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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

hey guys welcome to beautiful exuma bahamas and i have an awesome morning full body workout for you today This class is a great workout on its own or its even better as the first video in this set of 3 I’ve paired these classes together to target specific areas in your body that is done multiple times per week will give you excellent results so if you’re ready grab a water grab a mat and lets do this alright guys so were going to begin at the very back of mat starting with a warm up reach both arms up exhale lower big breath in 2 more like that one more hold your arms up exhale dive your body down to plank hold here come back up give me 4 relief calf raises again inhale exhale dive plank and walk back 4 calf raises reach and dive hold walk back 2 3 4 great stengtheing for your ankles one more reach up 4 3 2 1 reach it up exhale dive down hold 10 seconds shoulders over the wrists engaging your core walk back with hands 20 calf raises 10 th one hold this time barely touch the floor with the heels 10 times lower walk back to plank step two times with feet towards the chest keep ur knees low step out straight back awesome hold the plank slow-motion mountain climers last one hold knee to chest and pulse other side step back quick exercises for the glutes take left leg out lower tap the tow and kick hold it here square the hips circle out for 8 reverse the circle hold it there right arm reach forward add pulse with arm and leg 8 push ups elbows stay close to body hold it there breathe lift left leg take it down to belly left leg up reach right arm forward join the left arm and other leg lift even higher lower the arms and legs press your way up back to childs pose take it tot he other side extend right leg tap right toe and kick awesome hold it here find the balance circle the leg out reverse the circle great job hold it here take left arm ad hold and the add the pulse releasing the left hand 8 pushups elbows in slowly make your way to belly right leg up left arm forward hold right arm left leg 20 heel beats lift the body even higher bend the elbows and squeeze the shoulder blades extend it out last two lower down come up to knees round the spine stretch the back come o hands and knees downward dog stretch walk to top of mat slowly round up awesome job guys thanks so much ill see you soon!

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  1. Thanks for all the feedback on this guys. So happy this class connects the way it does. Incredible!!
    This class is a shortened version of one of our classes which is a part of our 10 Day Program. If you like it, feel free to check out the full version and the entire program through our online store!
    And don't forget to follow us on social media: &

    Love and Light
    … Juliana & Mark* ☮️❤️

  2. I love these workouts so much.

    She is so beautiful and the workouts are actually challenging!! Love pushing myself to do them.

  3. Got my boyfriend to do this video with me. His reply: "She's so mean." Fantastic workout for a quick burst. Thank you !!!

  4. I'm in chiropractic school and finding time to workout and nurture my body can be a bit challenging. Your classes have changed that and are a key component to starting my day. Thank you!!!

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  6. I have chronic back pain this really hurt me. Is there something else I can do that won't hurt this made me cry? I Need help

  7. Amazing body and beautiful soul. So glad I discovered your channel. Totally inspiring. Could you maybe include the downward dog more at the beginning to warm up stiff morning hamstrings and joints ? For us less supple who aren’t so flexible first thing? Love your videos and your energy and vibe

  8. This was a great workout. Good choice of background and music and you are lucky to be in the Bahamas. My mom would like the music what is it.the music made it easier to do cause it calmed me down.

  9. You are hands down the most amazing person to teach yoga. Self love and being humble with the world and life. My Students and I use your videos. Thank you for your inner beauty to share with the world. ❤️ Namaste.

  10. that was Awsome i yelled Whoooo outloud in a echo from my tiny living space . thank you much love and light

  11. Hey Julianna, I love your workouts! I just have a question, my wrist hurst while doing the plank exercises… is that normal or should I stop?
    Thanks 🙂

  12. I love waking up with a god pilates/yoga workout. I love love love your videos. I would love to see a new updated 5-minute​ ab workout the 5 minute videos are great to add to any workout.

  13. I love the beach background. So relaxing during a tough short workout. I especially loved the rainbow at the beginning. Beautiful!

  14. I love how she wrote Super Woman Pose instead odfSuper Man, it is most commonly known as that so I love the twist she did.

  15. I love these quick sessions! Perfect for when I'm at the gym after my workout to come and get my yoga/Pilates done asap

  16. Love this work out, love the music and the energy you both bring to via your videos. You lift me up and inspire to move on.
    I wish one day I will meet you somewhere in a very beautiful place meditating on the beach 🏖

  17. this is a green room right ? god is beautifull … anyway, i'm doin all those in comb with push-ups …. 3-5 sets a day (or more), mixing it with deep, slow squats on the balance-board inbetween, done …

  18. Fantastic routine for an early morning wake up call! My only critic is a few extra seconds during transitions would have be nice but other than that I loved it!

  19. Through good fitness routine and balance diet, the application of this yoga guide "Yοmzοzο Kena" (Google it) helps me reduce 40 pounds bodyweight in one year only. Regardless of whether you plan of utilizing it privately or informally, it`s a worth to consider this manual. The directions together with its explanations are really easy to understand. .

  20. I love all your videos. But I do have an important question. After my third pregnancy I have now a gap between my muscles in the front. (Diocese recti).
    Do you think you can create a Pilates class and don't focus on the tummy. More focusing on the side?
    Greetings from Germany.

  21. Thanks, this is exactly what I was looking for. I would really love the video without the music. I prefer waves.

  22. When you drop yoga for a while to do hiit and running instead and on coming back you can't even do that 10 second plank 🙈

  23. You are the best coach to training my body … I follow you from Ecuador… Every early morning i want to start doing your exrcises…. Thank you to share with us your knowns…

  24. girl if you're gonna do these videos you have to narrate better so the viewer can follow your voice and not have to look at the screen. otherwise it's impossible for us to know how many, how fast, xactly what part of the flow you're in. be much more detailed

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