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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

hey guys i just woke up, and today’s video is about al the meals i eat during this phase just like is said, right now im adding size so you’ll see a variety of foods even though we’re adding size, we’re still trying to keep it clean since im officially in prep so you’ll notice the supps i use are different than the usual so lets talk about meal 1 first thing i like is a bowl of fruits, good antioxidents some grapes, berries and strawberries as for the breakfast itself, its 250 grams of white rice i like white rice for breakfast because its fast and simple carbs especially for someone my size its needed for someone trying to lose weight, id recommend oatmeal but now i wanna add size, so i need that insulin spike in the morning i also have a brown toast with organic peanut butter and 5 whole eggs with the yolks as for supplements this supplement and the one next to it are miracle workers this breaks down plaque in your lungs and arteries which can be caused from obviously what we take or from advil and even though i hate supporting the idea of pain killers but sometimes im forced to use them for my back, so this supplement definitely helps this does everything its a good supplement for longevity, its good for the heart slows down the aging process its also good for the kindeys as is the cysteine coq10, obviously helpful for the heart too and for regeneration of cells kyolic which is garlic extract which is good for the heart as well and for cholesterol omega 3, same thing cholesterol heart, joints this is a multivitamin but mostly with ingredients to enhance immunity especially in my case since im prepping now, last thing i want is to get sick and these 2 are very known liv52 for the liver, and cystone for the kidneys so this is meal 1, lets check out the next meal so we just finished our workout, and this is MEAL 3 obviously we dont eat this everyday but its good to have once a week especially if you have a high metabolism, and you wanna add size sushi is one of the best cheat meals to have its clean with the exception of some thing and not having sauce on it, but things like nigiri or the maki, is an excellent choice for a cheat the pad thai is a nono, thats for youssef this is an ideal post workout meal to have on as a cheat meal tons of carbs restores glycogen and just as i mentioned, the protein shake with the carbs is right after the workout, then you wait 45 mins to an hour and then have this meal once a week is good and ihave another video done for an ideal post workout meal thats not a cheat meal so a video for what to eat the other days when you are not going to have a cheat meal and yeah, thats it. This is meal 3 because the post workout shake is meal 2 meat is here when you gonna start to train? this IS training bro how much more can i workout eating all this lol yeah you grew a pair of tits bro talk to us about yourself, talk to us let me finish my food! ima eat this, then go sleep wake up, eat, go train again take another shake, then come back and eat again my life is gym, eating, training, and on the toilet i call durrah the big baby guys do you want durrah to come back home to egypt or what? tell him in the comments and of he goes, will you wait at the airport? you guys gonna wait for me? maybe after my 2 shows im doing new york, then toronto maybe ill go for a couple of weeks just 2 weeks? bro stay a year so will you compete in canada’s name or Egypts name? thats an important question i still dont know canada is my home now, and it gave me everything i built my life here i dont want to upset anyone but at the same time i also wanna rep my people so i dunno ill think about it, i also need to make sure its the right choice to market myself would it be better for me to compete in Egypts name or Canada’s name i dont want to make mistakes for my career so i need to think okay but forget about all that, if there was no marketing or any political standpoints, what would you choose well obviously my country my man, son of the pharaoh! aight guys, meal 4! came back home and slept going to the gym twice today woke up and this is meal 4 we have a green salad lettuce tomato, cucumber, etc some lemon olive oil Mowgli no! No Mowgles then we have 6 oz of chicken breast and 250 grams of white rice pretty simple considered a prep meal you can add some mustard on your chicken then after that, we head to the gym again doing a small muscle then cardio then ill have my shake then come back, and show you, meal 6 ok now we’re at meal 6 so just as we agreed, meal number 2 and 5 were shakes after my workout and if you want to know the shake i take please go to my other videos and see the protein and carbs that i use so i consider the shake a meal so when you calculate it becomes 6 what do you guys think of my beard trim? just showered and did it myself so the first thing we’ll talk about is that, number 1, there are no carbs because i take my GH before i sleep and in the morning too, but thats another topic we’ll discuss later cucumber a chicken breast and some mustard 0 calorie the vitamins that i take, vitamin D i live in canada and we lack sun here so i need the extra vitamin D (no pun intended) a sign too is that i have an eczema which can be a sign of lack of vitamins another thing i take more of is vitamin C look man honestly be greedy with vitamin C i take 5 grams a day so you can do 3 to 4 grams, especially if you’re competing vitamin C will strengthen your immune system blocks cortisol helps with a lot of things and also before i sleep i take calcium magnesium and zinc i need the calcium because GH absorbs calcium from your body hence when you’d need to supplement with calcium magneium is good for the muscles, relaxation, as well as sleep and the zinc is also very good for increases your sperm count for one, or at least the quality when you take gear you dont really need more of a sex drive but if you’re a natty since would increase or help ur sex drive so its also very good during pct after a cycle be greedy with the zinc just like vitamin c but during your pct and thats it bruh we’re done today 6 meals, or 4 plus two shakes sometimes id take 7 meals, but only i have a long day today im up at 11 30 am and its 2 am now so i have to go sleep, i have an apt tomorrow for my heart, just doing tests thank god there is nothing, but i like to be pro active and no reactive especially after rich and dallas i get paranoid so i stress and get anxiety so i cant live properly so tomorrow im going to the hospital for the stress test and that might be another episode anyways see you guys next time, SUBSCRIBE good night

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