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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hey, everyone welcome back to my channel so right now I’m in Japan and I just Snowboarded for the whole day like from 9 o’clock to 5 o’clock And that’s why my skin is so freaking red right now. It’s so sensitive from the cold Anyway, so today. I’m going to show you guys a hit workout It’s a pretty good workout for beginners and also if you’re pretty advanced in training, so if you’re a beginner You can do 2 or 3 sets of this and if you are pretty advanced and you can do up to 4 sets and do it More quickly, and more intense like bigger movement and stuff like that, so this routine is going to help you to burn those Extra calories that you’ll be eating throughout this holiday period So yeah, let’s get started gosh my hair is so freaking flat guys from the beanie all day Happy New Year, everybody. I recorded this video before the New year But just managed to edit this please give this video a thumbs up for the first full body fat burning workout routine for the year We have 9 exercises 20 seconds each with 10 seconds rest and 4 sets all up first exercise We have here is High Knee Bring your knee as high as you can and as fast as you can if you want to burn more calories Then do it as fast as you can and try to keep your core tight This is really great for the lower pooch area So all the exercises in this workout routine is a compound move, so it works on Multiple muscle groups at the same time so this helps to bring your heart rate up and also burn much more calories Second exercise is the classic burpees. This is another great whole body exercise start in a squat position Jump both feet back, then jump back into a squat then jump up If you are keen then you can add a push up too, always try to make it more challenging for yourself Third exercise is push up you can try knee push up or incline push-up recline push up Whichever that challenges you so this works on your chest biceps triceps and core, a great compound move I use the hate push up a lot but it has gotten a lot easier So yeah, basically just keep pushing and you are going to be able to do more push-ups Next we have squat jump This is such a great exercise this really brings the heart rate up look Oh, it’s totally not in sync in the beginning my arms and legs are flying everywhere Yeah start in a squat Then jump up as high as you can The key is to squat as low as you can and jump up as high as you can always try to go for a big range of motions. So you’re really working out those muscles Now let’s take a ten seconds break Next we have pulse squat. This is also another great exercise for your legs your core Remember to tighten up your core for all these exercises So yeah, just pulse at a squat position for 20 seconds, and this is going to burn Now let’s take a 10 seconds break so we have mountain climbers next bring one leg in at a time as near to your chin as possible and as fast as you can tuck in your butt and Tighten up your core so that you’re working on your core muscles And this also works on your legs your arms, and your delts. This is a really great full-body exercise Now let’s take a ten seconds break Next we have groiners, bring one leg to the side of your body as close to your hand as possible so it just works on your core and your legs and Remember to engage the core muscles as always Now let’s take a 10 seconds break and we have Jumping-Jack next this is a great full body burnout exercise remember to do as fast as you can because jumping-Jack is Relatively easy if you do it slow, so you have to do it fast Last but not least we have tricep dips This is a really quick move for your arms your delts lats and also your chest so yeah all these nine exercises work on multiple muscle groups Which burns much more and your body will keep burning for the next couple of hours even when you’re at rest This is only a 20 minutes workout. It is really short and effective Now you’re done with the first set yay drink up do some stretches or you can just rest on the ground if you can’t move and You can take a thirty seconds break to a minute break and we’re going to repeat it all over again We’re going to do four sets of this today, but you can try three sets first if you’re new to working out But if you have been doing my workouts for a while now, you can do four sets But do it as fast as you can and big range of motion. that’s the key Now let’s move on to our second set we’re going to start with High Knee again and yeah Do it as fast as you can and if you want to burn more calories Remember you have to do a big range of motion and as fast as you can Let’s take a ten seconds break and we have burpees next Now let’s take a 10 seconds break and we have push up next Let’s take another 10 seconds break and we have squat jump Try to squat as low as you can and jump up as high as you can let’s take another ten seconds break and your heart should be pumping really fast right now and Try to keep your heart rate up, and we have pulse squat next Remember to stay low and pulse for 30 seconds. I mean 20 seconds Now let’s take a 10 seconds break and we have mountain climbers next Try to do as fast as you can if you want to burn more calories Also, remember to tuck in your butt and tighten up your core muscles Now let’s take another 10 seconds break and we have groiners Let’s take another ten seconds break and we have jumping jacks as always try to do as fast as you can yup Let’s take a little break and we have tricep dips Okay, guys we are done with the second set drink up rest up for 30 seconds or more if you need to and We have two more rounds left For the next two sets. I won’t be doing any more voice over because it’s pretty much repeating the exercises And you’ll be so sick of my voice by the end of the workout So I’ll let you get in the zone for the next two sets Well, I personally prefer to get in the zone to some music when I’m working out Yeah, anyway, remember to push yourself Keep a core tight do it fast big range of motion and remember to keep good form too That’s the workout. i hope you enjoyed today’s workout. I definitely kept my heart rate up throughout this workout. If that’s not the case for you, then you haven’t worked hard enough Yeah, remember to eat clean drink lots of water, and you’ll see the results really soon Anyways, thanks so much for watching this video And I really enjoy reading the comments on how your body has changed in the last couple of months just following my routine I’m really glad that it worked out for you Yeah, thanks so much for watching guys. Remember to subscribe if you’re new to my channel, and I’ll see you guys very very soon Bye

87 thoughts on “Full Body Workout Routine | Fat Burning Workout At Home

  1. Full body workout routine that you can do at home! YAS!! Sorry that I've been away for two weeks. I was in Japan and didn't have time to edit this video. Happy new year guys!

  2. Thank you for being real. You show that it can be difficult and that is encouraging to those who have more of a difficult time!

  3. I love this! It's challenging, quick, and full of variety, but doesn't need any special equipment… And I love how the video is formatted, to give me a reminder of what the next exercise is before I have to do it. Her voiceover is cute, but it's so well edited that I can just put on my own music if I want. I've been doing two reps at a time, and I can't wait to do the full amount soon!

  4. ??????Chloe ting if I do this every day with other exercises it's also loose my butt or just extra calories please reply me coz I want to gaining muscles on my butt can too much cardio also loose butt muscle please please reply how many in week should to do this?????

  5. Hi Chloe! I would like to know where can i get all the workouts included in the 30 days flat belly challenge? I'm doing the exercises on a daily basis coz i challenge myself to have a flat belly abs 😊 thanks in advance! Best regards 😉

  6. I survived!!!! I have a feeling that I’m doing some of the forms wrong though since the burpees and jump squats didn’t kill me. They would usually murder me in the first minute. Am I doing it wrong ?

  7. I'm liking this workout, I'm a beginner and I only did 3 reps as after the 3 reps I was very tired and my legs were burning which is a good thing, the exercises are easy to do, and much more effective then cardio alone as this is a cardio muscle workout, the squat jump was insanely tiaring, I couldn't find any full body workouts on YouTube that I liked apart from this one.
    Plz make more videos like this one.

  8. My goals:
    – Beautiful body
    – Weight : 48-53kg / 168cm
    – Slim legs
    – Long Nails
    – Loong hair
    Edit: Starting from 03.04.19 + diet ♥

  9. Hey Chloe this is a very good beginner workout routine anyone can do at home. Will try it out today. Hope you get lots of likes for this video.

  10. Heyy! I’m doing the Keto diet, and I think that this will help with burning off the fat. I am only 10, but I plan to do it!

  11. Man… I could only do 2 sets and I was done & those pulse squats, they really burn your legs holy shit

  12. I did this with also a 16/8 Intermittent Fasting. I lost 5kg in just 2 weeks. This is not the only exercise i did from chloe. I partnered it up with her 30 day flat belly challenge and the results is unreal. Tip is to always drink a lot of water and eat healthy food.

    CONSISTENCY is also key! ❤️ Goodluck.

  13. I've discovered this channel and video no more than a year ago and although i KNOW how hard it is when you first start out since so many ppl in the comments are saying the same thing – i can't say i'm in shape right now any more than you but as i kept coming back to this workout as the weeks went by, it got a lot easier to get through compared to when i first started even if i'm sweating like a piggy by the end of it 😂🐷 my point is to keep pushing through it and eventually you'll notice it starts getting better. Sometimes you may be having a low energy kind of day but don't feel guilty about it, it happens to everyone and it's okay. Good luck!

  14. never been so motivated! since I've started (6 workouts) I've already lost weight and inches!! it's the first time I've ever stuck with a routine and have kept feeling positive! I've also been more conscious of what I'm eating. Thanks so much!!!!!! 💚❤️💚

  15. im going to do this whilst staying at my grandma’s, and theres no gym. i might eat a lot of carbs so i dont know if i’ll see any results. butttttttttttttt

    day 1: i did it twice today because i didnt have time to do more. it was really easy.

    day 2: i did it three times now right after i woke up. i was too tired to do four. i dont see any results, because its only been two days. but im sweating a LOT so, hehe

    day 3:

  16. This was the first video I ever watched when starting my weight loss journey two years ago. The sets get easier to get through, y’all, just be consistent and try doing OTHER exercises as well.

  17. I will do this for a 10 days wish me luck

    1. Day 1 ✅
    2. Day 2
    3. Day 3
    4. Day 4
    5. Day 5
    6. Day 6
    7. Day 7
    8. Day 8
    9. Day 9
    10. Day 10

  18. I don’t see people giving results so I will be doing them if I can even find my comment but today is that day I’m starting!

  19. today is day 1 of doing this work out and man it was not easy but its not going to get easy if I don't do it everyday. and everyone trying to lose weight I know you can do it:)

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