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Hey guys, this is Christine Khuri and today. We’re going to be doing a band workout So what you’re going to need is you can either get a resistance band with handles or if you just have one of those Normal bands that you see at the gym. That doesn’t have handles either one will work [alright], so first. We’re going stretch You can use your band take it overhead take it to the right To the left so little warm up of [course] here in Beautiful, California It’s about 100 degrees right now. So we’re already warm other side It’s true. [take] [it] back and then bring it forward and then shoulder And if you really want more shoulder [mobility] you can open up the band Wrap it up, and take [it] all the way back and all the way forward so just just get it moving and Then bring it back forward keep the band top and then just side to side So there’s not a whole lot of cardio in this but if you want to add it feel free then bring the arms down Just stretch side to side I’m going to hold the right side take the arm up you can still keep the band in your hand and then other side Stretch it up Bring it up again Bring it behind you just give a little pull open [up] the shoulders and the front open up the back and then one more time and Then front okay, so right now. So we’re going to start with back So a few back exercises in a plie squat We’re going to run through this two times on the second time I’ll add something to make it a little harder unless I melt so bring it down one Two so you’re just going to stretch it right across your collar back So I don’t want to see it behind your back. I want to see it right to the [Collarbone] Then if your band isn’t tight enough, so I don’t want any slack, and we’ll see that at all okay, [so] [we] have eight more just pull and Then the last one hold that low squat impulses for fifteen two three four five six seven eight nine, ten five four three two one nice, then you’re going to bring it down so no legs on this one this one’s going to come right across your belly and You pull it down [so] some of you might need to tighten the band to make it harder. So you can pull it down So if I show you from the back you’re really flaring your back muscles here. So really squeezing the shoulder blades [alright], so you got about ten More ten nine eight? seven six five four three Two and again we pulse so one two three four five six seven eight [910] and less five four three two one [and] then all together you’re going to pull high pull Local and you can add a squat one two Three four five six seven make sure pulling at the bottom Give me five more four more three two Add one shake that out Bring the feet together [next] move we’re going to a side lunge with a chest pull so again make sure your band doesn’t do this like – and you’re going to lunge to the right low lunge and pull [alright] ever do 15 of these and Then make sure you stop right here. Don’t let the band goes black in the middle out to the side so get lower And again when we go through this again [I’m] going to throw in a few things if you want to make it harder because I know that you’re dying to make it harder This is really Okay, alright, so last five four three two and one Right check that out a little bit same left side so [again] across the bra line one two Three and I like to land on the ball of my foot, so I kind of bounce back and pull Good then get a little lower as you get warmer And out all right, so wait five more four more three more two and [one] [alright], shake that [out] your sheet. Take the band off. I’m going to put on the ground three in two Rows, so The more you step on the band The the lighter it is so you want to kind of take up some slack on this band? So I’m going to step on a lot of it because my back muscles are pretty strong So you want to step on a lot to get resistance left leg back hopefully [I] won’t fall in the pool Pull it in alright, so you’re 15 in this direction. Which is straight back elbow in and Again, if it’s too light, it’ll look like this just so you know and you won’t get any resistance So keep it slack and make sure on it or you’ll take out an eyeball okay, so five more four more three two And one and then you can add a rotation so you can add abdominals. I’m going to turn my elbow out So up into the upper back now, and I’m going to rotate a little okay some 15 of these That’s three four five six seven eight nine Ten so five more on this one four three two all [right] so then you’re gonna change it to the other side again Make sure you take up some slack where else would be to like especially with your back muscles your back muscles are really strong so step back Make sure you’re on it. Make you [don’t] fall in the pool and pull – So this is the one with the elbow is in not too much rotation pull So that’s six five Alright last five last four three Two and then right into rotation I’ll go out and open two three four Five so make sure that elbow stays out Okay, last five give me five more four more three two and Bring it up. I like to do a little stretch [in] between so again Just like we did in the [beginning] just over and back open up the shoulders, and then we’ll move into some chest work So you can take the band behind you this time and what you’ll probably have [to] do again is take up slack [let’s] you have a really heavy band, and then just hang [on] [to] your handles right so again. We’re just [gonna] do squats We’re going to add a chest press just going to press one two three four [five] six Seven and even though we’re focusing on chest here. Make sure those squats. Look good right heels back last four three two One and then you’re just going to hold I’m going to take up even more slack for this one [and] [you’re] [sending] [me] [punches] one two three four five six seven eight nine ten maybe six more five more four more three two one bring it in and then add rotation So we’re going to move it into pivot punches, so we have 20 of these to turn on the back foot Okay, five six seven eight nine Ten give me ten More ten nine eight seven six five four three Two one Remember you can always wrap it up one more [time] if you want [to] make it a lot harder [all] right? So let’s take it off Let’s move into a little bit of tricep and app work So I’m going to need you to wrap it up if your band is too long or too slack So we’re going to make it nice and tight so tight right here You’re going to make an x so, I’m going to pull the band like this I’m going to sit into a low squat so watch my torso. [I’m] going to make my even tighter So my arms are engaged right so it’s isometric here triceps are engaged, and I’m just going to twist, okay We’re do 20 of these one two three four five six seven eight nine Now notice at no point does my band look like this, okay? Alright last five five four three two One so more side bending. I’m going to take it up here I’m going to squat really low pull it and you side to side all right? So one two three four five six seven eight [if] you want to make it a little harder you can pull all the way down elbow, but my band is still tight, okay? I’m even pulling it little all right, so that’s five four three and two [and] you’re going to hold center. Keep the back really tight We’re going to work the triceps so back of the arms all that flabby stuff right somers comment even wearing tank tops all right So just going to extend [I’ll] make sure this left arm stays really really strong all right So we have 10 [of] these 10 which is 15 2? 3 4 5 6 7 [8] 9 10 hold it tight and again. We have 15 on the left keep this right arm really strong so the right arm is actually still working so 15 on the left 2 3 4 and the important part is the full extension right so you’d rather have toned arms and flabby arms So make sure you really extend through that left arm, right? so keep going Last 5 4 3 2 1 all right bring it down So now we’re going to do one more tricep. You’re going to wrap this up a lock And then you’re going to turn around I’m going to send it behind you and creep this other arm up [alright] Just like that, so there’s a lot of rope behind you this is my favorite one [so] arm in Keep the band tight and then extend so we do [fifteen] All right, so this is three four five six seven eight nine ten so if five more four more three more Two more and then you’re going to hold up the top impulses so just extension is just going to burn one two three four five six seven eight nine ten five four three Two one [oh] my God that really burns actually All right, so second side wrap it up once again Just drop it behind your back snake the other arm up elbow in so make [sure] this elbow isn’t way over here again Draw this in elbow in and extend one two three four five six seven eight nine Ten so last five of the slow ones four Three two hold it to the top and pulses one two three four five six seven eight nine, ten last five four three Two one alright, so now you’re saying well Christine. What if I’m not flexible enough to get my arm? Behind my back, so you’ll have to skip forward to the yoga video that. I’m doing right All right, so let’s move it into some legs so first when you’re going to stand on the band Right here hip limit little more than hip distance Right and then you’re going to bring the handles up to the shoulders turn your palms out so squatting back Are you 15 of these right? So that’s 2 3? 4 5 6 7 [8] 9 10 Give me five more 5 4 3 [2] and then we’re going to add a shoulder press we do two ways your band is really tight. You’ll go single arm All right some of them are really tight [if] not we go 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 okay last [five] [five] [four] [three] [two] [one] holy crap my [heart], okay? And it was hard bring your right foot in tell me on home. Oh, it’s not hard That was hard all right lunges, so you’re gonna step you’re Gonna put the band Under the arch of your foot again. Make sure it’s really under there except snaps you’re gonna get hurt left leg back bicep curls with a lunge, so one two doing fifteen three four five six Seven and on this one. We’re going to keep the arms [straight] in front of you straight up for five four three Two one [take] it off that one put it on the other one make sure they’re even And we’re going to change out the bicep curl, so this time we’re [going] [to] flare out to the side So it’ll be one this was a little flare two three four five six seven eight nine ten last five last four [three] two one [alright], shake that [out] a little bit. So [now] we’re into a little outer thigh a little glue So going to step on the band Not so worried [about] how far apart your feet are on this one, and you need to cross them okay? So you try to do without crossing it’s not going to work then arms working Draw it in hold it tight lean to the left lift up the right leg so 15 reps Straight up [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] Plus [5] [4] [3] [2] [1] now you’re going to bring the leg behind you you’re going to angle it out you know push it glute look behind you 15 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Last 5 4 3 2 1 that really burns to bring this home lean to the right [let] the leg Straight out to the left so not behind you 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Last 5 4 3 2 1 all right so I know you’re super excited We’re going to totally run through this workout again because I know you can’t wait to do that So we always want to do [2] sets movie 3 if you’re really bored [alright], so we’re going to start from the beginning. So [you’re] gonna wrap that band up again I’m going to add a few things to [make] it a little bit different a little Bit so we started with back muscles right so we started with like a lat pulldown And then the first one we add our heels down [on] [the] second one. You’re going to balance [alright] So down and up one and you might not be able to go quite as fast with your heels lift it [right] [3] 4 5 six seven eight call Really squeeze those shoulder [braids], so this is back fat right right underneath that bra line that really stubborn spot last two One now hold that balance impulse one two three four five six seven eight nine Ten five four three two one [bring] [it] down straight legs This time we’re going to take it High to low pulse all right, so we’re not going to be on our toes for this one’s a little hard to do that But I’m going to have you sit here And we go low [pulse] one two three four five six seven eight nine ten last five four three two one [and] pulses here So it’s just a small squeeze in this position three four five six seven eight nine Ten five four three Two one So it even lower Super mean lift your heel up like [one] inch the other heel up and we’re going to go high low fifteen times one Two now pull the band pull four. Oh five six seven hold eight whole nine 11 12 13 14 15 and bring and shake it off zoom a little stretch back and forth all right now your favorite Maybe it’s my favorite Side lunge for the chest Bowl, so this one is not going to be up or down It’s going to come straight across the chest and the first set we came through with a side lunge in a pull second set I’m going to make it worse, so I’m [Gonna] pull out Press it pull out press it pull out. So neat under the band all right. That’s five six So there’s a little pull a little pull little pull little [bulk] in out five four three two and One [well], shake that out. I don’t think we need to do the left side today because that was so hard We’ll do that tomorrow, okay? All right, so seconds hide in his heart bring it out and under out. We’re just doing right side training today three Four but again notice where my knee is here all right pull down pull pull pull again back back back back back back last four three two and one okay [into] rows, so that’s the one where you’re going to place the [band] on the floor Step on it you want to take up a lot of slack back muscles are pretty strong So right foot left arm get on there and row elbow in one Two so you kind of what you’re doing we’ve already been [through] this once so [now] just really get in there and pull All right So elbow in on this one pull pull so last five four three two Hi, row of the twist so I don’t need to explain it. We already went through it once Now really give me rotation and those are in the core four five six seven eight nine, ten last five four three two one all [right] Step on the other side Take up a lot of slack So it should be a lot [of] man left on the other side ground your right foot elbow in on the first one one two three four five six seven [eight] nine 10 so 5 here 5 4 3 2 right [in] a high-roller twist no break like in the first round 1 2 so look at the torso twist you want to make it harder. You can always really stir their hand, okay? You do that on both sides so breathe bring it in and the elbow stays out pull pull [Power] 5 4 3 2 1 Nice job, so chest Gonna pull this around Take it behind you and then hold [onto] those handles So that they don’t swing around here. All right. Take it wide So the first one is [again]. We’re going to do it turned in squat, so we were plie We were turned out before so now let’s turn in Peter Straight Hips Back 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Last [5] [4] [3] [2] right into punches, okay 1 2 3 4 we’re doing 20 of these 6 7 8 9 10 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 pivot 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Last 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Take off nice, so the quicker we go through it, then it sort of becomes Cardio [all] right, so Let’s move into a little bit of core a little bit of tricep side bending all right So you kind of like that Little V-shape in here? So side to side and also rotation you know make this really tight I’m going to sit pull your abs in nice and tight all right. I’m going to make mine even tighter Hold the arms, so the whole time from the back the arms are engaged triceps it [alright] so tight so the first one is just Literally a side then holding that fan-type [k] over [to] [twenty] one two three four five six seven eight Nine ten so rotate rotate rotate rotate rotate You have four more four three Two one so I’m going to change the second one you’re just going to hold the hands here sit really low one two three four five six seven [eight] nine Ten elbow to knee don’t bend over eight more Cut six five four three two One bring it up All right, nice job. So a little bit of tricep back [at] the arm I’m going to bring it wide here hold it ground the left arm bend the right elbow one two three Four so really squeeze five six seven eight nine ten last five four three Two one Around the right arm bend the left elbow [one] two three four five six seven eight nine ten last five four three Two one now. I’m sweating like a pig hopefully You are to put 200 degrees just so you know bring the right foot forward left foot back again This is the one where you hang it behind. I [won’t] explain too much because we already did that [so] bring it up one two [three] four five six seven [eight] nine ten four five four three Two right into pulses one two three four five six seven eight nine Ten five four three two one Let’s switch sides So wrap it up on the left send it [down] your back grab it so grab it first and then extend so 15 slow 1 2 [3] 4 5 seven eight nine Ten we have five more four three two One [I’ll] hold it up here and last fifteen pulses one two three four five six seven eight nine ten plus five four three two one I Awesome job so let’s get out of the arms a little bit get into the legs Going to stand on the band a little more than hip width apart [so] the band is actually keeping my thighs and knees open again We’ve been through all [that] so let’s just go right into it this time. We’ll do those single arms So we’re just going to press up one two three do 20 of these three four five six seven eight [nine], ten last ten nine eight seven [six] five four three Two one Awesome, all right Now outer thigh glute. You know cross these make sure you cross them bring them up So is your second round here? We go [fifteen] to the side fifteen took one two three four five six seven eight nine Ten we have five four three Two one I turn it to the back so it’s like again like four o’clock [five] o’clock one o’clock one two And this is really good for your gluts. It gets right in there lifts it up nice and high Seven Eight nine, Ten Eleven Twelve Thirteen fourteen fifteen awesome alright shift a little bit to the right Left leg out one we have 15 one two three four five six seven eight nine Ten five four three Two one Bring it to the back squeeze the gluts and make sure it’s in [your] butt one two three four five six seven eight nine ten last five last four three two one great job Alright, you can always run through that again if you really want to or you just completely crazy, so let’s get a little stretch, right? Here again, just like we did in the beginning take it over Take it over to the other side Bring it down, and you [can] flex the left foot if you want to just hold the band Bring it back to the other side bring it down plus the right foot if you like Bring the arms in take them behind you really light just stretch through the shoulder. So that tricep here and then other side Bring it in And release just give me a big inhale up Grab the left wrist stretch it up and over to the side Other side grab the right wrist draw it up. Look up rotate Nice bring the hands behind you clasp them open the shoulders look up Bring it in Shake it out one more just lift up inhale exhale bring it down and That that’s it for today. I hope you enjoy your band workout. Thank you you

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