you have the
remainder of the minute to rest, pick your nose, drink some water, pet your dog, okay? So we’re gonna start with
a nice five-minute warmup. And it’s gonna kick off with,
pew, pew, pew, air squats. Every warmup. Ready? Let’s go. 30 seconds of air squats. Deep breaths, keeping your chest open, filling those lungs with air, pushing up through the glutes. The weight is even through your feet, legs are just a little
wider than hip width. I need to warm up my mouth, apparently. Keep it going. And then we’re gonna drop it into hi-low, big high step, and then go underneath, cause you are the limbo champion. Big high step, and get underneath. Or like bob and weave,
as like boxing class. Cardio kickboxing. Actually, where I got started in fitness, don’t tell anybody, okay? Shh. A little dirty little secret, cardio kickboxing. My mom had a Billy Blank tae bo video, and I thought that thing was so cool. And underneath. Cool, now we’re gonna
go for the leg swings. And I’m gonna use the chair for this, cause I really wanna get
a full range of motion. So you are not relying on balance if you’re holding on to something. You can do it without
holding on, obviously. Works just fine. But if you really wanna swing the crap out of your leg, holding
on to something is nice. Warming those legs up, hips, hammies, stabilizing on that standing leg. And you’ve got two seconds left, and switch, other side. Ooh, felt a little pop in there. This is why we’re doing this, so that we get all the cricks and the cracks and the pops out before the workout gets too crazy. And don’t worry, we’re not doing anything you haven’t done before in this EMOM, at least I don’t think we are. There might be a new move in there or two. We’ll see. And big swings, big
swings, get them high up. Oh, feels actually really good. These should feel awesome for your warmup. And then you can put that chair back. Next up, jumping jacks, 30 seconds. Big long arms, long legs, reach out. Deep breaths, waking that body up, getting it ready for your
total body butt kicker, shoulder kicker, ab kicker, everything. Okay, 11 seconds, keep it going. And then we’re gonna take it to the floor. So make sure you have cleaned off some space for yourself here. Get into a plank position, and we’re gonna do superman planks. So opposite arm and opposite leg, or you could call these
bird dog planks if you like. Whatever you call them, just do them. 30 seconds. Breathing through it. I have to focus, so breathing is my priority. And reach it, and pop it up. Give me some butt kickers. Ooh, cause my quads are so sore. It’s nice getting some blood to them. Kick your butt, kick your
butt, kick your butt. Heart rate up. Quads feeling a little better now, see? If you wake up in the morning, and you’ve been doing these workouts, and you’re like, “god, I’m sore. “I think I’m just gonna skip
today and get a rest day,” why don’t you at least get started? Do the warmup first, and
then see how you feel. Walking toe touches. Because I’m gonna make a bet that when you start the warmup, you’re gonna be like, “ugh, I’m so sore.” But then after about a few seconds, you’re gonna decide that you feel better. And once that blood starts moving, you’re gonna feel less sore. And you’re gonna be like, “all right, “maybe I can do this,” you know? I’m just asking you to promise me that you’re gonna show up every day. And if you end up needed
to quit halfway through because it’s just too much, at least you showed up. Pigeon, grabbing that, and pulling it in. Nice hip mobility, glute flexibility, yeah. So if we have to bargain on this, if you’re feeling like you’re gonna drop out of the program,
you’re feeling beat up, you’re feeling tired,
I need you to show up. Just at least show up and
warm up with me, okay? Cause it’s a five-minute warmup, and I know you can commit to
meeting for five minutes a day. If I had to put my money on it, I’ll say that you will finish
the rest of this workout. Okay, that was our warmup. Quick sip of water, and then
I’ll get down to this EMOM. First one, 10 minutes long. And it’s three moves. So we have a prisoner sit up. I’ll show you. You are laying on the
ground, hands to head. Sit up, that’s your prisoner sit up, okay? And then we’re gonna go into plank rows. So after five of those prisoner sit ups, you’ve got some weights. Or if you don’t have
weights, you can go here. I’m gonna do these with weights, 10 total. So five each side, okay? And then after the plank rows, it’s burpee time, which unfortunately we all know how to do those. Fortunately, unfortunately, depending on how you feel about burpees. All right, so we’re gonna start the timer for 10 minutes. Every minute, on the minute. The faster you do these,
the longer your rest time. Give and take, you know? The faster you do them, the harder it is. All right, so I’m gonna start with these prisoner sit ups. Are you ready? As ready as I’ll ever be. Okay, three, two, one, go. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Plank rows. One. Two. Three, hold those hips stable. Four. Five. That’s five on each side. Burpees, three of these puppies. Two. Three. All right, so now I get to rest for about 30 seconds, which sounds good to me,
cause this is gonna be 10 minutes of this. So I’ll take the rest. Read my horoscope for the day, grab a sip of coffee, a sip of water, and get back into prisoner sit ups. So we got three seconds, get in position. Let’s go. And dig in, one. Two. Three. Four. Five. Hey, planks, five on each side, one. Two. Three. Four. Five. Oh, yeah, burpees. Two. Three. End on the jump, all right. Okay, I’m making pretty
good time on these so far. How you guys doing? You feel like you’re
getting a decent rest? I think this is gonna
get long at 10 minutes, but right now it feels
good, feels just right. Getting back down to
those prisoner sit ups, cause we got five seconds
to go before we start. Ready, set, sit up, one. Two. Three. Four. Five. Swivel around, plank, one. Two. Three. Four. Five. Burpees, starting out with that jump. Two. Three, finish on the jump, please. Ah ha, a little extra credit. So far, so good, guys. I think we’re plowing along. Fourth set, so we get down
on the ground, getting ready for prisoner sit ups, round four. One. Two. Three. Four. Five, I had a moment where I
forgot how many I was doing. Okay, five of these, one. Two. Three. Four. Five. Burpees, one. Two. Three. Extra credit, was that three? Did I miss one? One more, no, I’m good. Thank god for the crew guys. I cannot count while I do these. And yes, that took me a lot longer. Fired up, can we help each other? Go, go, go, go, go. Round five, round five, get it done. Let’s go, up. Crunches, prisoner sit ups. Ahh, I’m a prisoner to
this EMOM right now. No sleep til 10 minutes are up. Last one. Five. And now plank ups. Ugh, these weights are
starting to kill me. Two. Three. Four. Five. Burpees. One. Two. Three. Jump. Nice work. Heck yeah. As expected, my sets are
taking a little bit longer, and my rests are getting shorter, as I’m sure yours are, too. But that’s the bitch about
the EMOM, what can I say? Laying down on your back. Prisoner sit ups,
getting started in three, two, one, take it up. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Plank rows. Get your core tight,
legs a little wider, one. Two. Three. Four. Five. Burpees. Two. Three. Ooh, 20 seconds to breathe. It’s a precious 20 seconds. I’m gonna try not to waste
it by saying something stupid like I’m dreaming of brunch. Oh, brunch. Okay, get down. Legs out. What’s your favorite brunch drink? Just think about that for a minute. Okay, inhale and up, one. Two, or if you don’t drink, what’s your favorite brunch meal? Three. Four. It’s waiting for you on cheat day. Five. That’s it, let’s go, planks. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Burpees. Okay, 20 seconds again. So about that, cheat days. I just mentioned it. Gotta tell you something,
I don’t do cheat days. I like maybe do a cheat event. I only got six seconds left
to tell you about this, but what I’m saying is it’s not something you get to do every week. Ah, let’s go. Not to like crush your
spirit before we finish this. Two. Three, but if there’s something you learn from watching my YouTube channel, four, five, is that I love kale. And if you learn to love healthy food, it won’t feel like you need a cheat day. Four. Five. Now if only I could learn to love burpees. One. Two. Three. We’re only doing three, amen. Only three. I actually do like cardio. And I’m sure if you thought about it you could think of
something you enjoy doing that is cardio-based,
whether it’s like spinning or swimming or running
or playing with your kids or walking your dog. There’s probably something you like. It’s just probably not burpees. And if you like burpees, I wanna meet you and trade brains with you for a day. Five. All right, flip it over. Plank rows. How we doing out there? One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Burpees, sweating like a mofo, one. Two. Three. Yeah. Yes, my rest time is getting shorter, as I’m sure yours is,
too, unless you’re bionic or a robot, in which case, why are
you doing this workout? Can’t you just get like
an upgrade or something? Prisoner sit ups. Oh, yeah, this is our last round. I am so excited, three. Ow, four. Five, oh my god. Barely get up with that one. You know what’s cool? You get a minute rest after this. So, okay, don’t slack off. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Burpees, last round, hallelujah. One. Two. Three. Yay, that is the end of the
first set of the EMOM workout. Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah. Celebration dance. It’s my like end zone
dance for the 10 minutes. Okay. I don’t know about you,
but I need some water. And we’re gonna meet
back here in 60 seconds. Less than that, because the
clock’s already ticking. So. Hydrate, reset, fix your ponytail, wipe off your face, do what you gotta do. Set number two is coming. I’ll tell you what it is. All right, so we can put
these weights out of the way. Set number two, we’re doing
dive bombers, three of them because I don’t want you to rush these. They do take a little bit of finesse. Three dive bombers, five
supermans, five squat jumps. In case you’re wondering
what the dive bomber is, this is the dive bomber. And then you have to reverse it, okay? So we’re doing three of those. Does that one count? And then five supermans, which is you’re laying on the floor, up and open, and then squat jumps, five of them. 10 minutes. That wasn’t a long enough rest. Okay. And reverse it, that’s one. And reverse it, that’s two. Reverse it, that’s three. Okay, down on your stomach. Supermans for five. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Awesome, now get up. Squat jumps for five. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Oh, man. That set left me with less
rest time than the last one. What the hell, Kim Nonstop? You made the workout, get mad at yourself. Let’s go, dive bombers. Still catching my breath
from the first set, I ain’t gonna lie. So you start in down dog, and it’s time. Let’s go. It’s like a chaturanga or whatever. I’m not a yogi. Ooh, okay, hang on. I got my elbows out. Yeah, I’m starting to
bend my knees as I return. You guys might notice that. But it’s gonna help. On to the supermans. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Okay, squat jumps. One, two, three, four, five. Oh, yeah. Those rests are getting
shorter and shorter. Real quick, guys, I’m gonna show you a modification for the dive bombers in case your arms are turning to jello. I’ve got a few seconds left here. So this is your dive
bomber modification, okay? So you’re going in from down dog to plank. Ready, set, time to get started again. Dive bombers, or down dog into plank. One. Two. And three. Cool, and now supermans. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Oh, yeah. Squat jump, one. Two. Three, four, five. Hell yeah, woo. 20 seconds left this time, not so bad. I just need to like
meditate during that second. Woo sa, breathe it. So remember, these dive bombers, if your arms are starting
to get all wonky on you, you could even alternate
between the modification and the real thing. Ready, down dog, let’s go. Dive bombers. Nice, supermans. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Hop it up. Squat jumps, two, three, four, five. Hell yeah, taking that break. Breathe it out, hey. I’m getting a little reminder of my lunch. Shh, don’t tell anybody. Burp. (laughs) Hopefully the mic isn’t
picking that up, for your sake. Dive bombers, ready, set, go. Wait, we got two seconds. I’m taking that. Okay, go. My legs are too far apart. Two. Only one left. Three. Supermans, for five. One. Two. Three. Four, get those arms higher. Five, oh yeah. Squat jumps, no problem. One, two, three, four, five. Hell yeah. Okay, we’ve got, we’re halfway. We can do this, what do you say? Secret handshake? Let’s do it. Down dog, dive bombers or modification. I’m gonna do the
modification one more time, just to show you, to remind
you in case you forgot. So modification is this, one. Two. Three, okay? If you’re still doing your dive bombers, please, by all means, finish
them up nice and strong. Down to the supermans. Two. Three. Four, reach higher. Five. All right, squat jumps. Ooh, that back feeling worked out. One, two, three, four, five. Yeah. Oh, those rests are getting shorter. It’s okay, though. We’re almost there. This was round six. Round seven is about to begin. And then that’s what, three left? I can do math when I’m oxygen deprived. Okay, down dog. And dive bomb. Yeah. Nice. Good job, guys, keep it up. Deep breaths. Bend your knees on the
return if you need to. Nice work, and now supermans. Cause you are a superhuman. Four. Five. Get up, get those squat
press, squat jumps, you know what I’m saying. One, two, three, four, five. That’s it, take that break. It’s only 12 seconds long. Okay, dive bombers again. We can do it, get in that down dog. Shoot. (laughs) That clock, sometimes I hate it. And I love it when it’s counting
down and it’s almost done. But when it’s not, I just wish it wasn’t there. Supermans, five of these. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Squat jumps. One, two, three, four, we’re jumping for joy, five, because we only
have two rounds left. Get that last bit of energy, rein it in. Two rounds left to go, guys. We got this. All right. Dive bombers. That’s one. Two. That’s three. Oh, god, there you go. Get down, supermans. Flying so high. Squat jumps. One, two, three, four, five. What do you say? One left, what do you think? You wanna do like five more? Oh, okay, that’s cool. You guys can do five more. I have somewhere to be. Like, I think I have a hair
appointment or something. Last round, let’s go guys. Let’s get it. This is it, we are finishing strong. Dive bombers or the modification. Oh my god, coming to life knowing it’s my last set. Feeling so good about it. And back. And in those supermans,
let’s finish strong. And big, huge arms and legs, arching your back. Come on, two. These are so hard for me. Three. Four. Five. Yeah, and last one, squat jumps. One, two, get higher, three, four, five. Yes, that is the end
of your EMOM full body, EMOM full body, you did it, we did it, we’re done, we’re done. If you enjoyed this workout, go check out the full program on All Access. (upbeat music) – [Man] Over 45 fitness plans, daily workouts, results for life, only 8.99 a month.

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