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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Due to lack of time, Boys, Girls & Student don’t go to gym to do workout So lets start our Full Body Workout without Gym for men & women All bodyweight exercises will be done for 20 secs and then we have 10 sec rest after each workout so be with me in this video for no gym Full Body Workout at home I will give you the best home workout plan so that can be fit at home without gym and in last we will do some yoga for cool down First we do some warmups then Full Body Workout without gym equipment. These bodyweight exercises require no gym equipment & can be done twice or thrice in a day In this video we will demonstrate 10 mins FULL BODY HOME WORKOUT for male, female & beginners and get worried how to be fit without Gym NO GYM FULL BODY WORKOUT AT HOME So, friends this way you can do your Full body workout at home without any gym equipment & in a small space only thing you need is your dedication and zeel to do workout and to be fit so spare some time for these home workout to be healthy without gym Dont forget to subscribe Fitness Rockers Channel there are many other videos are gonna come on this fitness youtube channel Like and share this video And Let The Fitness Rock…

81 thoughts on “Full body Home workout | For Fat loss | No gym | India

  1. paji koi diet plan pe nyi video bnao muscle gain pe mujhe pta hai aapne bnai hai video par 1 2 aur full day diet plan ….

  2. Friends try this 10 mins Full Body Workout which you can do at home without going to Gym
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  3. Sir maine age ko 4 mint boil kiya fir maine usy 10 mint tak ushi graam paani me rakha

    Lekin sir jab maine usy jab chilaa to wo age theek se boil ni thy kachy thy …..?

  4. Sir bht sahi videos hai…sbke liye ki job karta hai ya jo study karta hai…good work…sir ek baat aur hai ab ek full body stretching exercise par video banaiye…se need that aur saath me agar height badhane ke baare me uske exercise yoga diet k baare me batate to jada achha hota…thank u

  5. Bhai meri height 6ft 3inch h or mera weight 108kg h mujhe 8 kg weight kam karna h kyoki me 100kg weight me ekdam fit tha…..please koi exercise batao ghar k liy ….home workout

  6. Aapke video sabse alag or sabse ache h ….. exellent bhai aapka video dekhte hi workout karne ka man karta h

  7. apki ye vedio Mahatmaji technical pr Ek week phle ayi thi tb see start KR diya daily …
    thanku sir…😘

  8. I am following you from early days..your channel is different but all people are after gori chamdi coach rather than real deal ..
    Keep it up

  9. Superb channel.Hit like whoever subscribed to this channel just by watching video on Mahatmaji Technical channel.Lets see..

  10. Hi bhai thanks for the update #hindi #Atul_Bhai #fit_rock #Best #1 #fit_India #yoga_expert #Nutrition_expert #no.1_advice

  11. Very good bro. It will help me a lot. I need a full diet plan as a student for make a body like you with this workout plan. Please help me

  12. Sir please make a video on how to slim down arms n shoulders… Surya namaskar alone doesn't help much…:(

  13. ye koi workout nhi isse koi bhi fit nhi re skta ye sirf time pass he ha is old age wale log kr skte he Jese 60+ isse acha workout to mere yha k 8 yrs k bacche bhi kr dete he

  14. am skinny as u..i went from 48kg to 54kg..with lot ot strugglr of diet …nd workout…i watched ur heightvideo..nd tried it..its been 2 months but no gain except flexibility in spine…do u know anything about third eye (pituitary) stimulation….??

  15. सर मेरा एक तरह का CHEAST दबा हुआ है !
    और दूसरे तरफ का हल्का दबा हुआ .
    जिसके चलते ऐसा लगता है की मेरा तरफ का सोल्डर आगे के तरफ है .
    प्ल्ज़ सर कुछ बताये कैसे ठीक किया जाये

  16. Good one.. I do daily suryanamaskar and dand baithak.. They are amazing..
    You are doing good work.. Keep it up.
    I have watched all your pushups video.
    They are amazing.

  17. Sir please share the best exercises to burn belly fat fast for men… I do desi dands daily.. awesome workout..

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