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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

[Music] good morning guys it’s me Armour today I’m gonna show you every meal that I usually get to eat on a normal day the macros for the meals will be on the screen during the video and at the end we are see together the total macros for today so I’m gonna take a shower and wait you for breakfast alright guys first me this breakfast and that’s what I’m gonna have there are three wall eggs 130 grams of lean ground turkey and two slices of white bread so I’m gonna toast this and I’m gonna make an omelette with both X and the ground turkey already quick and easy meal to make I’m gonna show you the fire raiser in three two one alright so this is my meal number one breakfast I’m gonna eat this with an apple and some red berries macros for this meal are 56 grams of cards 55 grams of protein and 15 grams of fats after this meal I usually have on field practice but today it’s Sunday so I don’t have to do it instead I think I’m gonna go to the gym so my next meal it’s gonna be my post-workout meal see you there guys [Music] just got back from the gym and that’s the situation in Switzerland it’s been really rainy since this morning but guess what I’m very hungry and I want to show you my post-workout meal follow me there is barley which I without it’s 185 grams already cooked then we got a cannon lentils and I’m gonna wait out 130 grams of chicken so it’s a again it’s pretty simple really simple meal quick but tasty and healthy so I gotta show you the final result taking a minute are you ready to see how my post-workout meal looks when it’s done there it is so I mixed up lentils and Barda I got my chicken inside and I’m actually gonna have a little bit of this light ketchup the macros are really good if you can see it’s just six grams of carbs 400 grams of ketchup and the macros for this melee are 92 grams of carbs with 50 50 for protein and a gram of fats they should be but I’m gonna put it on the screen just to be sure now I’m gonna enjoy this and probably would have a snack before dinner so I get to there see ya it is 6:00 p.m. and it’s actually a perfect time to get my snack before dinner so it’s really easy I’m gonna have a 40 grams of salted pretzel 200 grams of cottage cheese 20 grams of whey protein I got this one it’s 85 percent protein the taste is really good it’s just chocolate I think comes from prozis which is a website that is used a lot here in Europe and I’m gonna have my vitamins my glucose Amin and my Omega 3 doses for today as I said is just a snack and in a couple hours I’m gonna have see other guys oh and the macros for this meal are 32 grams of carbs 44 grams of protein and 12 grams of fats okay guys it’s almost 9:00 p.m. and I’m ready to have my last meal of the day which is dinner so this is what I’m gonna have there is 25 grams of hormones four tablets of Wetty beats then a scoop of whey protein a banana and 200 milliliters or as a nut milk so again it’s easy I don’t like to to match a dinner so let me know if you enjoyed the video and I hope to see you in the next one have a good night everyone so I forgot to tell you the macros for this meal 80 grams of carbs 40 grams of protein and 20 grams of fats see you in the next video guys Marco’s for this meal is 50/50 ok so I’m cooking the length of a chicken I’m just gonna add a little bit to the landfill and then I used to have paprika on my chicken again just a little bit on top I don’t marinate it usually I’m on the lentils some of these expect needs I like to season them a little bit because those on the corner Kenya are not really a sea from the south so with a little bit of salt a little bit of seasoning I gotta wait are you ready to see how I look like my friend and that’s my girlfriend Neal [Music]

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  1. Has your meal plan changed recently? Would be good to see new videos on what you currently eat and how many calories you're at now. I'm following this one and enjoying it a lot!

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